All of the other things being Equal

Billionaires, Oligarchs and World Totalitarian Leaders are saying "you'll own nothing and be happy!!!"
Do you see the blatant contradiction?
Billionaires and world leaders don't own nothing, rulers of totalitarian states don't own nothing.
They live well off at the expense of others and they live celebrated pomped up lives of self importance, sometimes hidden away in castles which are fortresses with armed militia guarding all their property and wealth, not to mention their handy millions in Swiss bank accounts and maybe a heap of gold bars stashed somewhere.
They don't own nothing and this is the inflated out of kilter contradiction, they have amassed fortunes and are living in luxury while espousing to the peasants and the masses to learn to be all equal, more like learn to be robbed and cheated.
Oligarchs and their pet gargoyles operating behind the scenes.

Fair dinkum this is one massive con job and we are being sucker punched out of our property and hard earned life savings.
The state wont give you much, just a pittance token for survival and a bowl of rice on a good day.
This is the deal! We grab it all from you, take away your goods and now you have equality, we will do that after we take away the guns so you don't resist.
We the elite class will manage all of the resources and be handsomely insanely rewarded for doing so, someone has got to rule and we have decided it will be us.

Elitist totalitarian Orwellian control what a plan.
Meeting in Davos or is it Davros like the king of the daleks.
So we will have zero carbon by 2050 and by that time most of the population will be eliminated if they get their way.

What about practice what you preach isn't that what you accuse the religions of the world with?
Maybe there are some good examples of outstanding human beings who lived this life for others.
Mother Theresa and Gandhi, various monks and holy people over time.
But they still will never come anywhere near what the true Saviour of Mankind has done.
Jesus Christ who is Lord of all, He came forsaking His sovereign rule to become poor in order that we might become rich. 2 Corinthians 8:9
That is grace and mercy and is what true leaders offer.

Do you get that? He came to give all of us life and life in abundance.
Sons and daughters of God get a gold coin from the fishes mouth.

What a contrast this is to the proposed agenda 2020 - 2030 of whatever, the brave new stupid world utopian dream more like a nightmare.
Maybe the hired thugs that go about enforcing the rules will get a bit extra for their cruel oppresions.
So they say, lets reset the worlds fortunes into the hands of the filthy few who will live like wallowing hogs while the rest of the sheep people go to the pits.

King David says I saw none of the righteous children begging for bread. Psalm 37:25
A good leader empowers their people into living a better life, not taking away their abilities and wealth in order to be so called being equal.
The right way up is we are blessed to live life to the full and to have the ability and means to be a blessing to others.

Wisdom says long life is in my right hand while riches and honour are in my left hand. Prov 3:16
Wisdom from above is peace and purity.
Wisdom from below is demonic and is full of confusion and selfish ambition. James 3

There is a better plan for you and a better plan for me.

There is a great overturning coming, this is not the planned great reset but an overturning of corrupt verdicts and practices.
No more unjust weights and measures will be tolerated and the lies will be exposed, justice and equity will have the final say on the outcomes.

I see dominoes falling and tumbling down.
Choose life.

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