Light up your life.

Don't go down smoking!

Jesus said.
"I am the Light of the World."

"Fix yourself up by using your own imaginations, technologies, abilities or being self righteous."

Go and sin no more. But how?

First He offers the solution.
Based on faith in who He is and what He has done for us.
There is the problem and He offers the solution.
He doesn't say to you, "fix your own problem of sin your own way."
Then God will sit back on His throne and just watch from afar and say, "silly boys and girls they got it wrong again forever."
He says, "I am the LIGHT of this world."
"Look to Me to resolve the problem."

Religion says, "you fix the problem yourself by following the program and rules by the doctrines of devils and men."
"When you are a good boy or girl you climb the ladder of success, to jump through another hoop caught in the loop."

Faith without works is dead.
First comes the faith.
The substance of things hoped for.
Then comes the action based on the God kind of faith in what is the solution to the problem.
Now action is good except when it is based on wisdom from below and then in that case it is energy abused or negative energy bringing negative returns.
Equivalent to producing bad fruit, there was action, but it had bad seed or corruption as its life source, well it isn't a life source because it needs to borrow the life and then corrupt it.
Which means the original seed is pure until the motivation produces either good fruit or bad fruit.
So, we can have solutions to the problem and notice in our world today some of the problems may be deliberately created to offer a solution, so straight away we have corruption and bad motives involved which results in bad fruit.
Wisdom from above is first of all pure so the origin is pure, the source is pure from God where there is no shadows of turning.

Peace is an indicator of a good source, we are led by peace.
Peace means you feel at ease not disease.
Ever feel pressured to make a choice?
When Jesus declared go and sin no more He had already backed it up with the how do you do that.
I am the light of life.
Jesus is the light that lights up all men and women.
He is the source and we can put faith in His Words, because He is the Word and His Words are life.

So when you look at a solution that is offered, also investigate the wisdom operating behind it.
Usually a solution is packaged well, it is marketed to gain acceptance in the market place.
Packaging needs all of the marketing language to sell a solution to the consumer.
What if the marketing is very clever and will sell the solution with all of the appearance that it is beneficial for the consumer, but it is wisdom from below?
Look for the signs.
Confusion, conflicting information, whistle-blowers exposing what's really going on, people getting fed up feeling cheated and lied to, contradictions and outright lies that are sugar coated as benefits.
Risk Reward Ratios should add up.
Are you really gaining from this product?
Self seeking, is this really benefiting you or those in power at the top of the pyramid scheme, at the expense of those below who ultimately are the losers.
How do you sugar coat, make the deal look sweet?
It has some convincing values laid on the surface but underneath there is a hidden agenda that robs you every which way but loose.
You know when someone does the con, they don't give away the end game, they will dress it up so it looks genuine and appealing and good for you to accept, but behind the mask there is another layer of deceit.
Another sign is if you feel coerced and need to make a sudden rushed decision without being able to properly research or question the authenticity.
What about when you do question the offer and you are met with abuse and putting down like you cannot dare challenge their position.
What if you are made to feel like you will no longer fit in the crowd, no longer be part of the herd if you don't say yes to the ruse?
Then straight out sucker punched! You know it and they don't care, because they hold all of the dice and they are loaded dice to control and dictate the outcome in guess the who's favour.
In other words you are not offered a choice.
Rights are violated!!!
What does this sound like? Fill in the dots, don't be dotted…………………………….

This fight is about light versus dark.

Don't get involved with personalities and the voices of influence as they are acting as a mouth piece for those above who are hidden from the public eye and they too are controlled by another level spirit of darkness over the atmosphere influencing people's minds.
Know that the controllers are slaves of the system they are deceived into thinking that they will benefit from. They may get short term rewards, but in the day of reckoning if they don't turn from their wicked false powers, they will fall by the sword.
Mercy triumphs over judgement, the choice is there to get things right.

Don't react in anger where your emotions rule, fight evil with good, let love be your motivation and know that the battle belongs to the Lord, just be a willing instrument for the Kingdom of God and follow His wisdom being led by peace and being peace makers, knowing taking down the strongman will create peace that lasts.

Also know that there is a middle ground that is within the boundaries, but from left to right this middle ground has shifted redlining past the limits. In the 1960s hippy movement it was too far to the right, but now it has swung too far to the left. The golden rule always must apply, love God and love your neighbour as yourself. Don't be deceived, the extremes on both sides work together with the same agenda just using different devices. Yes we do need the best of both, but no extremes that lose their accountability releasing a tyrant. This is the imbalance and the cause of confusion, selfish ambitions and every evil thing that operates unrestrained by a moral compass, without absolutes the walls have been broken down and the people perish in an invasion of chaos and destruction.

I just heard, more trees!

Oaks of Righteousness, the planting of the Lord and it is marvellous in our eyes.
Plant trees, plant the right seeds and yield abundance and that is a green solution.
CO2 balances and photosynthesis preserved and nurtured promoting growth not lack, no more shortages of supply and death. A solution to our pollution.

God's wisdom offers the right solutions. More and more agents of innovation will arise and be inspired to offer solutions from the Lord that will astound the earth, solving the current crisis in wonderful ways benefiting our health and wealth, witty inventions abounding.

Let's end with the Good News.
Jesus came that we might have life.
The thief came to steal kill and destroy.
Jesus came to destroy the works of the enemy.
Don't get robbed.

Choose life. Sin is the problem as from that all corruption is produced, only bad fruit is the result.
Jesus says I am the Light of the World.
Receive salvation from sin and the effects of sin.
By faith in Him.
You are free indeed.

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