The State of a Nation

Victoria is no longer a state it is in a state of disrepair.
Setting a pattern.
Loss of Civil Rights.
Agenda 2020 - 2030 - whatever 1984!

Biggest loss is AFL Aussie Rules no longer played in the foundation state, gone!
Been shifted to the mates in QLD and all due to the bungled management of the manufactured bat bug, is this the convenient tool to carry out agenda by chief comrade who is obeying orders from commander comrade?

AFL gone that should wake you up!

Seriously loss of business and huge debt to exist by the handouts, citizens becoming dependant no longer financial viable an easy takeover.
You always need thugs to enforce illegal takeovers.
Militarised Police Force.
What is Melbourne a Strong New World City Utopia?
Some Think Tank Revolution, a Revolution with hidden New World Order Strategic Agenda.
The song "I put a spell on you" at work here.
People sheeple are spell bound, it sounds so good!

Just turn up the heat slowly on the frog in the boiling pot, gradually change from healthy environment to fatal environment, the frog hasn't got a clue, the frog isn't dumb he just looks dumb, just gets used to these subtle changes, shifts from Mr Shifty, all is well keep on swimming in the murky waters, the good master # I support big Daddy Dan he is looking after me.
In a democracy where we have decent values, the Police are to be respected and obeyed, they do a great job when they are governed properly without corruption.
You can't blame the police for corrupt leadership, they are just following orders seig heil!!!
Power corrupts corrupt rulers!

Not saying the answer is breaking the rules, disobeying the law, use wisdom, however man's laws can be challenged is it really legal?
Vote for justice, vote for values, pray and speak Gods will be done!
You need justice with values, you need law enforcement based on values, you need capitalism and business with values. We are blessed to be a blessing to others, yes capitalism based on greed and control is corrupt, but that doesn't mean the solution is totalitarian socialist control of the masses.
Find wisdom, take action whatever God reveals for you to do.

Deficit! Deficit! Deficit!
My question is to any Government which has the expertise to forecast the future state of the economy, why would a Government allow such an economic catastrophe and devastate the future of their citizens?
Deficit - the excessively continued wage subsidies long after we know the true effect of the virus.
Deficit - businesses going bust and not able to operate anymore.
Deficit - when wage subsidy runs out employees no longer can work due to their employers businesses gone.
A bankrupt state.
Who would bail it out?
A big bad superpower but with strings attached they now own you.
Welcome to the real world, enslavement.
What reason would there be for this plan?
Do the math.

You say because of COVID.
What that virus created in the lab and deliberately released to cause economic ruin on the west, upset the election outcome, any other reason?
Oh yeh you have an arrangement with them.
Read the scientific report released by Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan.
Oh yeh don't forget you have an arrangement with them.
CDC report that states this virus seriously effects less than 1% of population.
Oh yeh but the arrangement with them.
Sweden in herd immunity without closing down the economy and making its citizens suffer and this is from a Socialist Government.
Oh but they dont have an arrangement with them!!!

Even George Orwell supported Socialism, but maybe he had second thoughts about it when he listened in on the plans of the Elitist Fabian Society - 1984 Big Brother totalitarian control of the masses, de-population of the masses, with the added Gates Jab New World Order tracking tatoo.
In the UK 16,000 deaths were caused by the lockdown due to depression, lack of usual health testing for serious conditions like cancer, oh but you say you are caring for people and then the other stressful financial pressures, so if anyone got this virus add stress and you got a cocktail.

You get self righteously indignant when someone breaks the rules and supposedly puts lives at risk like walking on the beach, yet you don't seem to care about the effects of these rules on peoples wellbeing's and the deaths that did occur due to mismanagement on the vulnerable in rest homes, particularly bad when there is a proven cure HCQ and various other accessible and affordable cures unless you ban them.

How can we continue to justify these lockdowns if it is causing so much harm to overall health, economy and piling on the future generations debt and adversities?

We go on about the saving of the environment for our future generations, but now we are running up a huge debt for the future generations, but this is OK!!!

The only way we can justify these draconian lockdowns and all of the ridiculous rules is if you are a deranged madman or the only other possibility is you have an agenda, you are taking orders from higher powers to fulfil an agenda, Brave New World 1984.

Dan's Super Computer has all of the answers to life's problems.
The AI Quantum cooked up calculations must be hooked up to the algorithm of the Agenda of how to effectively shut down citizens from functioning to the point that they become pliable for a takeover, use models already utilised by CCP monitoring, surveillance, drones, suppression of freedoms and rights to conform to the ideal citizen points system, all thinking in a uniform way like test tube genetic clones in drab uniforms, eventually they all will be plugged into the internet of everything where the hive mind will control the speech and acceptable behaviour.

Hey I was born in Geelong.
C'mon the Cats! Sam Newman, aint he the popular one, Gary Ablett, Patrick Dangerfield.
Lived a big chunk of my life in Victoria.
Grew up there went to school there, this affects me even though I am now overseas.
Perhaps I can see things and react, because most of the citizens have been slowly cooked by clever spells and propaganda.
Dont like to see the state become a penal colony, prison camp, but this time no longer mother england running the ship a global monster on the horizon.

The polls say all is OK, maybe all of the hash tag tweets are from paid operatives influencing the minds let alone the media barbarian bombardments, but what if you are a struggling business owner and the pub has got no beer, what if you are in a rest home in your last days and the family cant visit, what if you are someone who doesn't accept the status quo, does research, asks questions, use critical thinking not told what to think?

People aren't dropping in the streets, dead bodies aren't piling up everywhere, bombs aren't falling from the sky, we don't need to hide in the shelter.
Do your own homework, research or just look out the window, its everywhere, shape the minds of the masses, control the airwaves, take over from within.
Victoria used to be home. Something has now moved into home is now taking over home and is wrecking the home.

State of a Nation. Borders dont mean that you will keep it out. Just a test case for western countries for the big plan.
Red alert!!! Triggered keywords the drones are coming, thought and speech police 1984 Fabian Philosophies, Mr Orwell listened in took notes it was planned long ago playing out got technology now blockchain AI, DNA genome fixing are we cooked?
Not unless there is a greater power employed to displace the lesser power. Higher Power is God. Time to employ the angels, issue His Words release it see things shift change.

Dont be a sitting duck!
I saw a dead duck on the side of the road.
Made me think about fatality.
Not to take things for granted next time you are sitting carelessly on the fence.
Maybe the duck was taken for a ride you say, yes that is possible, but heading the wrong direction into a trap, equally bad as sitting transfixed with the sights lining you up for the shot.
What can we do?
Discernment, wisdom hearing a voice behind you saying this way walk in it.
There is a highway of holiness prepared and when the glory comes it will be the secure slipstream to get into.
Dont be a sitting duck!

As in the days of Noah.
The serpent lizard tried to corrupt the DNA of man to stop the Saviour entering the world as an uncorrupted man and now what about His return?

This is a Covid Alert about the spread of a fatal pandemic by a deadly infected golf ball.
Did you know that if you play golf there is a high risk that you could kill someone with the virus.
Thats right, we are basing this on strong scientific evidence using golf ball projection models from super computers, as well as advice from experts in disease transmission by projectiles, our findings clearly show that the virus can become air borne forming a viral cloud when blasted into the air by a whopping slog by these irresponsible golfers.

This is a serious threat that we are facing right now to our state and well being, which is the possibility of being struck by a stray or targeted infected golf ball.
This is due to some irresponsible and sometimes enraged golf players engaging in this illegal activity.
This is particularly disturbing at this time during a pandemic as the golf balls have been shown to increase the spread of the virus.
The following is information and the background into what led up to this growing threat to society and the effects of the golf ball infection, infection numbers, including a scientific detailed explanation of how this phenomenon occurs linked to the spike protrusion of the golf ball.
This is going on right now, the state that we are in is terrible and we need to take action immediately before things get way out of control.
It has been revealed through intensive analysis that the spike protrusion of the golf ball has been enhanced in golf balls manufactured and enhanced in a specialised lab with a gain of function ability.
The virus will also gather on the spike protrusion and when struck with particular aggression by the perpetrators will create airborne virus clouds that are increasing the spread over large regions where the golf balls have been struck by the unlawful activities of these alleged offenders.
Read on you just wont believe it, it could not be true surely but yes things are that bad.

Therefore if you live within 5 km from a golf course you maybe at risk of catching the covid from enraged crazed rogue golfers protesting the enforced rules and out to prove a point.
These crazed individuals without a care for anyone else other than their own handicap, will stop at nothing to drive their point home.

The good news is that they only can play the game in daylight and we know for a scientific fact that the virus is only active after 8pm or in the case of daylight savings it will make the calendar adjustment to 9pm, so this means unless they play under powerful night lights and risk a huge fine and being spotted and chased down tackled to the ground by some law enforcement militia in combat uniform. Therefore you will have minimal chance of catching the virus from a loose golf ball smacked into your vicinity, breathe a sigh of relief and say a hoorah for our chief and commander comrade Dan for all of his careful attention to the critical details to combat this virus.

These inquiries looking into our handling of this deadly pandemic and criticisms from the odd alternative media are just a lot of fuss most likely driven by these fringe conspiracy closet golfers that have no real appreciation of elimination strategies, dont they know that sensible managed minimising and prevention is not enough, we need to get tough and blow the stupid economy to kingdom come if need be and forget about peoples mental health, we can keep throwing federal money at the economy anyway and besides we are all crazy here so what difference will it make if we are driven more crazy.

I am so glad that there are places in this world where we crack down on irresponsible people. Thankyou Dan and from the hash tag support Dan Brigade, we all just need to say you are my hero, you have saved us from well who knows what something bigger that what I can think about and you put Victoria on the road map, ride the North East link into the red sunset, forget the trams take the chinese train, Victoria is world famous and Melbourne is such a strong city unless you are a business owner, well you can all buzz off, complainers, what is this being financially secure, we got handouts to Africa just line up.

Take control Dan, take control of the silly masses, just subjects what do they know they need your leadership, do the thinking for them take away resistance it is futile, the borg hive mind got the right idea.

Just get the jab, stop whining wont hurt puts a tracker in you better surveillance, we will know when you cross the red line over 5km, you crooked criminals.

Dans leadership style reminds me of a movie called cable guy.
"What you have done is highly illegal, you will be fined $5000 and sent off to a state penitentiary."
"I could be your best friend or your worst enemy."
quotes from the movie Cable Guy.
Dan will know if you are his friend by the secret handshake test.

By complying to the rules we have just made one more sensible step towards elimination.
Elimination of what???
It will be all worth it, no stray golf ball will come anywhere near your household and infect you, danger danger Dan Da Man warning warning.

News Flash!!! Virus mutated from night time infection to 24 hours infection, the virus has had an update and a patch to operate easily 24 hours and therefore, the curfews are no longer of any use to management.

If these criminal golfers want to inflict injury on the innocent public, who are basically sitting ducks and will be picked off one by one by some infected golf balls projected in their general direction, remember the air borne molecular particles of this virus has a long range and can be like a cluster bomb effect on its victims covering a broad metropolitan area, so don't try running although you should be wearing a mask which offers massive protection over the whole of your mouth area, possibly an umbrella will also offer some protection as well, this has not been fully tested as we do not have many willing volunteers, but we may be able to trial this on the general public for the common good of all since the virus itself is mainly a social experiment so why not!!!

The other fortunate thing is that we have kept the 5km rule in place and this should restrict the golfers from accessing golf courses, but of cause we are very generous with the public as they can now go on nature walks in the national parks and get much needed fresh air and exercise if they have a national park within 5kms of their residence, you know if you stray from this there will be a $5000 fine completely justified, I don't care if you are in the Simpson desert we will get you and you may infect the explorers in the desert like burke and wills you selfish thing you!

Even if the golfers use their own mini golf course and send projectiles of which some are believed to be directed at parliament house they have no appreciation of all our hard work, we have devised new legislation for some of our trained public servant thugs militia brigade, maybe a few spare underground CCP officers could be handy to arrest these golfers and if they suspect that you are even thinking of doing these crimes they also have the power to detain you indefinitely, a menace to society must be removed, we need conforming programmed indoctrinated happy people to be part of our overall program and all will run smooth and be happy, no golfers permitted in the new normal, we will send you to special retraining camps to be model citizens of our brave new ordered strong city world.

We also have an idea who the possible ring leader of these resistance group of golfers is, none other than the former AFL Star, angry at us for no apparent reason, we just cant recall any reason, yes he is none other than Sammie Snapper. Dan says we are on to him we got the surveillance, drones are on to him, he thinks he got away with it but we know what he is up to, we know that he purchased large quantities of golf balls on ebay, ha ha we are too good, noone escapes our ever watching eye, that is you know that eye in the pyramid thing, I think Dan can go all the way to the top of this pyramid thingy the way he is going.

Whoops there is another tin foil hat wearing former AFL player whistle blowing conspiracy person warning about corruption and all sorts of hidden things, how did Gary Ace know? Did he get inside our thinktank, he doesn't know the handshake does he?

This golfing activity is now getting out of hand and then there is also the people going to a beach on a beautiful hot spring day, what do I say, "oh golly gosh gee wizz, just stay home and follow the rules why dont you and I dont recall any reason why you must do that except that those are the rules. Dan Da Man he got a handicap 666.

If you are thinking of leaving our state, great all part of the plan, our strong city will be populated by model citizens from the globalist population, this is the super city, super strong city utopia we have rules in place like no other except maybe our sister cities with our mates Kim and Xi.
Remember I can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Elimination of the nasty virus called "Victoria in the lucky country of the free", is the plan.

Victoria dont be a victim, be victorious. don't be a sitting duck!

The State of a Nation Victoria.

Be a free individual not a mind controlled slave to the system.
Freedom doesnt mean lawlessness as we are meant to have boundaries.
There is ONE that we should conform to, His name is King Jesus and we need to conform to His image.

What happens if there is a void?
Something will fill the void. Something foreign and dark is filling the void, unauthorised entry.
If you replace God with something else then this is dangerous and an opportunity for takeover.
Who has bewitched you?
Dan Marx.
Void of God, replaced by a philosophy becoming another god, it is the doctrines of men, but behind the mask it is the doctrine of demons.
You think a dynamic man is in charge, reality check it is a nasty commo gremlin talking through the dummy.

Dont be fooled there is a better way and it is up to you to choose wisely.
Repent turn from your wicked ways, return to the Lord and He will heal your land.

The State of a Nation, Victoria don't be a victim, be victorious, you are not destined to be a sitting duck.
When the Glory comes and the Good News is declared with signs and wonders choose life.

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