2 Pence Worth

The Good Samaritan gave the innkeeper 2 pence, which was 2 days wages to care for the injured man, with the promise to return and pay any bills due.
Luke 10: 35

The good man was just traveling on the good highway, just conducting business as usual.
Where he was attacked, robbed, stripped of his resources and left for dead.
There was an unexpected rise in criminal activity and a hostile foreign invasion in what should have been a safe passage.

Now the highly qualified, 'academonised' lawyer who was versed in the most progressive legislated points of view passed by and ignored this distressed man's rights.
Then a high ranking Government appointed religious representative passed by and refused to help this poor man who was attacked, even though he was his neighbour.
Then an outsider came, despised by the ruling elite, a deplorable indeed, yes he was the Samaritan.
He attended to the beaten and oppressed man, took care of him and placed him in a secure place.
He offered 2 pence which equates to 2 days wages to take care of the man who went through this terrible ordeal.

Imagine that if it was now 2 years from that tragic event.
Lets just pull out a hypothetical date here and there.
Nov 2020, Jan 2021.
Just seeing this in a different light, adding this together from a prophetic perspective to see what the outcome will be.
Indulge me this calculation, let's say one day equals one year in symbolic equations.
Two pence, two days through the lense of insight now equals 2 years.
So add the two years and what do we have? Let's see this now as equating to 2023 for things to really get started.
The injured man has recovered and is now back in business, blessed with the blessing of Abraham.
The ruined cities and broken down walls restorer.
Blessed to be a blessing, means the lost saved, healed and delivered in revivals, miracles, signs and wonders.
To God be the Glory, His Glory is filling the earth, in gross darkness a great light is shining.

It's happening brothers and sisters!
Let's come into agreement!
Only Believe!
Let's decree and declare it!
People of faith.
World Changers.
Take up your sword and get into the rebuilding program using both of your hands, keeping a watch on the enemy.
The walls and the temple rebuilt like Nehemiah.
2 pence, we got that and now we are restored, recovered, the coming reconstitution.

Jesus said to them, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”
We have had two days and now this is the third day resurrection happening right now.
The thief came to steal, kill and destroy, Jesus came to give life and life in abundance.
We are raised up in resurrection life, all His promises are Yes and Amen! Today is the day of salvation.

What did Robin say? 2 pence?
Could it be this is that?

Kim saw and he prophesied.
It's happening people.
2 pence, we got a good deposit, let's be and do.
He who began a good work will complete it!
Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father in the highest seat of Authority, far above any other power, illegitimate controlling forces on earth and in the airwaves.
He has invited us believers in His Name to participate in this Authority as in Heaven, let it be on earth.
We are His workmanship, created for good works, which He has already prepared for us to co-labour as co-heirs, receiving, entering into all of the benefits of the manifested sons and daughters of the living God.

Merry Christmas surprise and a Blessed New Year.

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