I saw the Monarch rising

When I looked I saw a Majestic Monarch Butterfly resting on a scaffolding plank, it was resting from the recent downpour of rain and waving its decorative wings in the pleasant and warming sunshine after the rain showers.
The magnificent Monarch Butterfly was brilliant to behold, with its bright orange and black colourings dazzling in the sunlight and it was only a few feet from where I was standing, so it caught my full attention as a sign.
I knew this was a symbolic moment which inspired me to interpret my impressions from this significant event.
I sensed in my spirit a serene sense of awe and extravagant new life ushered in to the place of Kingdom Building of the age of the New and Glorious Temple of God.
With this new style construction is a coming advanced innovation in design, creating new ways of doing things in the Kingdom of God. I perceived that the laying of foundations already established the flooring levels from past awakenings and revivals had laid the groundwork for a revolutionary new design to build upwards the coming framework for the House of Glory, which is the coming Temple in completion.
He who begun a good work will carry it into completion.
The Temple is the Body of Believers and the precious living stones of His chosen vessels that make up His Ministers of Glory on Earth as it is in Heaven.
We are maturing as His Sons and Daughters of His Kingdom as our spirits are enlightened to know the riches of our inheritance and who we are in Him in greater ways and display the greater works that will follow.
This is the time of building in newness of life and like the man from heaven bringing out of this world supernatural design, working in His Higher Ways of understanding by exploring the width, length and height and the depths of the Life in the Spirit.

The time for a new building design means more efficiency, plugged into pure sources of heavens environmental friendly energy, reviving creation in the liberty of the Sons and Daughters in the proxess of being liberated and through their liberation comes liberation of the woes and natural disorders on the earth. And with these more durable and everlasting, building techniques that are downloaded into witty inventions and designs of Heaven will result in endless resources of treasures with the wisdom from above like the days of King Solomon.
As the Fathers designs and plans are revealed to His Kingdom Builders and Innovators to usher in the coming new season, there will be a time of the winds of Heaven and the Holy Spirit which establishes the Kingdom of God on earth as it is Heaven in unprecedented energy, with signs, wonders and miracles following.
This Mighty Army full of Holy Spirit anointing will be raised up from the older generation and the new youth who will be ignited by the Baptism of Fire in His Glorious Grace and purposes that will shake the foundations of the earthly structures and cosmos as Light blasts away the darkness of chaos and confusion and fear and terror that is running rampant by wicked design in our perplexing, but changing times.
Expect new to be built on top of the old, as the foundations and the floor is already in place, so what comes next will be the new design and expression of Holy Spirit Revival moving with demonstrations of Gods deliverance and freedom to the lost and the prisoners of the worldly systems.
The unprecedented salvations that are coming as a result of the new tsunami waves of revival will rock the world and the media as unusual people types and groups, ethnicities and alternatives from diverse cultures enter the Kingdom of God and change the appearance of church as we used to know it.

Why a butterfly at this time?
I believe the Holy Spirit is declaring new life in newness of innovation and a coming out from business as usual, that used the same old building techniques done over and over again.
The old did work and was effective for the times and seasons of yesterday, but we are in a time of accelerated, shifting seasons where it seems like the clock is wound up to full speed ahead.
The Church needs to be in tune with what works and how to be effective during the increased pressure and pace of the times, there needs to be cutting edge savvy, to hit the mark.
It is a new season of destiny and the appointed time for radical change.
Monarch means Royalty, meaning Kingly Anointing and a Royal Priesthood, true Authority and true humility combined in Christ like hearts of gold.
Expect dramatic change in the building of His Kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven. The blue print of Reformation Revival and Revolution ways are coming into the Body of Christ.
With signs and wonders multiplied like huge tremors will shake the establishment, which will rock the old methodology off its solid base, which will cause a requirement to bring a major reset into Gods Higher Ways of getting things done.
We will begin to see the Apostles rising like an army of Elijah's to come, as they usher in the dawning of this new age and prepare the way for the soon coming King of Kings.
The butterfly landed on the plank resting from the rain shower and then basking in the sunlight flexing it's wings, as if it was drawing new energy and refreshing from the welcome warm sun rays.
As we abide in the King of kings, with like mind and heart in character and strength, He will pour out the abundance of grace to turbo charge the tired old batteries in believers, battle worn from the disappointments and setbacks of yesterday.
The rains will come washing away the traumas and the wounds of the past, to revive His saints to arise shine.
The waters will bring cleansing to the perceptions of the world of a irrelevant and ineffective church, negative press and assertions that have given the church a bad name, putting people off and causing offence for the mistreatment of some and moral failures in the church of struggling believers.
However, what is broadcasted is usually the worst, which is exaggerated to make better news, while ignoring the best and the truth of what God has been working through His Saints, representing Gods love and good character.
Remember, the church are a sanctified people, being perfected and being formed into His image and this is a challenge and a process of life experiences. The accuser of the brethren will highlight every weakness and failure of the saints in the process of wearing them down, during the struggles to put on Christ and put off the old ways of wrong behaviour and thinking.
The rains represents the former and latter rains combined, providing resurrection life and grace where Living Waters flow through anointed men and women of God, demonstrating the Glory and Power of the Gospel, bringing freedom and new beginnings, for New Creation Believers who will hit the ground running in New Life power, accelerating growth and spectacular increase.
Resurrection Life will be displayed like the dead man Lazarus coming out of the tomb in dramatic fashion, the salvations of multitudes will send shockwaves around the world as the magnitude of conversions that take place will bring an Awakening to the world to know that Jesus is Lord and Saviour of the world and as the Word of Life says "God so loved the world that He sent His only Son to save the world."
Take note that the greatest gift is LOVE and God is love and without love there will be nothing everlasting done. Expect miracles to be the normal as Believers move in true authority to deliver people out of darkness and into the brilliant light of His Kingdom on earth.

I saw the Monarch rising.
I see the Church is Glorious. It is beginning, it is happening, as He is so are we in the world, only believe.
The Monarch Rising Higher.
People of God, receive the Faith of God and rise up into the magnificent design of who you are and are predestined to be.................watch and see.

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