How the Science is going Downunder

Forget about the science let's do some maths.
Do the Maths people.

OK we got the downunders New Zealand and Australia who 1 year ago were praised by Dr Fudgie the Budgie for being model nations with some harsh lockdownundies, let's just take control here, the health officer supremo science gods took charge to save poor nanny, but wait the rest homes got infected, but not so much the construction workers that went ape in Melbourne a year ago attacking the HQ for the Union who like our over inflated chief bureaucratic bummer health officers spouted we are doing it all for your health!

Sorry draconian elites, the blue collars don't get the science blinding mad professor education that the academics do and saw red wrecking the joint.

Now let's do some current numbers and some comparisons using Worldometer for a reliable source.
Everyone who thought they were science led and high and mighty above the poor African Nations for example Madagascar, figured well these guys aren't vaxxed, what only 1.5% vax how backward, also they rely on some herb for a cure how unscience is that?

Ok where is Australia on the Worldometer list today? Oh 15th and little old New Zealand the sick cousin is coming in at 52nd and climbing rapidly, look at those case numbers per million getting up there with the highest levels about 300,000 shocking stats I would say, getting very hard to twist these numbers, sad, sad, sad, in a mad, mad, mad world, but if you swallowed all their pills took all the shots they gave you then you should be so much better off and just pull that mask up over your eyes, see no evil nothing to see here!

Let's just check this, Oh Madagascar in July 2022 is No 143rd keep scrolling down the list to find them and even the death per million low in comparison to our sophisticated western downunders who have now flipped over and racing to the top with what a how could that be 95% vax rate.

Do the Maths boys and girls!
It's not working!
Still going to listen to the science god Dr Budgie Fudgie and all the roboton health ministers, doing it all for your health, of cause they are.

Better look into the documents forced into the public arena by proper investigators into Fizzer Pharmo, you find that there are some very shocking results on the actual side effects and harm done.
The spike was meant to stay local but it didn't, it spread to vital organs and caused a storm, our immune systems compromised, reproduction shut down, it sounds like something written on some guide stones somewhere that recently went up in smoke! Smoke on the Science, Fire on the Stones!
Wakey wakey! Time to ask some real questions, is there any real reporters out there in the main streams, I hear $5 Mill keeps the lid on it.
The Science is getting Mathsd out to blown to pieces people!

There is a Higher Power, a Higher Court, in the Highest. There is a real God! All Glory to His Name! Want a Doctor you can trust? Dr Jesus. Justice will come as it is in Heaven!

Trust the Science? Do you trust the man who claims he is the science? I suppose in seven days he created all of what is known as science into existence and we swallowed it like a big blue pill!!!
On a different note but related, very much even though this refers to the so called ruling top of the world and not downunder lands, well guess what it is happening all over the world.
It is like some big ogre oligarch shadow has fallen on every nation on earth to smother us with their grubby imprint on everything and everyone.
Here is a sceanrio that is playing out by some of the bigger chess pieces sabre rattling with each other.

A bunch of very, very, bad kids got caught in the school yard getting up to a lot of mischief going down, down, down, down.
They are now being sent to the HeadMasters Office to get a good caning, you know to face the consequences for those dirty deeds done dirt cheap, receive some very serious disciplinary action that matches the crimes committed against childumanity.
What do they do when facing the music, caught red handed? Like the oldest one when Adam and Eve went down, the blame game, start pointing fingers, she mad me do it, he made me do it, or its his fault he put us up to it, you know the story, try to worm your way out of this one.
You did the crime now you gotta do the time!
Best to work things out with the Judge on the way to the court, who knows there is mercy if you just fess up to the Highest Authority and all the way down will be more favourable, unless you pull the blame game then it aint gonna be too good for you, you got it coming boy, girl, whatever!!!
This could be happening anywhere man, it could even be in the United States of Whatever!!!
What do we have infighting, panic at the disco, deer in the lights a whole lotta shaking going on.
Enjoy the show, all the actors out there on the world stage are performing big time, best to get on the right side and be blessed!

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