The Talents

Is God a capitalist?

Well He certainly is not a Socialist!

God doesn't go around calling everyone comrade, God doesn't create us all into a production line of robots, dressed up in the same drab uniforms and who look the same and act the same in robotic fashion. May look like you have a super soldier army, but the reality is it is dehumanising people, making them act like machines devoid of individuality.

We don't all have to think the same way and squash anyone who disagrees, why? Because life is about learning and no one has all of the goods, we are always learning something new every day and that is how it is meant to be even into eternity.

Free thinking and critical thinking is like wisdom and discernment, discovering what are the best paths and not being uniformly programmed by someone's so called superior system, which is totalitarian state control in cahoots with elitist techno billionaires who want to inject you, alter your DNA and implant a wireless traceable chip. That is a very dangerous controlling form of arrogance and pride and pride always comes before a fall.

God is love, He disciplines His sons and daughters as a perfect loving Father would. God gives grace to the humble and resists the proud who think that they can command the world and make others subject to their programs.

Men and women don't need your programs, ideologies and philosophies that are the corruption of something uniquely made perfect at the beginning. What people need is to be empowered by proper mentors to be better contributing individuals made in the image of God.

God is all about encouraging and developing a person's potential for their benefit and satisfaction and for the benefit of others. All of us possess something worthwhile for others by our unique talents.

What is Gods idea? Multiplication, increase and an ability to create wealth.

God is not about negatives.

God's idea is to take away the negative and add in the positive and allow the transference to grow and multiply.

Take dominion and multiply on earth as it is in Heaven, God is into green OK! Green means go.

Sustainable yes, fit for purpose yes, but much more that, it is more than we can imagine and imagination ignited means power to get wealth.

Generation of wealth leads to stimulus of economies, which leads to more for everyone and abundance which goes around, like a stimulus package benefiting the community, the city, the nation, the world. That's how to get things going and flowing. I am in for that.

Socialism is so limited, unimaginative, lacks innovation and motivation, the only forward motion is from a dictator compelling people to do the agenda. Not much originality happens just a lot of intellectual theft from someone who has it. God is not limited and He doesn't want us to be limited either.

Plant the seed and cause it to grow, manage the increase and the left over to distribute and plant again, seed time and harvest time, this is all about the goodies for everyone according to how each one is gifted to be wilful distributors.

We are not cookie cut carbon copies, mass produced all the same which is the dumb and dumber solution that kills true potential and makes us all dull boys and girls, repetition is boring and we were not made to be like that.

Why is this dumb and dumber? Because we didn't learn from history as it has already happened over and over before, there is nothing new under the sun. Socialists, Marxist Communist takeovers leads to the destruction of society, employing armed militia thugs who are useful dispensable idiots who participate in the great loss of life, removal of enterprise and middle class prosperity, oppression of business owners, which results in extreme poverty to the inflicted nation and a lot of broken promises by the leaders.

When does socialism work? Never! The only way it simulates working is when it hooks into the capitalist free society and benefits from that society, in other words it makes a profit and competes in the free market which is a centre left mixture of socialism and capitalism, which of cause must remove the extreme totalitarian dictatorship rule. However, that is like having some benefits and then throwing in some obstruction, why would you do that? Transition from one society to another, the gradual method to not disrupt the public too much causing a backlash and loss of power.

That is what we are experiencing in the democratic free world right now, some freedoms mixed in with some cunning transitional policies to take away our liberties and rights. A gradual decline into the abyss. However, notice some of these so called democratic leaders are displaying some dictator control tantrums, with ridiculous laws that squashes free enterprise and civil liberties.

Are we all headed into slave labour in sweatshop factories? That just isn't right either.

What good is it if it doesn't benefit all? Only the cream at the top get the privileges from the profits, the cream has gone off, the elite at the top of the pyramid get all of the privileges, while the common folk just survive or maybe move up a notch when things are running well.

Is the free world perfect? No it isn't, that's why this way of life gets challenged by ideologies, and they capitalise on the weaknesses of the capitalists and appeal to some disenfranchised groups to overthrow the whole lot. The baby and the bath water get thrown out and then they manufacture a carbon copy baby, a cheap copy fake version. One thing we will always have is boom and bust, the markets are not always kind, why? The world is not perfect and there is corruption and an unjust distribution by the spirit who has mastery of the world that is Satan, he gives riches and rewards to all his puppets who do his dirty work.

Don't be a waste or be wasted.

The thief comes to kill steal and destroy, but Jesus came to give us life and life in abundance and that is the turnaround, the breakthrough, the revival of a proper dominion of this earth.

Yes it is Gods idea to have increase and He more than encourages making a profit on your investments, if you shrink back from what you have been given, God is not pleased and He will rebuke you.

You need to make use of the resources and abilities given.

We need His Kingdom to come and not the dark kingdom which leads to destruction with a lot of false promises and deceptive do good for all doctrines, which are cleverly marketed lies using a bombardment of propaganda through media and cancel cultures to anyone who opposes this onslaught.

The Parable of the Talents. Matthew 25

Stewards of finances were entrusted with varying amounts and expected to bring back a return with increase. Notice that the stewards were given different amounts.

Does it sound fair when some are given more than others? Where is the equality in that?

However, he who is given much, is responsible over much. The steward given 5 talents made a 100% return and the steward who was given 2 talents made a 100% return. They were celebrated as good and faithful stewards. Whereas the steward given the least, he had the least to be responsible with and still he hid it away, he despised the gift and made nothing in return. He was rebuked as a wicked and lazy servant.

God is not into letting your talents be hid away to be unproductive. Why? The Kingdom needs working capital to proceed. God is into making more and being productive when it is used righteously, as this helps build a better society.

Here is a question about equality, if all were meant to be equal then there could not be a Chairman, as all would be the Chairman Premier god like figure that demands to be worshipped.

Think about your team of tradesman, not all are equal, you have a supervisor, some that specialise in one way or another. Some need to work harder to achieve the results, some are geared towards supporting the project. However, all are a unique expression and no-one else can do things the way that each individual can. We are all called and gifted to make a difference. Some have more responsibility and therefore are more accountable, some are at different stages in life and haven't found their place for one reason or another.

Life is like that, don't try to change things to fit your agenda on how you think things should be, this world isn't perfect and the best we could do is find our unique place and contribute. Be the solution not the destruction of things, that's not how you deal with problems. Problem solvers improve the outcome, yes introduce change in a transition that doesn't harm society.

The Devil is a socialist as his ideology takes away any responsibility and any initiative to use your talent and increase it.

Notice we are not all on the same level, the gifts are distributed as God wills and He knows what is best for each individual and what they can handle. Some are created to have more, but all are created to develop and improve what they do have and to be productive and be a contributor to society, with the priority to the Kingdom of God, His will to be done on earth.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and all of the other things will be added to your life. It is not about empire building, becoming a self-sufficient tycoon where you live a life for luxury and spend it all on your own pleasures. It definitely is not about accumulating all of the riches and resources and controlling them with a monopoly in order to gain control over the populations. That is oppression.

We are blessed with the blessing of Abraham. Jesus came to be the curse for us, because Adam and Eve fell to Satan's devices in the garden. We all went under the curse and became a slave to Satan's rule on earth and he stole the dominion of the kingdoms of the earth.

Man was entrusted to have dominion over the earth from the beginning, but once we ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, our eyes were opened to the possibility of being our own god, choosing whatever we feel is good or bad, we can call evil good and good evil as we see fit, but then we became a slave to Satan's rule.

Without God there is only one other rule and that is Satan.

However when Jesus died in our place and took the punishment due to us as sinners, we then are all offered by an act of faith and our choice to be translated out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light where Jesus is Lord of our lives.

We are blessed along with Abraham to be a blessing to others on the earth.

The taxman. We do need to pay taxes, but they are not meant to be a burden. George Harrisons Beatles Song, the Taxman taxes just about everything including the air, like carbon tax. Life has twists and turns and snakes in the grass, but Gods will is the crooked is made straight.

Don't think that if you have been given funds that you need to have a false humility about it, you are entrusted with riches, be wise with it. He gives us power to create wealth.

We are talking about surplus in this article, not your living expenses and providing for your family. This is specifically about financial expert stewards, they are financial generators and managers who are given talents to invest and earn far above their living costs, they receive the wisdom like Solomon to be wealth creators on earth.

Abraham was our father of faith, Abraham had great wealth. That means it is OK to have the lifestyle that goes with wealth, you can enjoy the wealth, God is no meanie, He gives good gifts to His own, its Ok to own money and goods as long as they don't own you. There is the god of mammon to contend with.

God is not the big sugar daddy in the sky, with wealth comes responsibility, if you are given these talents He will also give you the ability to handle it. In Acts 2 they gave away their surplus as a free will offering for the purposes of God. That is how the money works.

You put it back into society, or you put it to work in investments and grow more, this causes circulation and a distribution flow to occur, like electrons moving through the wire. If you cut the circuit, you stop the flow and there is no power and the light bulb goes out, you then have no light and you end up in the dark.

Give it away, circulate it, what goes around comes around, you will see returns. Even like the widow with the two mites in Luke 21, these are like two pennies and it is all she had and she gave it away in faith believing God would look after her, not knowing how and not doing a formula, she was motivated by love and gave all she had, oh what a blessing awaits.

With a spring in her step she gave. Well that is using a bit of imagination license, but I am sure she felt the joy of the Lord when she gave. Not a formula like I put in 1 and get 100 back every time guaranteed, you would go to a slot machine for that. God looks after you and He determines when, how and what comes back for your best and all things are working out for the good as you are called to His purpose and love God.

Witty inventions will increase. When people are blessed they have confidence to build more and distribute more, spending more as well as putting money into circulation. There are better ways to spend money, it doesn't mean reckless spending, you need wisdom to manage wealth properly, with training and development comes maturity and you still need the seed to plant for more growth.

God provides seed for the sower.

What the world needs is wealth creation stewards, do you know any Government leaders who encourage that? They are the right one!!!

Socialists promote abortion, they kill babies, they abort what should be birthed. All wealth creation needs to be birthed and managed and brought to maturity. Socialist agendas steal and diminish potential, this limits healthy growth and growing a vibrant society. When you grow produce, you don't want all of the fruit to be limited to a minimal size or less, that is a shrivelled up and miserable vision. Choose life not death. Jesus came to give us life and life in abundance. The Devil came to steal, kill and destroy, you can see which belief system is which. Unless you have been blinded to the truth and choose to exchange the truth for a lie to fit your own warped agenda, or you have been bought and paid for and serve your masters.

God's judgement is on those who have hoarded the talents. This means those that control the resources of the world and do not distribute for the common good of all, centralised control that takes away and impoverishes people is evil.

Yes that's right, the Kingdom of God has the final say on what is right and demands justice.

God loves mercy over judgement, judgement is like a stop light saying don't go through onto the train tracks, the coming freight train will kill you.

He offers us a way out every time.

But for those who won't listen and refuse to do the right thing with the worlds resources there is the great transfer coming. No not the great reset to the money system no that is not the plan, the great transfer of wealth is.

There is the great transfer of the wealth of the wicked which will go to the righteous who will use it to help others and not harm others.

The meek will inherit the earth.

The silver and gold are Gods, that's how it is and will be, you can create a big load of paper contracts, derivatives, lease what's not even physically there, but in the end it will come back to bite you.

What comes around goes around, same with false ballots, it will come back to bite you one way or another, sooner or later.

This is not condemnation. This is not meant to say that you have missed it and now God will punish you.

It's not over.

The story is still being told.

It is how you finish that counts.

The stewards were at the end of their lives I believe and were in the day of judgement and had to give an account, as they now had to enter with whatever they finished up with into eternity.

You might have started on the wrong track, you may have chosen the easy road to destruction, but you can still choose the right path. You might have tried and got flattened by the waves of opposition, you might be discouraged with how the world operates robbed of your future and feeling ship wrecked unable to get back up again. Remember, it's not over.

His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Take His yoke upon you. He who began a good work in you will finish the course. We learn from life's mistakes, tragedies and opposition.

God is good, God gives grace to the humble, so that is those who are willing to acknowledge that they need God to live and do the right thing. Yes it is your decision, the choice is yours and then God's grace kicks in to bring you to completion of your story to be told.

The prodigals are coming home, the radicals are turning, the rebellious and the fools are getting hit by the light and they are changing their ways when they encounter the love, the light and the brightness of His coming, enter in with your dreams, enter in with your calls for help, enter in with your tragedy, enter in with your lost hope, enter into the new day and the new way and the new creation of His reality, which is your story to be told.

The gold and the silver are the Lords, perhaps some of those who hold the riches will acknowledge this and relinquish their control and be translated into the Kingdom of light from the kingdom of darkness.

God's mercies are new every morning and great is His faithfulness, when you become His sons and daughters and don't look back, you will move forward into where you will shine brighter like the new day sun.

Woe to those who refuse Gods will for their lives and only desire to control their wealth and control others by manipulation, control and deception.

Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world, the promises belong to us and we will be wise and perform great exploits, shining like the stars of the universe we will be transforming communities, cities and nations with the Good News that Jesus came not to condemn anyone but to save them.

Distribution of wealth is coming as well as signs, wonders and miracles, with supernatural healings and creative miracles flowing to the needy.

Calling all of the intercessors and saints to keep praying, believing, declaring the promises of God, declare His will be done earth, justice is coming, reformation is coming for the great end time harvest of souls.

The thing is that we are all born like a fresh and clean slate and then what happens? Heredity and Environment.

We generational inherit those genes from the pool of what our ancestors got up to skeletons and all, DNA patterns weaved into our beings which gives us a bias like a leaning towards certain behaviours, we still have a choice and we don't have to give into it.

Then there is that pesky environment, all from this bad old world that happens to us, emotional, physical, psychological damage that is inflicted on our poor souls.

We still have a choice, do we react or do we respond to the negative dealings?

We are like that clean slate until like bad programs come along and infect our beings with a malicious code inserted into our DNA, which pulls us away from the original pure design. Now the slate is marred and scarred, marked and corrupted, who then can save us?

Thank God He always had a redemption plan for us, He knew we would all go astray one way or another, no one is perfected by the law, on the contrary we are all convicted and then remain condemned by the law.

All have fallen short, we all miss the mark, because we are marked and give in to the impulses and the reactions, we are drawn into to it, we are addicted to it, we lash out against it and cause harm.

Innocence lost we need to be rewritten.

The law of the Spirit of life sets us free from death.

The Book of Life contains all of the good things we are called to do.

We need the power of God, the light of the world and only He lights up all mankind with His life, He is the way the truth and the life. When we are led down into death, He is the life.

We don't have to continue to waste what we are given and use our God given talents for the wrong purposes. There is a good news ending to our story. Our story is not over, time to turn the page and start a whole new chapter, yesterday is gone, today can be the new day dawning.

The Dream.

I was in some sort of training special agent style, I was in a maze of buildings futuristic structures, a construct matrix. I needed to follow the right pathway to exit and reach the destination. I seemed to be headed the right way turning this way and that following my instincts. But I couldn't reach a conclusion and didn't see what the key to this highway was.

There was a lady also in training and she completed it and said to me, can't you see it? I was puzzled so I went back to the trainer supervising my mission. He said you are on the right track, now see the pattern you have followed from above.

What I discovered when I was given this insight from above was that I was following a shape through the matrix like a shape of a cross. Now I just needed to keep going with the wisdom from above which helps me understand what I am going through and complete the course to complete the mission.

Revelation is needed from above. Interpretation: the trainer is the Holy Spirit, the lady represents the spotless Bride of Christ. I am on a journey which is not completed yet. I need the right revelation to where I am going. We are on to it now. The Cross.

Have I arrived yet? No. Still a work in progress, being refined, got battles, some long term issues still dealing with. He began a good work and He will finish it.

Our real life is hidden from view looking with natural vision and how other people see us. Colossians 3

Now we are actually declared dead by the great exchange, which means the old corrupted life is considered passed away and we get to trade in our old ways at the throne of grace and exchange our weaknesses for His strength in newness of life.

We just need to put on the new person who is the original design, like we fit those perfect clothes tailor made just right for us, looking good we are made in the image of God and not hacked into by a malicious attack, we are not cheap copies or junk.

We need to go through the cross, it is central to how we live and receive the resurrection life, which is the promise of the Spirit. Our spirit is alive, we have life and peace, Jesus just took that old life away and put it out in the trash, those dirty and smelly old clothes don't look so good.

How do we overcome the world and all of its trials? By our God given faith, if we are led by the spirit then we won't go down that dirty old track.

We are now on the road to somewhere.

Be blessed and be a blessing.

Choose Life


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