Replacement Religious Reactionary Recruits

We are in the time of lets replace God and any related pesky faiths that just keep on persisting with beliefs that we don't agree with! Like Christianity as one of the most annoying peskies out there, somehow, this faith has influenced our democratic societies and shaped our fundamental constitution with the laws of justice and sound principles for society. At the heart of democracy is freedom from slavery that allows freedom of speech and freedom of faith expression, as long as you don't harm anyone.
Is this something that the replacement team cant tolerate? Others freedom means they don't need to conform to their replacement system. Why does this system believe it is superior to God's principles? An obvious reason would be is that they believe they can replace God as the highest authority with another god as the highest authority, no questions asked! After all they have developed a replacement faith that is promoted in the media and education, just about everywhere that influences minds and they are very passionate about what they believe is superior. Somehow the laws of the land that was shaped by christianity (Magna Carta) needs to now be replaced with what they believe. Now the state has the power to replace those laws that stood the test of time for the proposed betterment. What they are proposing seems like a futuristic sci fi creepiness post modern, bunch of hocus pocus augmented laws. This must be an advanced culture with this developing human 2.0 trans AI mix that knows better and can create a hive mind. Mind control, do you see it? A very brave new world chaos theory order.
You have your orders!

We have a bigger computer than you, well no you don't, because a computer is only a machine it is not God and even if you employ gods to operate the computer, it still is a corrupted construct with a diabolical virus. Put your faith in a half pie hybrid main frame, it has an expiry date.
The bible talks about having a form of godliness.
This has an appearance of virtue and values, this gives it a face of caring and there would be those who are in this system who are sincere. But the question is who becomes the authority and the arbiter to decide what is good and what is evil? They could call evil good and good evil, how would you know? The Bible says put your trust in God, why? Because some authority figure no matter how charismatic is fallible, they can lead you down the garden pathway to destruction. Satan was a snake and he beguiled Eve by trickery, he appeared to be an alternative authority in a cunning deception based on dressed up lies. Satan comes to steal kill and destroy, that agenda has not changed no matter how much tinsel and bright lights and pretty music the pied piper plays, follow him and you are going off a cliff and not coming back.
The issue is any replacement denies the power of God, they rely on another power and that is an alternative, black out power failure replacement which is not good.
These values are part of a system that has an agenda to control minds to be persuaded into this system or worse bullied into submission, doing things our way or the highway.
Well I choose the Highway of Holiness by the Lord, King Jesus.

We don't need a Replacement of the Mind of Christ.
We should not allow an Invasion of the Temple.
Our bodies and minds are a temple for the Holy Spirit not any other unclean spirit.
In Psychology there is the concept of Environment and Hereditary.
This can be identified as The World System and Lifes Knocks and bruises that wounds us (Environment) and then, Generational patterns embedded in our DNA and voices, covenants of our past bloodlines that haunt us, (Hereditary) these influences vex our very soul and keep us enslaved to a system of control.
There is the pesky sins that beset us and they become like heavy weights to our souls.
I have my struggles and so does everyone, no one is exempt, when we enter this world the fight is on to the death. Choose Life!
That's why we need encouragement, we need Good News.
We don't need accusations and fault finding and making it all about the problems with everything.
Its everyone else's fault, it's the Governments fault, my parents fault or whoever, a certain group of people or worse a certain ethnicity.

We need to be part of the solution not the problem.
Yes, we do need to point out the errors that are effecting people, dragging them down, keeping them down, we do so, with the view to help them get to a better place in life.
We want people to reach their God given potential in life, so they can also be part of the solution and no longer the problem.
I am not saying things because I think I am better than others, I am saying things to show people there is a better way that God has for everyone to be truly free. Sometimes I will need to provoke in language to get people to really think about their position, is this how it is? The aim is not to harm, but to help them to see a better way. We were all born into a similar boat, that ship if you like is a bit like the Titanic and its going down.
God made a life raft for us all and His Name is Jesus and He came to save us and make us more like Him, so we can then be part of the solution and not be a problem.
So this is about helping yes and even the recruits, because we were all recruits for the enemy of our souls at one point before we made Jesus Lord and Saviour. We still can be a recruit under a religious cloak that has a dagger, this is even more hideous as we appear to be like sheep, but inwardly we are a wolf in sheep's clothing, not a good look at all.
Science has been Elevated to something it was never designed to be!!! A religion!!! A very precarious position on the edge of a cliff. Some self elevated science god charlatans thinking "I am a god", "I am the science" - "submit and worship me and the synthetic transhumanoid idol I created". A lot like a cult and the worshipers have to drink their poison. God help us and HE did, that's the God News.

Science can tell us about the things that are here and in space, but not how the things got here!!!
I don't have to know much, I just need to know HIM who is GOD who is I AM He knows everything, then the rest just comes easy as ABC.
Science then isnt the problem! The vehicle isnt the problem, its a Rolls Royce, the problem is the nut behind the wheel.

Science is like a measuring stick that has been given to us to use.
Now we didn't make the measuring stick, but we sure can use it, just make sure it is used fit for purpose.

The Blurry Line Dinosaur Theory
There is a lot of blurry lines happening and I want to add another term here - belief. So my new theory is the anti dinosaur theory - I will have to get this theory published.
Belief - Hypothesis - Theory - Hypothesis - Belief - shown as BL = B-H-T-H-B
This is my new theory and it is wider at one end goes to narrower and then to wider again so my theory is this is opposite in shape to a dinosaur. (Thanks Monty for your tip) Just see the blurry lines between these terms and see that they are connected by lines and they start with belief and end with a belief.
Belief - has a likelihood of truth - it is heartfelt, based on something you experienced or observed, still it may not be true.
Hypothesis - you got like a hunch and a belief this could be true - it is worth testing and documenting like a discovery.
Theory you got a lot more data and evidence to make some kind of statement that is more convincing that it is true - but still can be disproven. So some believed that sailors would fall off the ends of the earth in the ancient days, that was a belief becoming a hypothesis until the telescope and some clever scientists, then the old centre of the universe theory with the sun being the centre, looked good at the time, got some data, modeled it, published it.
What is my point I have been asked for absolute proof, then I ask for absolute proof - no answer because you and I would have to produce a book, a thesis and it still could be blurry - disproven.
Blurry is vision that is limited and in a fog. You can only see what is in front of your face and you are stumbling around in the dark.
So it all comes back to faith. What do you believe is true? What is your theory?
You got faith in your theory. I got faith in the TRUTH, I have experienced and observed.
I read books and engage to further support my faith. There are multiple scientists that believe in creation - they have documented this what they observed and tested - research them. Thing is I don't need to - but it helps me when I do to support what I believe.
My question still remains and I have some other questions for you that want proof from me. - "Can you answer science doesnt explain the origins of where we came from, noone seems to be able to tell me what their belief of our origins are as in an alternative to God or gods whatever. Origins - cell - atom how did the atom get here where from??? You can enlighten me. Or if it is an energy somehow evolved into matter, where did the energy come from, who or what, then, where did the what come from or the who? What is your belief then???"

These posts is not a shot at scientists at all, it is more about the self righteous, religious people that have a false religion that really enslaves people. On the surface it has the veneer of doing good for others and the planet, but inside is full of snakes and venom. These religious people caused the most problems for Jesus in His time on earth and it is still the same today.
Most scientists are pretty down to earth, which is a good thing. Its just those that take it out on a limb and that's a minority. They are out on a limb and sawing off the limb from the main trunk thinking they can be independent, change times, seasons and the laws. If they stick to what they know and their field of expertise then fine, we learn a lot from them, it can be very helpful, but when they cross a line they shouldn't - they are the problem. I think dictators are a minority breed, so these I am referring to are not the norm. These are the give away statements, "I am the science", or "I am a science god" "I know whats best for the masses" "We are the single source of truth" do you get the picture? Demi gods might be a myth, but these are making it a reality.
Its about ideologies and agendas for the so called betterment of others, only in their egocentric over inflated opinions. Megalomaniacs rule supreme, they think they are superior and know better than others, the rest of the crowd will have to conform to their demands. They will mind control others. Send their thought police to ensure their demands are met inflicted on the masses they want to control. Emperors with big titles want to take over the world, believing they are creating a utopia, they try to convince others with sophisticated propaganda programs. They employ thugs to enforce their point of view and brutally enforce their agenda and then herd everyone else bound by fear of exclusion into conforming to their program.

THE PPT Team Agents are very active. (See the previous post here - the PPT Team. The Plunge Protection Team.)
Another acronym for PPT is People Places and Things, that fits as well as the Plunge Protection Team.
Whichever you prefer - they have their triggered by the algorithms or whatever red flags - agents on assignments.
These are all connected to the Replacement Religious Reactionary Recruits in one way or another.
However, with all of these reactions coming in the comments, there is the thinking through of what is said and that does achieve food for thought.
You know what objections, questions are a learning tool, so great this is all a learning curve and things come out to help people think through - do their own research - due diligence - gather their own conclusions - if you need to make a choice then you need to be convinced not convinced by someone elses pet doctrine, theory, belief, whatever you like to put there, even if you believe the science told me this, like science has a voice, so science has a face now, AI almost has a face going sentient, but what does that mean? You will have to put your faith in its data and conclusions after all it is a superior intelligence machine, but now AI becomes a god. Your CHOICE!!! I believe God is God full stop. And the funny thing is I am the crazy one LOL - man it is a mad mad mad world. We need a Saviour, we need Good News and WE got it.

Replacement with what? Well if you are attempting to replace God then you would need to have something like that, but there is nothing like God He IS and there is No Other. However, as we know from history and biblically there were other gods. Have no other gods is a command.
We have a choice and sadly that means people choose gods rather than GOD.

Who or what are these gods?
Well you know there was satan for starters, but then also the Bible mentions other principalities, rulers. Powers, and other dark entities that exist in that battle against people and they can influence humans into evil as well.
In the book of Daniel, he mentions a god of forces, there is used the word powers, so these beings have some power that humans don't have, gives them an edge.
However they have lost and God always wins sooner or later. God is above all and God has His Angels working on His behalf to bring about His will on earth as well as the disciples of the LORD. We are in this age old cosmic battle that rages on, but will conclude in the final days with all those powers being judged eternally.
Just remember that these beings have been around a long time and they know how to twist people into submitting to their influence and also use these people as their agents of destructions.
People mention in the comments on these posts here that there was these gods or myths, legends prior to Christ coming, such as the Sun God in Egypt and other demi gods of mythology. That supposedly suggest that Jesus somehow copied these entities. Jesus said to the Jews in His time here on earth, before Abraham I AM, meaning He was there when Abraham was and also, He was there before Abraham was, also Jesus is the WORD of GOD who always existed as God before creation, Jesus was active in the creation. Jesus is Lord and all of these gods are created and some became fallen entities that have rebelled. Now all they want is to bring as much destruction against mankind as possible, by deceiving and using those deceived for their purposes and this is the trouble that we still see today on this earth. These entities knew about a plan to send a Saviour to earth to save mankind, so they try to be a copy, either by twisting history or by some other very cunning, deception to deceive people to accept their rule over them. These entities didn't know exactly when or what action the Saviour would take to rescue mankind. When Jesus came they didn't know the plan and were completely defeated at the cross, legally within the law, Jesus fulfilled the law, became our substitute to legally redeem us from condemnation forever - if we choose.

Isaiah 60 Arise Shine your Light has come.
Thick darkness covers the peoples of the earth.
But Gods light will overcome the darkness and Gods Glory will fill the earth.
Rick Renner Worlds before the Flood is a great resource.
Also thanks to Dennis Lindsay Giants fallen Angels Nephilim. Many More, do some research, make sure you are convinced not by someone else's thinking for you.
Watchout for DNA Tampering.

Saul who became Paul was a religious zealot believing he was doing Gods work by persecuting Christians and wanting them removed off the map, until Jesus came and knocked him off his horse.
Then he became Paul part of the solution and not the problem.
That's the same for us all, even after our salvation it is ongoing to learn to Love God and others.

Jesus is the Light of Life.
God the Father dwells in a brilliant light.
The Holy Spirit is light, He leads us into all truth and shows us things to come.

The Good News is for today like never before. Peace. Goodwill to all.

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