What!!! This is an upside down world!!!

I thought its quite easy, you are meant to support the vulnerable who are abused, bullied and massacred and not the perpetrator. Support life, not stealing, killing and destruction.
Yet a conundrum exists today in the west we have protests supporting one side which is backed by the Iran Government, yet the people on the streets of Iran support the opposite side being Israel. The Iran government violently oppose Israel but the people protesting on the streets of Iran are supporting Israel, yet in the West the radicals on the high ground are supporting those in Gaza who the Iran Government ruling party supports supposedly for freedom from oppression, yet the Iran people support the opposite side being Israel because they want their freedom from their Government, who the people say are an oppressive regime.

So go figure!

During the height of the now almost forgotten Ukraine war, the way to go was support Ukraine at war with the big oppressor Russia, yet we now see that it appears that Russia supports the Hamas whoís leader has allegedly frequently been to Russia recently and just prior to October 7. Where are we then with Russia on this one now?

What about the Afghanistan muslim refugees being displaced, the treatment of the 12 million Uyghurs, mostly Muslim, living in Xinjiang China?
No massive protests in the west to be seen.
Then there also was a black September in Jordan in 1970 where 25,000 Palestinians were killed, do your due diligence research as to why that happened.
There will always be grievances on both sides, in most cases no one side is blameless, but when it comes to terrorists brutally killing and the horrendous abuse of the innocent citizens, we should be able to draw the line on the right side of justice.
This is what happens when we support ideologies rather than supporting what is right.

Let us learn to live together by the golden rule, Jesus said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This is not about killing yourself or others for some erroneous belief. No death cults!
However, know that the law is established for those who break the law by intentionally bringing harm to others, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are Godís servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. ROM 13

In a world shrouded by darkness deception is masked with a higher than thou face. Ideologies are wrapped up in coercive rules and doctrines of demons that no one is permitted to question.
Opinions are being swayed by the ruler of the dark kingdom of this world, where morals are like shifting sands, they can be cunningly manipulated and are shifted to suit a narrative or an ideology. Situational ethics rule supreme, here one day gone the next to whatever is the banner of the next new world order.

So, it just isnít that simple simon, there are degrees and grievances are found usually on both sides, left and right, which has being going on for eons from the early times in a fallen and corrupted world. Think of the military massacres of the Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Greek and Roman conquests, in the invasions of nations and the slaughter and also enslavement of many of these indigenous peoples.
What about Europe? For example Poland and the Slavic nations, how many times were they invaded and lost their lands and were brutally enslaved and slaughtered by oppressive regimes, happening in and before the dark ages right through to Hitler and then the Communist Russia domination by the iron curtain? A lot of indigenous European Slavs were enslaved as well right through until the 1800s by invaders including the ottermans, the slave trade is a huge business and using innocent citizens as pawns for cannon fodder and other ideological harmful purposes is still practiced today.

Watch out for the ruling elite, they have the wealth, the resources, the arms industry and the means to manipulate many minds by controlling the education and the media.
Is Education about being taught what to think or how to think? Twisted teaching by high and mighty minds on impressionable youth is a very slippery slope indeed. When the ruling class believe they are gods or some type of big brother state, they impose their control on the nations. Bend the knee, or be cancelled, disappeared or whatever else is dangerous days.
Have you heard the saying, we are the single source of truth, should ring alarm bells if you can think for yourself!!! The day of justice comes for all the so called high and mighty.

In a world where History is what you make it where it suits and altered where it doesnít suit, like statistics, figures to manipulate the minds blinded by the sicko science.
Tik Tok Tik Tok are you being educated by this crooked clock?
However, in a sense of irony, even the UN is schooled by the son of Hamas see the clip below.
What time is it? Time to wake up to the signs of the times while there is a smoke screen billowing from the media talk shows.

This is not about being on the right side of history, it goes beyond that, it is being on the right side forever.
How can you know what is right?
How then should we live?
We all need to see the whole picture, not just a selective part of it, insight given from above the situation is better than insight coming from below or what is earthbound to the situation.
Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Know Him and hear what He says, get revelation from the Holy Spirit of truth and then you will know what is right.
Donít react, respond by knowing the truth that will set you free.

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Son of Hamas schools UN

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