The American Dream

President Donald Trump Dream 30th September 21

President Donald Trump was discussing with others what has come to his thoughts, "I could just go, what's to stop me, I could just go back and enter the White House, what if I just do it?"
Next scene he is walking along the street, he looks determined and has made up his mind, he is wearing a long brown coat buttoned up, similar to what the early settlers wore like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (I looked this up and found one like it).
Next thing he arrives at a large wooden gate with cast iron hinges and bolts and latch old world style, it would appear that this gate would normally be locked to prevent anyone entering.
President Donald Trump looks around briefly side to side then tries the handle and it opens for him straight away, he looks a little surprised but doesn't flinch. This gate is an entry on a long high wall stone and concrete similar to the old style wall that surrounds mansion houses. President Donald Trump shrugs his shoulders and walks in like this is just how it should be. He is thinking like "Ok so that's it, I am in now" Another gentlemen appears from the side, I couldn't see his features, not a young person and is also walking in the same direction coming up a different path to the side, they don't acknowledge each other and just keep walking ahead to the buildings of the White House, not in view yet but they are in the grounds, this gentlemen is also wearing a similar settlers long jacket type with large buttons all the way up.

A little insight into the dream.

President Trump is now confident to make a move to the white house which signifies taking back America from the infiltration of the evil agenda to enslave the world under its NWO elite system.
Now at first my thinking led me to believe that the walls and the gate were setup to create a protective perimeter for the system that has arisen from dark agendas which were governed by demonic ancient religions to control the populations and enslave them, maybe they had created this fortress to only allow the elite entry like a secret handshake; but I then had a check and a more defined impression that no; this actually was the setting up of the boundaries for the protection of the constitution and the government of democracy for the people of USA, that it would only allow the leaders and government officials to operate with the blessings of the prayers of the early fathers and the commissioning by who they represented, the God and Father of Nations who they served abiding by His principles written into the laws of the land, this was further committed to by taking the oath to serve for the benefit and proper governance of the people of the USA. This was an ancient wall, a bit like a castle or a large mansion built in earlier times or even similar to the walls that surrounded Jerusalem, the gate was like an ancient gate but it was very solid and hard to penetrate and the walls were also rock solid.
President Trump is now on the move, as if he has been reignited with single vision and his advisors or those around him cannot stop him going forward, they will need to get on board and support him and they must be trusted advisors, as nothing will get in his way to carry out His God given assignment. I see him walking on his own in a street leading to the walls and the gate, this is something he will carry out by his own faith, no influence by subversive infiltrators will be tolerated as he resolutely makes this decision. President Trump has received this commissioning from God and answers to Him alone and knows this in his heart to where any doubts and the voices of ulterior motives will no longer hold him back.
When he tries the lock as he looks around to see if there is anyone spying on his movements, he feels secure and with a renewed confidence he turns the handle and it opens for him with ease and allows him entry onto the grounds of the Whitehouse. He is a little surprised on how easy this is and is even more convinced he is on the right pathway to fulfil his mission.
The gate responds like it recognises him and his authority and allows him full entry.
President Trump is moving in the pure motivations that the constitution and its principles recognise.

The long coat is symbolic of the right to govern in the right spirit and values to establish the land in true freedom and democracy, he wears it like a mantle that empowers him to perform his duties with wisdom and abilities from above. The coat is a symbol of protection covering him entirely and all closely connected to him. The coat represents what the early settlers stood for, establishing America based on Godly values and creating the Constitution based on the Government which is of the people by the people and for the people protecting these fundamental freedoms and liberties.
Explanation: you could hold a position in the office of the Whitehouse, but that doesn't mean you wear the right coat or have the right to rule, you either are recognised and have the right heart for the nation and the people and the God given ability to rule, or you are illegitimate with evil intentions and are wearing a defiled foreign coat and you must be expelled according to the constitution.
If you rule in the right spirit then the gate will open for you and you will have favour and the blessing to succeed.

The long coat also refers to this legacy reaching a long way over time in order that the agreed values and the covenant made with God still applies today. President Trump is moving in this authority and anointing to achieve his assigned role. Much prayer and intercession has been laid down as a foundation and releases the hosts of heaven to ensure all is not lost and victory is on the horizon. Being on the grounds means President Trump now is back on the pathway and within reach of his assigned destiny, being in close proximity on the timeline to the Whitehouse. Although he will be rightfully reinstated there in that place called the Whitehouse to govern the people of the USA, it is also an established position ordained by Heaven that would allow him to operate in another location if need be for a time, before things can be restored fully in the Nation during this transition and battle of the ages that must take place to take back what was stolen and infiltrated by evil forces through compromised men and women given over to this dark agenda, either sold out or blackmailed they are enslaved to do the evil bidding of their master.
President Trump is in the grounds symbolically and now has moved to close proximity to entering the Whitehouse positionally, it is just a stones throw away, that close!
There is someone else on a similar pathway with a similar mantle to march into the Whitehouse to remove the illegitimate and replace it with the truly elected. They are someone with another role that is critical for this operation and are in partnership, even though they are on separate paths and don't really acknowledge each other at that point, I sense that they are united in purpose and vision and will join into one path the closer they get at the right juncture.

How can this be?
Do we huff and puff to blow the house down?
We are all given individual assignments and are given instructions to apply the plan to see what is already established in Heaven be materialised on earth.
This is not a passive faith, as in James where he exhorts believers that faith requires action to have substance in the world where we are each given our sphere of influence, that is authority where we rule and reign with Christ seated with Him in the Heavenly Realms and from that position as a co-heir we are His instruments of change.
In other words if we don't move with Him, He doesn't move within the assignment He has given to us.

Not by might not by power but by My Spirit says the Lord.
The Mountain will be removed.
What is the mountain we are talking about?
A mountain is a huge structure and if it is in the way or in opposition to the will of God, it must be removed. Think of illegitimate authorities that are instituting laws and practices on earth that is killing people and destroying their livelihoods. It is easy to identify the works of Satan, he steals as in the theft of something, he kills like a lot of souls do not even make it out of the womb, poison substances are inflicted on people and various evil diseases released, he destroys like when you should be prospering but businesses cant operate as they should.

But we are meant to pray for the Government and leaders.
That doesn't mean oh the leaders and Government are doing evil well God bless you anyway.
Satan and his forces are controlling leaders and people with power to destroy and kill people, take them out before their time, so God bless you anyway, it's the end times so they are meant to take over and destroy innocent children and the unborn, poison everyone else, enslave humanity so all must conform to the NWO agenda. Satan wants genetically modified mind controlled slave zombies that will never get saved and to make sure most will be eliminated in the eugenics world plan for unity and equality, "we are doing it for your health while we accumulate and control billions of dollars and all of the resources on earth". Sound fair?
In other words we don't sit idly by while the world falls apart around us, occupy until He comes, love God and love your neighbour.
The mountain will be removed and we the body of Christ, His representatives are here to do it.

Today is the day the Lord made, today is the day of salvation, today it is our watch.
That doesn't mean we are sucked in to participate in a false flag psy-op event to guarantee we fall into the hands of the authorities. Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. However, don't relinquish any constitutional rights there is a war going on. Be vocal let your voice be heard for sure, bring your local and state and country representatives to account.

In Zechariah where this mountain is referenced it was the time when the temple of God was in ruins and had to be rebuilt to its former glory and beyond.
What is the temple represent today?
The Body of Christ.
The clean garments and a fresh turban is placed on the high priest Joshua and the dirty garments are removed by the angels.
A clean up operation is going on.
We are His temple where His Spirit moves and has residence, in order for the living waters to flow freely, bitter springs need to be removed and any blockages of the flow freed up, Holy Spirit wants to move freely in each of us without impurities messing up His message.
We need protection from what is entering into our minds, lies, fear, discouragements, false information, media contamination, unforgiveness and lots more bombardments in our techno age, a turban is a filtering head gear mind cleaner and protection.
Dirty clothes that's what happens when we go out into the mud and the mire of life, we pickup and are stained by the stuff and some of it is thrown at us, God gives us clean garments and we are in a constant state of renewal from putting off the old and putting on the new.

No-one is perfect in this, it is ongoing as long as we are submitted to Him and allow the purification process then things will flow. Repent, receive His love and acceptance and grace to overcome and get back into the flow unhindered.
It is by His Spirit, but look He gets us involved.
By His power we pray, intercede, decree and declare and take action according to the wisdom and strategies from Heaven, wisdom from above, man doesn't live by bread alone, we get the Word of God and we have faith and act on it with boldness and confidence.
What's your role is this? What do I do?
Isaiah 41
"Behold, I will make you into a new threshing sledge with sharp teeth;
You shall thresh the mountains and beat them small,
And make the hills like chaff.
16 You shall winnow them, the wind shall carry them away,
And the whirlwind shall scatter them;
You shall rejoice in the LORD,
And glory in the Holy One of Israel.

In Him we move and have our being, we are led by the Spirit.
God hasn't given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind.
When we move in the heart motivation and passion knowing who we are and where we are going, we are partakers of His divine nature and we are overcomers of this world, more than conquerors, our victory is our faith.
When we all individually as each member of the body does its part in unity for the whole following the directives of the Head even our Lord Jesus Christ, then we collectively are the mightiest God ordained force on earth moving in faith motivated by love, we win it's in the bible, no contest for the outcome.

The American Dream becomes the World Dream from above and we win.

Release His Glory.
Is that His will?
Oh yes the glory of the Lord fills the earth is declared in the Word of God.
And we the temple are His Glory carriers.
When His Glory enters places that are in darkness and corrupt what will happen?
There will be a reaction and the dark entities will be the losers every time.
Thankyou Lord release your Glory.

God is love this is the fruit that we produce in Him.
This is the aim He desires that none will perish and that all will be saved, will you activate your assigned role in the billion plus souls harvest?
Love conquers all.

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