Searching for a high in life makes this a meaningful experience with a bang for your buck! We just want to feel the love for life, as there must be a road to our somewhere in the fame of our fortunes.
We get to choose right! Where we end up on lifes track is our adventure and may it swing high and be an ultimate, as that is the deal of life, find some happiness and find success, in the hustle and bustle of our metropolis.
Well what happens when you feel like you have ended up a long way off from God and your pathways have taken you away somewhere where you just dont connect with Him anymore, like maybe you did in the past days of innocence, before the crossroads came to take you away for a future probability.
You may have become distant by your lifestyle and choices, headed on the track of hard knocks. Learning the hard way has its limits to what can be endured by any mortal, as the hard road burns and wears away youthful energies and hope for the future.
You may even feel like there is a huge gulf between you and God and you dont feel worthy to come back to what you know is security - feeling like you are a lowly individual that God would not consider as a priority anymore - way down on His list, due to hard and high tripping out, on the pleasures and lust for more, that never satisfies the longing in the soul.
You could feel like giving up is the only option in the daily grind where there is no refuge, only a constant storm a inner reminder saying, "you just didnt make it and you fell off the success ladder".
It just isnt worth trying to impress anyone anymore, too depressing to make another go of it - might as well accept defeat! No way! A hopeful voice appeals to you once again! There is a faint memory of acceptance and love and mercy from a Loving, Father God in Heaven, you know that somewhere deep inside, there is a flicker of hope, to sustain and rekindle a brand new day of acceptance and another chance, just for you and just for me - come again.

Hopelessness and despair are powerful negative emotions that can keep us from moving forward. Our vision becomes blurred and we just cant see any way out of our dire situation and no hope in the future. When our heart sinks down low, there just isn't that spark to pull us up and project us towards some type of victory - the cards are stacked up against us and it seems like all the luck has run out on us.
Deep down there is a resilience, a smoldering ember of hope and when all looks lost, we can make a decision just to reach out to the God of all creation, who is awesome in His Love and Power. He has made all of the bright stars in this majestic universe, where we are overwhelmed by the splendour of the bright and twinkling display lighting up in the night sky.
Still, just when you are at a point of desperation you call out for mercy, hoping that He will listen and consider your desperate appeal - you know that you really blew it big, this time.
Well the definition for sin is just that - you have missed the mark - and guess what you have fulfilled it to the full - not something to be proud of, but what can you do?
You know you have made an effort in the past, but the allure of the enticing pleasures pulled you into the net, resistence is futile it seems, it is inevitable!
Now there is no real pleasure anymore, feels like a sticky web with a huge unseen spider, waiting to completely coil you up for food. No it does not truly satisfy and it only ever gave a brief buzz, not true happiness and now you are worn down and destitute from reckless living, it is a spiral going out of control and it drags you down its slippery plug hole.
Well I can tell you - there is Good News for the lost and the far away departed.

The Father (God) saw the prodigal son who spent his inheritance on reckless living and pleasures - returning, dejected, having ended up in a pig pen - while he was returning and still a long way off and coming out of the distant places of ruin, the Father saw him.
How would the Father happen to see him when he was such a long way off?
I can tell you that it is the compassion and love of our Heavenly Father, who is our God and made us all - you and me are His creation - beloved and wonderfully made, He loves us so much, beyond our limited perceptions, that He can sense our desperation and willingness to return from our unacceptable lifestyle.
Luke 15:20 -
"While he was still a long way off" - "his Father saw him".
His Father saw him and filled with compassion, ran to His son and threw His arms around him.

Does that sound like a God of severe judgment and the God of wrath that is all about punishing us for our sins?
Yes we do deserve it, no doubt, the punishment is due and coming to us, unless we are willing to return and give our life over to the Heavenly Father of true compassion.
Being a long way off - is a place where many of us find ourselves in the life journey and the pits that we end up in, because we are flawed and have our own agenda to live according to our own selfish desires. Where does it get us - usually in the pig pen.
Yes God is not mocked - what we sow we reap and what goes around comes around, you know there is a universal law at work.
However, we can change direction, we can change track and reverse out of the mess. And guess what! The Father runs towards us, when He sees us make that change of heart, from our place of a long way off!

It most likely will be a process of workings out, to unravel a lifetime of errors and destruction - but the decision is in an instant that can change our entire future for the good - instead of remaining in the place of total despair and doom there is a way out - spelt JESUS - yes the Father has made a way out of being condemned - to be redeemed - saved from ruination and destruction. Now we can freely accept this gift, without fear and we can come as we are, in the very state we are in, to be accepted. We don't have to go through hoops and hurdles and achieve a level of holiness before we are accepted.
God knows you and all of your weaknesses and everything that you have done wrong and are going to do wrong, despite all of the mess, He still loves you and is waiting for you to come back to Him.
Stop running away from the only One who loves you where you are at, He has got it sorted, there is an answer and a free gift that will be the new life for you.
So dont worry, dont try to figure it out and make it right - just surrender to His love. Free will or your free choice will never be violated, so God isn't going to make you come, He wants you to decide and noone else can do that for you - what say you?
Come as you are - let the God who created this wonderful planet and the universe and all power do the work in you -
it is not too hard for Him, nothing makes Him hesitate or is beyond His ability.

He has put our sins as far as the east is from the west. Psalm 103
Don't feel that you are just not worthy enough, because what you have done is just so bad that noone would ever forgive your gross sin - God is not limited and is infinitely greater than just anyones ultimate bad, He is LOVE, His nature is LOVE and He never changes, it is only us that can refuse His love and miss out on His invitation.

Though you be a long way off, you can always turn around and begin to step towards your best future, that will be bright and full of promise.
Look towards God, who loves you and can never fail.

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