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Review of Seeing Beyond 2020 Vision
Post by peace_m » 26 Sep 2021

[Following is an official review of "Seeing Beyond 2020 Vision" by Peter Koren.]

The people rarely used quarantine, lockdown, social distancing, and pandemic until the novel virus, Covid-19, outbreak. Seeing Beyond 2020 Vision by Peter Koren is an eye-opener for us as God's chosen. It reveals what lies in the future: the troubles, victories, God's crafted plans, the fulfillment of His plan, and what is expected of us. The author shared weighty important matters featuring destiny, faith, salvation, glad tidings, and breakthrough. Also, it addressed how we can take our rightful place in Jesus as Christians, seekers, and lovers of truth.

This book is filled with unveiled truths, insights, and wisdom. Peter Koren started on our purpose, hidden identity, and stand in Christ. Then, he moved on to talk about the enemy's desire to tamper with our hidden identity. Also, the author thoroughly analyzed other subjects like being spiritually armed, growing in faith, living in Christ, acting on your potential, and doing it accordingly as God has taught us. How do we achieve our full potentials, despite the enemy on the lookout for our failure using his evil devised plans? Do you have questions concerning your purpose and identity? Go for it; this book is the right book for you.

This is a top-notch book. It requires your full attention, deep thinking, and analysis for an in-depth understanding. The author's choice of words in his explanation and use of grammar is natural and genuine. Also, Peter Koren's scriptural description is on a whole new insightful dimension. I experienced an epiphany of biblical scriptures adding to my knowledge.

I like the way the chapters were arranged and titled. My favorite chapter is Chapter 3, Pyramid Scheme, which talks about the Orwellian state of control. It uses brute force to force the masses into subjective thinking and erases any contrary thoughts. Also, it enlightened us on how the new world uses a persuasive method through entertainment to subconsciously create subjective thinking within the minds of the masses without brute force.

In addition, the book contains impactful content. The author took the time to clear out my doubts on specific issues concerning the world. He backed up his points with powerful scriptural references for the readers' spiritual consumption. Moreover, the writer did not try to impose his beliefs on others despite his vivid explanations. He implored the reader to do their research before accepting his proposition. For these reasons, I am rating the book 4 out of 4 stars. Also, this is a well-edited book, as I noticed only two grammatical errors.
Although this book is filled with words that add to our spiritual growth, I noticed a few biblical scriptural references that didn't tally with the biblical quotation. Other than that, there is nothing to dislike about the book.

I recommend this book to Christians, as it contains content to build up the Christian faith and speaks volumes of truth. Get a hold of this book and unlock the secrets of divine spiritual growth in Christ Jesus while soaring in fulfillment and conquering the many troubles and tribulations of the world.

Seeing Beyond 2020 Vision

4 out of 4 stars

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Book Review 2

By: PJ_Creativepaws

Peter Koren's Seeing Beyond 2020 Vision is a collection of essays and articles.
As the world was unexpectedly and suddenly disrupted by pandemic, chaos, and civil riots which started in 2019 and became more severe in 2020, the world is in serious need of deep, rational, and objective analyses on the impact of this.
The essays and articles included give such analyses aligned with the bible. This is why Seeing Beyond 2020 Vision is such a valuable book at this point in time.

There are 19 topics in Seeing Beyond 2020 Vision. (Note there are now 20 Chapters in the final edition released in July 2021)
In each topic, there are essays and articles covering a range of story.
I particularly liked the topic "All of the other things being Equal" and "The Valley of Berachah Experience".
Indeed, as we are trying to get the virus under control, should we use a strategy as if we are fighting in a war.
The author of this work delivers a message of equality and a new defense for the existence of God that will be sure to surprise some and satisfy others.
The author writes with a clear passion for the subject matter and explores different points in the Bible and the previous interpretations of it with a committed level of detail and description.
The arguments made are well-sourced and compelling, and the elements of personal opinion seem well-founded considering the evidence which is presented.
This strengthens the overall message of equality for all human lives, which is a truly hopeful message at its heart and gives the book a powerful quality.
Overall, I would recommend Seeing Beyond 2020 Vision by Peter Koren for both religious and non-religious readers seeking new ideas on the deeper, kinder values of human life. highly recommended read!

My overall evaluation of this book is as follows:


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