True Blue News for You

This is Australia Victoria where I was born,
no longer the place I grew up in, the lucky country she'll be right mate!
Democracy no more.
Totalitatrian prison for convicts, lock up your citizens, fine them unless thay be quiet take a shot in the arm and say nothing.
You got galahs all in a row being shot left right and centre still going to get yu!
Ned Kelly wore a tin can mask would you lock him up if he took it off cause he had to smoke a ciggie?
Dans got all the answers until you ask him about the corruption, then he doesnt recall anything.

Oi Oi Ozzie! Ozzie the place where you follow the science.
If the footy gets kicked into the crowd, scatter you cant let the footy touch you, its got the footy flu and its gonna kill yu! By order of the health minister in SA (Sucker Aussie).
You can play golf but if you need to pee you cant use the dunny and the police made sure by locking all of the loos on every golf course in melbourne the super lockup city.

Oi Oi Ozzie!
We will open up when we get zero, you'll get zero when every one is deceased from the lockups.
We got a roadmap but it's the longest straight road in the desert of the never never reaching the targets where everyone falls asleep from boredom and crashes.
If you lived in the most locked up city in the world, you would drive on that road beyond the black stump of bourke anyday on the roadmap outa here!

Oi Oi Ozzie!
Follow the science should be follow the money, whos getting paid for what by whom,
nudge nudge wink wink a secret handshake or two,
a lob here and a lob there fizzer and astrazoolicker,
ask the question smell the rat and you will get arrested and hung in ballarat.
The boys in blue have gone black, they will knock you down and pepper you just ask an old lady,
they will shoot you and arrest you and fine you and they are doing it for your health.

Oi Oi Ozzie!
Next time get young eistein to do the science,
this is blooming ridiculous yahoo seriously knock it off!

Crocodile Dundee and the unmasked croc.
Crocodile Dundee was doing his rounds in the swamp one day.
when he came across a resistant croc without a mask.
Crocodile Dundee thinks I gotta do the right thing and sort out this crook of a croc.
So he confronted him, ordered him to put on your mask.
That flipping croc just snapped back at Dundee what a cheek.
So he wrestled him in the swamp they rolled around and Crocodile Dundee true to form got that mask on him.
Wiped his smerk got a mask on it now.
The big croc just snapped it off in a flash not taking it lying down.
Dundee says I am not having this and took him down rolled around in that swamp in a fury until he got another mask on that big snark of a croc.
Again he just snarled snapped and ripped it off.
Right thats the last straw says Dundee.
I will dob you into the authorities, that's the ozzie thing to do here, so when the croc was looking away, Dundee made the call to the boys in blue they do it for you.
Gotta big fella here he wont take the mask, come here with that tank and the riot squad we will show him whos boss, wrestle him and hold him down and force that mask on that croc, wipe that smerk of his big chops.
Cant have your germs in our swamp you selfish croc.
Crocodile Dundee a fair dinkum ozzie, true blue good bloke for a mate.

The land of the nasties downunder.
We got some of the biggest spiders aplenty, poisonous ones galore.
A red back on the toilet seat quite a nasty one.
Snakes in the grass we got plenty of em lurking out there under a log watch your step empty your sleeping bags.
Even the bluie octupussie will sting yu to death.
We had the sickest buildings around, legionaires very nasty in the air con could take you down for more than just a sickie.
Not to mention the bush fires all up in smoke hazards to your health.
Big bush flies that bite you, bull ants that give you a nip.
Then we got the big white shark jaws on steroids makes surfing not all that cruisey.
Crocodiles now they got big mouths and snapping jaws you go for a dip and dont make it back to shore.

The land of some real nasties downunder.
Us ozzies just say, she'll be right mate no worries cobber just another day.
Hasnt stopped us getting out before on a hot summers day, anyday for that matter.
But now we have the biggest swamp bunyip like never before.
Not just any old flu, a new one made up to top them all, we are running scared now, we are locked in cant go out for this one thats what they say and they would know.
Trust that old stinger ray with our very life, ouch that hurt, seemed like an okie dokie idea at the time!
What you dont know wont hurt you, good on yu mate!
The land of nasties downunder.
God help us all!

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