Older Brother the Other Review

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Older Brother The Other by Peter Koren is one of the most interesting and cleverly written Christian books I’ve read. The title intrigued me, but once I read the description, I knew I had to buy this book. Most everyone knows about the Biblical Story of the Prodigal Son, but rarely is his brother discussed. I was curious to know how the author could find enough information to write about him since I never felt that he was that important to the story. But I was so wrong because he cleverly uses the diversity of the brothers to illuminate God’s infinite and unconditional love to the faithful as well as the lost.

Peter brilliantly puts the brothers lives in perspective according to scripture and dives right into a comparison of how they each understood their father’s love based upon opposing lifestyles. One is piously assured that he is the favored son, while the once lost but now repentant brother believes he is undeserving of his fathers and God’s love after returning home. He uses this contrast to highlight one of the most important truths concerning our relationship with God, which is to look at who we are in Christ and not in ourselves. When we do, we can recognize God’s celebration of those who are lost without resentment and jealousy! We too can rejoice!

Older Brother The Other opens our spiritual eyes to see God’s deep love for mankind by sacrificing His beloved Son. We see proof that God doesn’t reject us based upon our bad actions, nor does He accept us based upon good deeds. God’s love is always constant. We can always return to Him if we go astray, but we must be cautious to never follow the other brother’s sense of entitlement that will keep us from enjoying God’s love and sharing it with others, especially the lost.

Peter’s inspired writing weaves this teaching into his story, making it a powerful and dynamic learning experience without it feeling preachy. It’s a book that gives a totally unique delivery of a very old story that comes alive with each page! This is a “must read” for all Christians.

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