Just happen to be looking at my speedo in my car while driving and noticed
201177 (7)
yep thats 777
a perfection number
that is a good number to seem me thinks.
OK something to be picked up here.
So turn the tuner on see what I am sensing.

201 and the other 1 then 777
I noticed there is a bigger digit two and then a one, separated as well as another one leading into the 777 perfection.
In my alerter I am beginning to form a pattern or sequence and relationships and one thing leading to another, something causing other things to happen and so on, I am just calling it alerter could be called a knower as well.
So what is coming to my mind?
What is the message here?
I believe it is the Spirit Soul Body equation.
There is a perfection that can be obtained if things are working in the right order.
Now normally we just say that those are the three parts of our make up and they just fit together as they come.
What I am seeing or sensing is a hierarchy or preferred order, where things should be placed for the best operation.
Like the best performance or smooth operations when things work together in preferred or proper placement, allowing the overall to work well or how it was intended or designed to run.
Like clockwork.
Things out of sequence or proper place will not run correctly.
The springs will wear out or snap, Boing! Clang! the sounds of things going wrong and stressed out.
So there is a proper ascendancy to this order.
Ascendancy sounds like a better description as I am using mechanical illustrations here to express the ideas coming out.
When you place the spirit part of your being in ascendancy, in the proper place, things will run like clockwork or how they are supposed to in the original design.
So we have
Spirit leading
Soul and Body
201 is the soul and body as a two and the spirit after the 0 as a one.
The spirit is separated as our spirit man is the sensitive part to the leading of the Lord, it is our connection to the spirit realm where we can interact in spiritual language with God and when we become born again believers in Jesus our Lord and Saviour, we are created anew and our candle has been switched on again to receive correctly, the things of God that will cause us to follow the right paths of life.
When our spirit is flowing in ascendancy and we have learnt to follow after what God is saying, as the Holy Spirit is connected to our spirit and we have the born again capacity to follow after Jesus and our Heavenly Father for our benefit and now our soul can gain understanding and be enlightened to know the hope of better things planned for us to walk into and become.
As we allow the inspiration to flow from the Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth and shows us things to come, we can be where we are going as disciples of the Lord.
Now I think what the next one means in 201 1 777, which is this 1 followed by a 777, is that when we learn to follow or re-sequence the ascendancy where the spirit leads, this one will become a 777 perfection, as we walk out and grow up into our maturity in the spirit, as sons and daughters having the DNA of our Father written into our hearts and minds as a life process.

Sounds easy NO!!! WAY!!!
Remember we started off in life with the two at the start 201
with a 0 before the one.
Thats just how we are used to running our ships.
We kind of were born into it, grew up into it and were shaped into it.
Oh my soul!
Body wants + says "feed me".
Emotions going crazy, reactions galore, driving you down crooked pathways, it is all the worlds fault and those people that press all of my buttons, life isnt fair. Have you felt those feelings? I know I have, just a few times too many to think about, ouch!

Then there is this part as well to the lesson.
Soul and Body were running, but a 0 before the one being our spirit separated from the two meant we needed things re-sequenced or turned on.
So turn on the 0 and you get a 1.
0 being off and 1 being on.
Digital binary code kind of thing.
Switching on and off.
When the 0 becomes a 1 or the 0 is followed by a 1 which happens in our case, then the spirit is made alive or turned on which then leads to a 777 perfection.
So the 0 means the one - spirit is turned off, then the next one turns the spirit to the ON switch.
Are you getting this?
I am as well, enjoying this download that is coming.
Lets be turned on!!!

This is a foundational teaching to get us up and walking.
Walk in the spirit and you wont fulfill the lusts of the flesh from Galatians 5.
Lusts are bents and drivers, passions and feelings that are out of sequence and havent been submitted to the ascendancy of the spirit for proper processing, to be dealt with correctly.
My experience is that this is something that takes time to master or to actually walk it out in our lives. Making it part of our lives as a higher way of living.
But that is just who I am, well yes I can relate to that too well, but who you were created to be just hasn't learnt to be and that is where the re-sequencing and switching on to the right ascendancy happens.
It is a process of learning this way of living as we came into this world with a bent towards the soul making choices which the body has a taste for.
Or we reason through our choices and ways of doing life in our minds and sometimes we are led by what our emotions tell us, how we should feel about things in what we will do in life.

His ways are higher
His ways are better for us.
It is better to have your essential life force turned on, so your candle can shine the light that you were meant to have.
Better for you and all others.

The next number sequence that popped up was.
What does this mean I am asking?
OK I got the Body Soul Spirit now becoming Spirit Soul Body.

2 = Body Soul - we see these connected together in the same digit.
How they are integrated together functioning together, working together as we do our life, that is naturally how things are.
However, then there is the other part that is also connected, the 01 which is the Spirit.
The Spirit has a different substance if you like, although the soul would closely resemble the spirit and that is why we can allow the soul to govern with no awareness of the spirit.
The spirit is our essence or life force, there is an acknowledgement of this vital part of us, but we just accept that it is there and carry on in the old familiar ways of doing things, but know not the spirits incredible dimension and capacity for us, the spirit is plugged into the spirit realm and that is the realm that governs on the higher laws, that control the physical realm that our body and soul quite naturally interact with.
With the spirit becoming ascendant or governing, our actions now have access to the realm of a higher substance, where faith operates the all things are possible in our lives.
This is where God wants to take us, as long as things are in the correct place and order, such as Jesus being Lord and the Head of our lives, we are following Him where He leads into the supernatural dimensions where we will engage by faith to see all things possible in our lives. We have the potential to live to our best and bring positive effect into the world and allow His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
This is a glorious place that He wants to take us to, as our spirit rises, so do we, we are seated in the Heavenly Realms, Ruling and Reigning with Him.
The world will become progressively a better place as we take hold of this foundational truth, being spirit led Christ in us, beings.

201 is a Prime Number
Spirit is the Prime, being 01
the 2 is the former, the 01 is the latter.
First the natural and then the spiritual.
The man from the earth and then the Man from heaven.
The old before the new.
This is how things go.

201 twice = 201201
Twice is double
He gives us double for our trouble
We are in a double portion season where double is possible.
Like the Elisha anointing doubled from Elijah, the previous move of God.
Double is emphasis.
Take hold of this it is important to gain.
This double can also mean the former and the latter rains.
The great end time harvest where the Body of Christ matures.
Creation awaits for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God.
We also can add up the numbers to make 2+1 twice = 6
Six is the number of man.
God created man perfect.
We are fearfully and wonderfully made.
However, never forget six plus one is seven.
We always need to add God to our equation to be complete.
Seven is perfection.
We were made to have fellowship with God and remain in His presence.
He is life eternal, we must never be separate from Him and His goodness.
In Him we live and move and have our being.
The greatest thing in all our life is knowing Him.
That is His highest desire for us, to know Him and walk with Him, include Him in all of our life, this is fullness of life and pleasures for ever.

We need to step into it, find freedom in it and our strength from it.
Life isnt easy at times and things look opposite to the truth.
We need His ability and His gifts to overcome.
Grace is His Ability to live a better life and become a better person that is characterised by Gods Love.
Trusting in a Higher Power to be made into a better person.
That Higher Power is known as I AM, He is God who always existed and created everything including us, that is why we need to trust that He can direct us into the best person that He made us to be.
He did create this world that we live in, however, He then gave it to us to have dominion over and steward or look after it.
Are we looking after it? Are we looking after ourselves?
The first man and woman accepted the lies of the enemy of mankind who is Satan, (Satan did rebel because he did not want to serve us and envied our position of who we would become in God). It says in Isaiah Satan wanted to ascend above his rightful place and God. Since Adam and Eve accepted Satans lie, they became separated from Gods plan to place them in ascendancy with God and lost this aspect of the life of God and His ability to rule and manage this world properly.
This fallen state is known as sin, sin is separation from Gods ways and doing your own thing, or becoming your own god, being wise in your own eyes, this is missing the mark of perfection that God originally made us to be like, made in His image or His likeness.
We see the result of sin on the news everyday - tragedy, crimes and destruction.
God doesnt want to destroy us, He wants to save us from our destruction and our destructive ways. He sent Jesus who is God with us in human form to redeem us back to being like God in our ways.
He delivers us from our destructions.
This is the purpose of our lives, to find life, the God kind of life, acknowledge that we are dependant on God to be in our correct place of ascendancy over things that He has assigned to each of us, which is who we are created to be, better people or the best we can be, according to His design and His ways being worked out into our lives.
By repenting of our ways that are not perfect and are not His ways, accepting that Jesus died for us, so that we could be free of our old ways and former life of separation and doing our own thing, (repentance means to have a change of mind or change your thinking to go another way), we can all be created again or resequenced to be switched on to our ascendancy. We are fashioned into His likeness as a progressive faith engagement.
We were born with traces of the handiwork of God, but we still need to make a choice not as programmed robots, but to accept this process of change by our free will choice, for His purposes and ways of doing things, to take place in our lives daily as a lifestyle, believing His ability through what Jesus did for us, as we receive that power to change into our rightful place in life. His ways of doing things involves His Character, which is Love, Joy and Peace, sounds good doesnt it?

Galatians 2:20, 21 KJV
20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.
21 I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.

We dont want to be in a state of frustration, not accepting the grace of God.
His ability to switch our spirit man on and help us walk out the spirit led life where we run like clockwork in our timeline of life, smooth operation and growing into better things, where we are who we are meant to be and do.
Otherwise, life can be a frustration, our mechanisms are not oiled or running smoothly being pushed into working without all the neccesary parts in order, crunch, crunch, rattle and banging, not nice.

We have accepted His Grace like a gift to have been given Christ now living in me.
We can believe and apply faith in this understanding as our spirit now receives the truth of who we really are in Him and who we can really be in Him. We reach out by the faith of the Son of God, a measure that was given to us to walk through the opposite where our switch was OFF to learning to run with the switch being ON.

See the switch.
Live it.

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