Woke up Call

The John 17 solution.
The Body of Christ is One in Christ Jesus.
All in one accord, all of the same mind, We can all have the correct way of thinking with the Mind of Christ and work things out together.
If you are not yet in Christ, well OK in the coming days when the Glory of God fills this rough old earth, you will want to get on board, because honestly this is the only solution to all of the worlds troubles which are escalating out of control in 2020. Trouble between nations, trouble on the borders, trouble with the police on the streets, trouble between Government parties, nuclear troubles and threats, trouble with race and now violence in our communities, not just any old riot.
You might be able to see the hidden causes.
You might be able to hear what the people are saying.
You might be feeling the pain.
Smell trouble.
Tasting something off.
When we are walking, the left and the right move together with balanced feet.
Two hands can work together to build.
You don't want your own hand fighting against you, you would slap it!
Your right hand builds then your left hand pulls it down.
What the!
I cant handle this anymore says the left hand and pulls it down.
The right hand says I am the dominate one, the favoured and stronger hand, that's just how it is, but then you have a left handed person so there you go, there is the other side of power.
What I am trying to say, we need each other in our diversities to make the whole thing work out better.
The body is diverse, like many races, gifts and ways of thinking, like different perspectives to make it a complete picture.
Diversity is a good thing.
The body works together as a unit for the common good, the body needs all of its members to function, holistically.
The Manifold wisdom of God is expressed through His diverse members of the Body of Christ on earth.
Ephesians 3
10 to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places,
Lets be working it all out together and moving together to build a better world.
This is what St Paul wrote about 2000 years ago.
Lets not pull him down.

The world is staged.
Just saying, this is just what I am seeing right now!

Getting justice doesn't equal lawlessness.
There is an old saying two wrongs don't make a right.
You don't call black white do you, that's just how it is!

As for the ones who are going out protesting, good on you, go with your cause and get your voice heard, there were protests in the 1960s, it was all about love and peace and equality, I am all for that.
But now I am hearing dismantle the police force because of some rotten apples in the bunch.
Ok yes we could work towards reforms that's fine, lets improve, upgrade, educate, remove bad cultures.
The world isn't perfect so lets work together to make it a better place, all hands on deck, collaboration, cooperation, the police are here to serve the community and uphold the law to protect us against violence to persons and property.

As for those who have a legitimate cause, I hear you, I can see that there is real pain. Society isn't perfect and hopefully we as a people aim to be progressively learning from the errors of the past and building constructively towards a better future for everyone.
We wont build a better world by wrecking the joint, who is going to respect that? From both sides, we all need to get together, sit down and listen and think about how to answer with respect of other party, not running each other down, Now if someone is wrecking your place then there would be words for sure and you should take action to defend.
Looting, destroying, pulling down, dismantling by violence, that is not how we progressively negotiate.
Don't get mad I am just saying what is right and should be the done thing!
You've seen the kid throwing a tantrum when they don't get their own way, what do you say "hey hey hey that's not OK".
I am saying we need to wake up, move on and advance in this 21st century, do things in a new way, yes reforms if necessary, talk it through, allow time for the system to be upgraded and retrained, let's get a grip, things don't need to be messed up!

In this wonderful democratic government, we have been given a right to protest and voice our concerns to alert the authorities that there is something wrong with our moral compass and a correction is required, justice should be something that brave people go after and follow through to see change. Things that cause cancers in our societies should be demonstrated against for sure. However, this is done within the rules of society, peaceably without violence, best not to correct a wrong in society by committing wrongs on that society.

When Jesus walked the earth He was full of compassion and was motivated by love and He stood for what was right and justice for all. Jesus wept, He felt our pain, He wept as He knew that there is a lot of needless suffering and He saw how far we have fallen from the original plan and the place of perfect peace and harmony in the garden of Eden before we were sold a lie, I am relating us all to Adam and Eve as they believed the lie of Satan, that we could all be gods and make our own laws of right and wrong and here you have it in our world today, making our own laws, living our own ways based on our own ways of judging one another and how we relate to others who don't agree with how we believe things should be, because we know better than God, so we believe the lie, we are wise in our own eyes, think we are better than the others and treat them accordingly, totally self important and full of ourselves.

What I am seeing these days on the world stage with many actors looking to make a name for themselves, make their smear on society, 5 minutes of fame on youtube, increasing violence under the cover of a cause, throwing bricks through the windows, looting and destruction on someone elses property, fires burning on someone elses property, antaganegotistic mayhem, livelihoods and peoples lives threatened, but no don't let it be threats on your own life as you are a hero, the paramilitary is uprising, they are coming out in the cover of the dark night, they are driven by dangerous subversive ideologies, the stinking thinktank elite need brainwashed henchmen to do their dirty work, while they sit smug behind the scenes, tucked away in fortified super rich mansions, far removed from what they have unleashed on the regular people, violence that they wouldn't tolerate on their own doorstep, they resist the laws, attack the law officers upholding it, they are OK with funding the violence, yet they say the police should be defunded when they are trying to stop violence, this all started by the unhealed history of pain and violence so why try to fix it with violence? Remember the law enforcement don't hold the sword for nothing. Hatred increasing between different parties, the great divide who will conquer, stirring up racial wars, now nations are disputing borders all the way into the oceans; are we in perilous times?
You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it's evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
But when you talk about destruction
Don't you know that you can count me out
Beatles Lyrics - John Lennon Paul McCartney
There is one word that fits what I see - lawlessness!
Trying to change the laws of God and the times and seasons, wear down what is good and proper.
What is the real fight about?
Is the war on another hidden level, principalities and rulers of darkness inciting those to do their cruel masters bidding?
Defying absolutes, they say there is no black or white, yet there is a race issue about black and white.
They don't really care about race and riots, cull the worlds population by any means including any race, religion, party, nation, pit them against each other, sit back and watch the violence unfold, they really just want to use whatever fuel they can find, using it for their own agenda of violence and hatred.
I am just saying what if a mob of certain professional agitators turned up at a certain financers home and demanded higher pay for high risk employment, possible arrest, prison sentence, violent reaction from angry shop owners whose store got trashed, chanting "more pay George more pay." How would this be met? An army of militia security I suppose.

Lets look closer at popular philosophies that do not abide by the universal laws of right and wrong which are absolutes.
Situational ethics, what is right for one is not right in another situation, this is meant to result in fairness for all and peace, not destruction or abuse of others.
There is a black and there is a white, don't you agree, so we have like two different states? Black and White, like Good and Evil, right and left, right and wrong, what are these absolutes.
Yet we have their argument, two wrongs make a right.
In shifting ethics it depends on the situation what makes it right, but even this opposing view to absolutes would not accept two wrongs make a right. Situational ethics is meant to point to a higher way above the current laws.
Kohlbergs 6 stages of moral development aims to be moving us towards an ideal morality not backwards down the slippery slope of evil.
I don't see these principles of ethical development applied with what I am witnessing today, thugs let loose with no restraints.
But if you want money for people with minds that hate
All I can tell is brother you have to wait
Beatles Lyrics - John Lennon Paul McCartney
Tell me please instigators what are you creating and where is this headed, even if you remove the current governments and administrations, the violence wont stop they will continue against what is the left, because there will always be a cause and effect if you tried to make two wrongs a right, you have released the destroyer who is bent on destruction even in your own brave new utopia they will still be hellbent, because two wrongs don't make a right? Wrong is not Right no matter how you spin it.
You say you'll change the constitution
Well, you know
We all want to change your head
You tell me it's the institution
Well, you know
You better free you mind instead
But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao
You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow
Beatles Lyrics - John Lennon Paul McCartney

Let me contrast what the world needs now is Good News. God is love, if we all surrender our past pains and hurts and are healed by Jesus we will take on His nature, we have the character of love in our hearts towards our fellow man whether we agree with them or not.
Don't be our own law unto ourselves, imposing what we think is the right thing to do on others usually to harm them.

God also operates with justice, He does not tolerate violence and hatred and will demand justice for the oppressed and the abused.

Compassion for the oppressed, not the oppressor, that's why the law is there for those who do evil to others.
The authorities are there for a reason as long as they abide by Gods laws as they are there to protect and serve and use force if required to stop crimes being committed.

2 Timothy 3 King James Version (KJV)
This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

The Ten Commandments are summed up by Jesus with 2 commandments of Love.
Love God.
Love your neighbour.
This is the highest law and all the laws should have these as their foundation.
If you love God you will also love your brother and your sister.
All are one in God, doesnt matter if you are black or white, yellow or red or brown, we are loved equally and the greater one is the one who serves.
We are all one in Him.
You cant be on the other side of the fence in Him, there is no conservative, no neo liberal sides in Him, no this clan versus that clan, this way or that way inclined, we are all one in Him, brothers and sisters in the Lord and in His ways which are higher than our ways. No racism there, love is greater. Matter of fact all of our DNA can be traced back to original parents, so way back then we were all in one family.
Yet God wants us to celebrate our diversities, as He is diverse, so it is OK to be different, we are not all carbon copies and dress in the same uniform and talk and think the same way, boring, so celebrate diversity and differences don't make it into a race war, that is not Gods way of relating to others.

Let me relate a story, when a cyclone hit New Zealand in the late 1990s, (southern hemisphere version of hurricanes, typhoons, major storm system with high winds).
I was living in Te Aroha (which means the mountain of love in Maori) at this time, had a house there which needed restoration and created a fence made from off cuts from the local saw mill. It was attached to posts concreted in the ground and had a homemade gate made for it. During the night when the storm was at its fiercest, I looked out the side window to see the fence been thrown backwards and forwards, tilting back and forth on its posts in the ground by the intense wind, it was reduced to a tilting, tottering fence flapping around; then to my horror to make matters much worse, what followed this alarming sight of devastation; the unruly wind then proceeded to rip the gate right off and flung it back into the yard. The home made fence had heaps of character and looked fit for purpose, but it was no match for this intense storm.
Well let me just relate this story to what I am sensing here; at this moment in 2020, it is like a constant barrage of storms and vicious winds just throwing everything about, a hell of a shaking, the gate that kept the wolf out has been ripped off and he has got in roaming around looking to devour, the foundations are weakened and we all need to be rebuilt to withstand the onslaught, but like Te Aroha meaning mountain of love, this is the right place to be, so hang in there, remain in love, rebuild and stand firm, strengthen what remains, put the armour on, defend from anything that would knock the gate off, allowing the enemy access into our nations, cities, communities, lives, to wreak havoc.
Be aware of the possibility of attacks coming right there in your street, remain in Him, don't be distracted or asleep as the enemy wants to rip it all to bits.
When the enemy comes in with his division and waves of inciting hatred, then the Lord will set a tsunami against him to flush him out of the land.
Our part, prayer and then applying our gift whatever we are given to make a difference, learn the lessons from yesterday, be wiser, remain in Him and be part of the solution, not part of the problem, then make the world a better place with our brothers and sisters, together we are better.

Here is Revolution in truth and change for the better.
In the great revivals of the past, starting in the Book of Acts all the way to the Welsh Revival, the Hebrides in Scotland, the English Reformers and of cause the good old USA and many more, whole districts were swept by the Glory of God, people everywhere repented and turned from their wicked ways and as a result crime was virtually non existent, police had little to do. Doors were not locked at night, people all over helped each other out, looked after the poor and the street people.
It all started with some prayer warriors who did not give up, but tarried until God and His Glory came and revival fires came and lit up peoples broken down lives, spreading all around like a revolution, better said a revival bringing change to the whole of society from the ones at the top in power all the way to the disenfranchised ones with nothing.
Why not start praying for change and let God do the work through His radically saved people and change our communities into places of peace and prosperity with no hatred, no oppression and division wrecking the place.
Rioters, looters, wreckers and angry violent people, you don't have to stay that way, Jesus came to save all, just repent let Him do the rest.
Healing will also be the norm, the plague and viruses are no match either for the power of God.
We've all got a part to play, different gifts, different strengths, different ways are all part of the overall solution.

It aint just some smart words that I am saying, that wont change a thing, if we don't have His light then no love, so no matter what we say it just wont really change a thing at all.
If we abide in Him, we are something and agents of change for the better. If we don't have Him in our hearts then we are nothing, void and empty sounding off with dark energy, like a puff of smoke, to be blown away.

We all need to give an account for our actions done.

Gods plan is that the Glory of God will fill the earth and sweep all the violence away by His brightness and love, you will either accept the truth see the error of your ways, worship the King or you will have to run and hide in a dark hole somewhere and stew in your hatred.

Do the golden law, which is do unto others as you would have them do to you.

Peace Out.

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world.
Beatles Lyrics - John Lennon Paul McCartney

The world might be staged, spinning into destruction, but God has a solution for our revolutions.

Are you woken up yet?

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