Shaped by things that happened to you and inherited ingrained patterns.
Shaped by influences of this world and philosophy.
Shaped by choices made.
Shaped by beliefs, desires, motivations.
Shaped by what you receive to change what happened to you.

The patterns of this world have shaped us into a form of who we are.
Triggered by inherited character traits and the influences from the environment of worldly, humanistic thinking, which effects the philosophy, constructing the mindset of our times, these forces have the potential to shape our potential away from the higher purposes of God.

We are all shaped by our environment and genetics, this forms our makeup and how we respond to the worlds impulses.
Influences can be good or can be spoiling for our development.

God is the great craftsman like the Potter who takes the vessel, reforms us into a shape that better describes our personality, with all of the intricacies layered into our clay vessel, vibrant colours are glazed on our being displaying individual attributes, talents revealed.
His ways are Written on the Tablets of our Hearts.
We have the potential to be vessels of honour.

Holiness means we are set apart and ready for display.

Abraham had faith, but he still missed it.
Ishmael was born by the flesh.
Isaac was born the child of promise by the Spirit.
The Flesh is at war with the Sprit.
There is a battle for our soul, which will impress us the most and shape our future.

Jonah went three days in the belly of a whale.
Jesus was three days and three nights in the belly of the earth on our behalf, to give us a faith possibility and fulfill the promise of a coming Savior of the World.

The dealings of God helped to turn Jonah's mind and decision to be God's special messenger for Nineveh.
The dealings of God in the message to Nineveh, turned the people of this great but doomed city, to find God's mercy and the city was saved from destruction.
What shaped the whole city to be on the path of destruction?
When Jonah delivered the message, they turned and were shaped from above, given hope and a new life.
Jonah was still unhappy, why should these people be spared the wrath and judgement due?
Until the tree of shade perished and Jonah was turned from his attitudes, all good things are from God, He can give them and He can take them away.
We have a choice.

Quantum Physics = Faith realm.
A State of being.
Divided into possibilities.
0 and 1 are existing together in this state of possibilities, because of choice.
Is the cat dead or alive?
Let the cat out of the bag!
Was Lazurus dead or alive in the tomb?
Depended on the faith outcome.
Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life.
Lazurus lived, Only Believe.

Lazurus was shaped by sickness and death.
Jesus had the vision for Lazurus future.
Which meant this sickness does not end in death.
Death is the current natural outcome.
But God who calls things that are dead as though they are alive, God sees Lazarus future, He imagined it, God transfers the will to His representative on earth, who has the authority to execute the command.
Jesus was God on earth.
Jesus declares "Come forth"
Jesus distributes His authority to His believers who represent His Authority and His plan for this life for each individual.

Peter walked on the water!
He could have not gone out, or he could have, depended on the choice.
Both states existed in a flux liquidity in the state of potential possibilities.
Faith has a substance, we need to see the potential, access it and release it into our time called now.
Superimposed on top of each other. 0 and 1.
We need to exercise faith as Jesus did.
Call forth Lazarus from the tomb.
Remember God calls things that are not as though they are.
God calls dead things alive.
That is the faith realm of possibilities.
So in Quantum Physics our realm is in a potential state of faith possibilities outcomes.
Depends on the motivating force, Faith or Fear.
Fear could be likened to 0.
Faith can be likened to 1.
Zero means you get nothing of value. One means you get a whole complete.

Go ahead and make your day a faith day.
Activate what was dead and call it alive.
See the possibilities through Gods eyes.
Create your world and Shape your destiny.

How do you know what is faith and what is Gods possibility for you?
Keep your eyes on Jesus and not the winds and the waves of uncertainty and the storms of confusion.
What is Jesus saying to you?
Through dreams, prophetic words, impressions, the Word of God is alive and active, it will penetrate your heart motives and divide what is soulish ambitions and agendas and reveal what the true word of wisdom is from above.
We are led forth by His peace which passes understanding.
Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding.
Acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

All things are working out for the good as you are aligned into the Mind of Christ, your heart is tuned to the frequency of Heaven and His will be done on earth, His Kingdom ruling and reigning in your life.

This took a while to get out. I had the fragments but not the formation. Now it is finally out and I believe it is a good one. Maybe I was delayed by the state I was in, Wavering, blown around by the winds of havoc, hopefully I am stable now.

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New King James Version was used for most Bible references.

Copyright January 2012.