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"Grace Be Grace Do"

eBook by Peter Koren
ISBN: 978-0-473-22183-6

Are you looking for breakthrough? Are you struggling with the same old merry go round issues?
We all need Grace to Be and Do what God has freely given.

So what is the problem?

"Grace to Be and Do" is a series of revelations to help us get on board with God's solution for our inevitable failings.
With God's incredible free gift, we are raised up from the dead by a miracle and find our position of real authority in Christ Jesus.
Our choice to rise above brings a predictable backlash from the enemy of our souls. The insidious snakes can infiltrate through cracks in our armour and cause us to waver from our rightful place.
The powers use legal claims against us from their throne of dungeons.
We may be overwhelmed at this point in a perfect storm, we need strength to rise up again as we battle winds of adversity. May the waves cease to thrash us about as we enter the place for a heart change in His Presence.
The vibrations of peace lifts us to new dimensions above.

Discover the higher laws of Love and Peace in the Light of God that takes us into higher places, far above the storms of life and the limitations of our battered soul.
Grace Be Grace Do, is a journey of discovery of Christ in us and the ebook finishes with a glimpse of an end-time, kind of vision of the church rising up into what we dream about.

"Older Brother The Other"

OK you might notice something here from AUG 2016 the Title has changed from "The Other Brother" to "Older Brother The Other". Why? You might ask!!! Unfortunately my searching abilities in 2014 when this book was first released did not pick up that the title was already in use for another book and also prior to that there is a film with this name as well.
My Apologies for this unintentional error, maybe the Google alogorithm is superior now, I dont know, but somehow I missed it and feeling like a conqueror I grasped the perfect title, believing it was the ideal name for this book.
However, the new title is unique and I am really getting to like it and am sure you will to - read on!!! The saga continues.

eBook by Peter Koren
ISBN 978-0-473-36977-4

Can you help the other brother find his inheritance?
Can the prodigal find his way back to his true identity?

Enter the maze of the two brothers world.
In these end times of chaos, confusion and conflicts why is it important that the brothers resolve their relationships?
Mankind builds a ziggurat to glory, reaching for the dizzying heights of a monumental collective consciousness in the new world order construct.
God built One New Man.

"Older Brother The Other"
A sequel to the Prodigal.

"The Hot Coal Walk Talk"

Isaiah had a hot coal experience in Heaven. Now how does that effect his talk? You can experience this in your own unique expression.
Walk the Talk is possible and it is your journey. This is a easy reading mini ebook that you will digest and experience in quick time. This is a download from Heaven for you.
eBook by Peter Koren
ISBN 978-0-473-39022-8

"The Hot Coal Walk Talk"
Pre Released On Amazon
Publish Date is 27 Feb 2017
PDF Version TBA
The Third eBook by Peter Koren.

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Arms Folded Man
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