Last Great Cavalry Charge in the Light of Reformation

The charge of the 4th Australian Light Horse at Beersheba late in the afternoon of 31 October 1917, is remembered as the last great cavalry charge.
This dramatic event occurred 100 years ago and is a significant piece of history that captures our imaginations and offers a heart motivation to overcome in todays troubled climate of shifting and changing times, where there is tribulation and wars and rumours of wars.

The Light Horse moved off at the trot, and almost at once quickened to a gallop. As they came over the top of the ridge and looked down the long, gentle open slope to Beersheba, they were seen by the Turkish gunners, who opened fire with shrapnel. But the pace was too fast for the gunners. The rifle fire from the Turkish trenches was wild and high as the Light Horse approached. The front trench and the main trench were jumped and some men dismounted and then attacked the Turks with rifle and bayonet from the rear. Some galloped ahead to seize the rear trenches, while other squadrons galloped straight into Beersheba.

The capture of Beersheba was a turning point in the struggle between the British and Ottoman Empires in the Middle East in the First World War. Twice in 1917 the British-led Egyptian Expeditionary Force (EEF) had failed to take Gaza, the gateway to Palestine. Its third attempt focused on Beersheba, on the eastern (inland) flank of the Ottomans' defensive line. While three British infantry divisions attacked the main Ottoman defences on the outskirts of Beersheba, the Australian and Anzac Mounted Divisions rode in a wide arc to the east to attack the town from the rear.
On the morning of 31 October 1917 men of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade attacked Tel el Saba, a fortified hill 3.2 kms north-east of Beersheba. After six hours of hard fighting the New Zealanders captured the hill. The way was now clear to attack Beersheba itself, but daylight would soon fade. In a daring action, the 4th Australian Light Horse Brigade charged in from the south-east with bayonets drawn, taking the Ottoman defenders by surprise. The town and its important wells were soon secured and the enemy retreated.

If there ever was a shift of biblical proportions in world history it came from the most unlikely and unpredicted strategy, where the charge of the Australian company of horsemen in 1917 stormed the Ottoman Empire and Turkish stronghold in Beersheba and liberated the Nation of Israel to be established. This was an unexpected victory changing the course of history and unlocking the reformation of the Nation of Israel to eventually becoming officially recognised in 1948.
The ultimate plan was to charge the Turkish stronghold below the sights of their big guns trained at the opposing armies base miles away.
This strategy caught the enemy armies by total surprise, by this brave strategy, that turned the history books upside down.

The Reformation

It is now 500 years since Martin Luther nailed the Revelation of the Reformation as a thesis to the doors of the established church in Wittenberg, to nail home that the just shall live by faith and not be ruled by the religious institutions based on the doctrines of men.

This is a timely reminder and signal for the Body of Christ in this 500th year from Martin Luthers radical shift bringing truth and light in the dark ages.

Think of these culminating historical events as a convergence for the current times we live in.

How are we motivated to charge in the face of unlikely victory?
Like Martin Luther we need Light and Truth as our heart drive, this comes by revelation and being filled with the Holy Spirit and entering into the purpose that God has called us into, from the healthy perspective of sons and daughters pleasing Him from a love relationship.

We need reformation to be sanctified completely in the unredeemed aspects of our beings. May the God of peace sanctify you Body Soul and Spirit.

When we have His peace knowing that we are loved and accepted by the Father of our spirits, by the saving knowledge that Jesus accomplished our salvation and righteousness on the cross, we can approach God with confidence, assured by the cleansing power of the Blood of Jesus so we are accepted in Him. We are created in Him for good works as His workmanship. New Creation Beings being conformed into His image on a daily basis in the process of sanctification until the Day of Perfection.
Now we are spirit led and not driven by our old nature that lusts after things. Peace will flood our souls as we are spirit led and have life and peace. This peace enables us not to strive and perform good works in our own strength, allowing entry into His rest where we cease from our own works into co-labouring with Him to achieve the good works He preplanned for each of us to walk in.
The soul is programmed by the patterns of this world, it conforms us to be fashioned into Satans robots that lust after the appetites of the flesh nature. However, when we are spirit led, the mind or soul is renewed, so we find the abundance of life and peace as our spirit is now in charge of our lives. The spirit is alive because we have the Holy Spirit and He is the same spirit that rose Jesus from the dead. With the God kind of life active in us we are no longer need to be slaves to unrighteous acts due to the soul programming that shapes our minds, conforming us to the darkness and dictates from the principles of this world.

Convergence is the crossing over and is going into the promised land, where our mapping guidance system of the flat earth, grid viewpoint, is now reformed to the true perspective of as it is in Heaven so it is on earth, this is the Reformation of where our limited point of view is enlightened to be like Jesus who went around doing good, healing and delivering those oppressed by the devil. Signs and wonders follow from a revived Body of Believers who see how things should be.
This is a realignment to the higher dimensions of truth.

What does Reformation look like and how is it applied?

Wealth needs to be placed in good hands.

Acts 2
42 And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.
43 Then fear came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles.
44 Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common,
45 and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need.
46 So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart,
47 praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.

Recently in the election of the new Government in New Zealand a remarkable comment was made by Winston Peters Leader of the minor coalition party that formed the new government, he said "capitalism needs a human face." This described the great lack of compassion that has been occurring in the Elitist Global Free Market Model which favours huge mega international corporations and institutions dominating the supposed free market to the extent that the average person and small business owners are over powered and unable to compete, this has become very evident in the housing market.
The average New Zealand citizen can no longer afford to own their own home, particularly in the biggest cities like Auckland.

Capitalism needs a human face that reflects the compassion of Jesus.
Capitalism needs a face that is motivated by the love of God.
The desires for capital gain is well and good as long as it includes the heart of compassion towards those in need.
Socialism is not the answer as it becomes like George Orwells Animal Farm, where the elite ruling class control the masses, who remain a peasant class limited by a sameness that offers no initiative.
The elite rule according to their agenda while containing the workers who have limited power.
The elite use tactics to keep the peasants from uprising by making sure that there is an erosion of individuality and independent thinking. This scheme of dumbing down the masses with unhealthy destructive mass produced food, sugar laced, GM and artificial additives that adversely effect well being and thinking ability, while encouraging pharmaceutical drugs to fix the created health problems as well as drugs, alcohol excesses and immoral choices that will ensure the controlled masses are contained while slowly perishing by unhealthy lifestyle that is imposed on them.
Then how can capitalism be a better choice?
The reason socialism is embraced is that the alternative control of people is imbalanced capitalist greed driven domination of the markets, where the small business operator cannot compete and is driven out by unfair policies that favours the elite class, who are exempt from penalties by cunning loopholes and insider trading tactics.

Jesus stands neither on the left wing or the right wing, He is like the Captain of Hosts who appeared to Joshua and said "I am on neither side, I am here to take over". Jesus is neither politically correct or politically incorrect, His perspective is all encompassing and is truth.

Where is the fair market?
Jesus gave the parable about the talents, there we see inequality, but based on a system of rewarding proper stewardship of funds and the ability to gain for the common good.
Those who have the right heart and are capable of handling more wealth are trusted with more to steward the talents and gifts with fairness and equity.
The wealthy person may enjoy their wealth and earnings, it is OK to have money as long as money doesnt have you.
The love of money is the root of all evil, as this heart motivation is about greed and selfish ambitions that benefit noone, not even the one who accumulates the capital as it will destroy them in the end.
Money that is used correctly is good. Money in itself isnt evil it is a neutral instrument that can be turned for good or evil purposes, by the intent of man and is a commodity that is controlled by the possessor of the resources, who can choose either to use it for good or evil.

In the Acts 2 Model they all were in one accord and distributed excess for the common good and those who desired could give away excess lands and property to the church to be distributed to the common cause and the those who lacked.
Christianity has been associated with capitalism and the extreme right wing which gives the impression it doesnt care about the poor and inequality.

It isnt really about equality as some can handle more than others effectively, if you gave someone unskilled with handling money, for example one million dollars, they would most likely spend it all on themselves, wasting it and blow it all away.
It isn't about equality it is more about equity.
That is fairness and justice and no oppression.
Like consumer guarantee or fair trading there needs to be some ethical standards to govern how markets and money are used.
The other extreme persuasion in Christianity is to be humble is being poor.
Being humble means you have submitted what you own to God, it doesn't mean that you are suffering in lack and are in a continual state of poverty.
Socialism is a reaction to a Capitalism which is based on greed.
Neo liberalism offers an imbalanced control of capital to a global mega corporations that dictate and swallow up all of the smaller operators, the little guys who are families and the make up of communities. Global Dictators dominate world wealth and take it into the hands of a few. This becomes elitist as well creating a huge imbalance that lowers the ability of small business and the middle class to no longer able to exist, limited to be ineffective contributors for our communities.

How does it work?
Prosperity with a caring heart.
Prosperity with a renewed mind.
Prosperity that has leaned how to love.
Christ in us is the hope of Glory.

How does money work for the good of all?
Win Win!
Circulation creates flow and doesnt stagnate or collect in a useless pile.
Money needs to flow like a river creating prosperity where it flows.
Wealth needs to be placed in good hands and stewarded with the right attitude and heart motivation for the benefit of all.

What the world needs is a shining example of Gods love and how wealth is used and distributed, this is just one example of the last great charge, but there is so much more to the Acts of the Apostles that shows how Church is done. Despite all of the opposition and persecution the believers endured in those times, they demonstrated the love of Jesus flowing through them, healing the sick, setting the captives free and raising the dead in a demonstration of the Glory of God with powerful signs and wonders.
The Kingdom of God is progressive.

Acts 4
32 Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul; neither did anyone say that any of the things he possessed was his own, but they had all things in common.
33 And with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon them all.
34 Nor was there anyone among them who lacked; for all who were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the proceeds of the things that were sold,
35 and laid them at the apostles' feet; and they distributed to each as anyone had need.

Get on your horse and ride in His Light and Power charge.
Reformation required for the last great end times charge.

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As an interesting side note and play on words.
Cavalry which means soldiers on horseback is similar to the word Calvaryis the place where Jesus died on the Cross.

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