How to do the New Patch

There is the saying about a new Patch on an old garment.

You expect Government to have the means, the revenue the resources of the country, the expertise, the technology to implement the plan.
They should do it for our future, for the citizens/residents benefit, for their voters at the very least.
I am not against immigration, my father was an immigrant, I am not against looking after the environment, we need to look after the planet.
But there is a way to go about things.
There is wisdom.
How do you transition?
The new patch doesn't go directly over the old patch otherwise the new will just tear away from the old.
It is out there, common sense.
When you get wisdom from above you better listen.
Don't be wise in your own eyes.
A way may seem right to a man but in the end it leads to destruction.

So Auckland NZ is going ahead with the super city accelerated growth plan, so lets spend billions trying to vamp up an old antiquated infrastructure.
We have looked at the available land space and decided the only way to build is up.
So virtually every street now that used to have the 1/4 acre dwellings is now high rise flats left right and centre, changing the city-scape.
Whats that going to do to an old system infrastructure? Fracture, red lining it, overload, stress beyond capacity.
We are going to be a global super city or bust!
Well that means bust. Go bust!
Who pays? The Citizens living there.
Cars parked lining the streets, traffic jams and roadworks litter the streets, we need to discourage people owning cars unless it is a very expensive electric vehicle that the average person cannot easily afford.
So instead of having a petrol bill your power bill will skyrocket.
Could I suggest a solar panel van, a vehicle that is completely lined with solar panels, only takes ten weeks to charge, will keep the number of cars on the roads to a trickle.
The current generation cannot afford to buy a home.
The housing crisis remains even with the high rise hi density housing looming everywhere, where do the children play?

I will offer a solution, use the billions of dollars allocated to the infrastructure bill to create a new city.
Up North on the coast create a new port is a suggestion already out there.
What happens, you get new infrastructure with modern techniques, efficient, durable, sustainable, you get town planning with available land to spread without the need for high rise apartments littering the city.
Have a manageable percentage of hi and medium and lo density and retain the parks and gardens and typical single dwelling homes that are suitable for the family.
Healthy vibrant families able to sustain, means healthy neighborhoods, healthy future generations means livable cities for generations to come, it wont become a choked out concrete slum that will be pulled down in the next generation as a failed project concrete rubble causing harm to society and the environment, distress and waste of energy, resources and human lives and our future potential.
Think smart not hard, why make it so hard?
When it is right there in your face, look out the window and you can see it, plain as day, do not be blind to the truth?
You put a new patch on a new garment.

Create a new city expand to the East West North and South, put it where it can be expanded into available land in generations to come.

Our forefathers built on an isthmus the ocean on two sides can only grow North or South, you wouldn't push that past its limits you would think again.
It doesn't have to be this way.
High Rise Apartments aren't the answer to everything.
Throwing billions at old structures just means a lot of wasted energy to modernise and then have the already out dated system stressed out to overload.
Do the physics, too much stress means snap!

Do I expect Government to do the right thing?
It seems they are listening to one thought, one authority and does that authority have the best plan for the citizens and the future?
I don't think so, because I don't see it, they ignore wisdom and stick to their plan regardless.

Is this just about some in charge having a plan or is there a bigger picture?
Look behind the curtain, the wizard of Oz is just a little man with a big megaphone and a big ego.
Come on lions get bold, come on scarecrows get some sense, come on tin man get a heart we can make this place better.

So knocking down the heritage trees and removing the wonderful parks and gardens is a clean green solution!
What are we going to get instead is blocks of concrete and Hi Rise flats everywhere.
Yes we need more housing but is this the best solution for Auckland?
Why don't we just use this massive infrastructure bill worth billions of dollars and create a new city and a new port somewhere we can easily expand progressively, create new reliable infrastructure that will last with the latest technologies that will support the environment and not harm it.
Create durable and environmental, neighborhood friendly housing at the right densities to not overwhelm and create concrete environments for our future generations, but somewhere where the children can play, people can work and go home to a user friendly environment that is affordable for families and those who immigrate here in this green friendly country paradise.
Why not also create jobs for trades people and construction industry that will benefit all?
Why attempt to modify an antiquated overwhelmed old infrastructure that was built up to somewhere around 100 years ago?
I thought you wanted to forget the past methods and not live in it still.
Throwing good money into bad, disrupting peoples lives and ruining the environment with poor drainage that spills out everywhere on concrete goes down the drain literally.
What we need is true solutions to the problems, solutions that benefit everyone and doesn't line some peoples pockets while draining away the resources of the general public who make up our society, small business owners, mums and dads, tradespeople, workers in all sectors making a living paying the bills, raising up families, children who are our future, give them a proper future that is sustained by fit for purpose solutions.
Plant more trees, keep the parks and gardens, less hi density concrete blocks that restrict people making them unsocialised sardines, less concrete covering the earth better for health and drainage, think and plan smart for the future. Where do the children play?

Put the new patch on the new garment, don't tear it down or away.
Be wise, ask and you will receive, wisdom from above not below.
The future can be bright for everyone.

As an extra here is a doosey for you!

Someone asked a power tool shop do you have any solar powered tools? Clean and green so perfect. So I thought yes there would be such a tool perfect for saving the planet.
A solar powered sundial.
Ingenuity like better than number 8 wire solutions.
It is high time someone fixed our planet don't you think?
The solar powered sundial is guaranteed to have 0% emissions by 2030 and be a cost effective environmentally friendly tool for our time on earth.

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