Double Speak

The only double speak here is coming out of Dans mouth, that is he speaks with fork tongue!
truth = lies
wealth = debt
health = poison
peace = war
freedom = slavery
from Dans textbook 1984 on how to operate a dictatorship and dupe the unsuspecting public under the spell.
Beguile with deceptive speeches the citizens are pampered by the big bro nanny state lets go dan delusion.
Newspeak backs up every word like parroting galahs, they done the handshakes.
Watch your steps, when the truth is revealed and when it all comes out, game over dan, the abuse will cease and justice will be served. Pride comes before a fall.

Well done all the brave hearts who are awake, making a difference, putting it out there and their voice is heard just watch the real news.
This is grass roots not extremists, not told what to think they have done their due diligence, proper research they think for themselves, no longer in the playground of dans kindergarten it's time to grow up, true blue aussies are waking up to the ruse!

Oh OK I get it scomo is being squeezed by hanson and 3 others on his team, now he has to act or face the GG stepping in.

When I put things out there it is to help the wake up process and not to promote fear hopelessness and defeat - it is a call to awake and take action.
We need to magnify the solution not the problem.
Think on good things to bring us into the peace that passes understanding.
Be not overwhelmed with evil overcome evil with good.
Our focus is on the answer.
All of the promises of God are Yes and Amen through Jesus the answer.
He has begun a good work in us and will take us on to completion.
This is not conditional on how bad things look, this is based on faith on our God where all things are possible.
Only believe.

We need to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves.
This is Jesus advice when dealing with a corrupt world that uses cunning devices to ensnare its citizens.
So the children of darkness are smarter than the children of light in being street savvy wise, spotting the corruption and the dealer putting one over them.

There is that balance as we need to be as wise as these serpents and know what game they are playing, but we cant strike them like a serpent, we need to remain in love knowing that all have fallen short, so we are as gentle as doves and submit to God resist the enemies devices and God will raise us up in due time.
We pray, decree and declare that the unborn and the children, the oppressed and the enslaved will be delivered from the enemies camp and that justice will be administered, the gates of hell wont prevail and are no match for the host of heaven despatched against them.

You know those armies that surrounded Jerusalem in the ancient days and got obliterated by the armies of heaven, when the mulberry trees rustle and bustle the angels are on the move like the wind you cant see it but it can hit you like a hurricane.
The Glory of God will fill the earth and nothing can stop it, because those forces are below His feet and we are His Body so we are within His feet to trample on snakes and scorpions.

I may not agree with everything that the whistle-blowers, resistance movers and shakers are saying on all of the posts that I have put here and how they tackle the problem we face with control and loss of freedoms, but they are making some things known and exposing the corruption and not bending or conforming to the patterns of this oppressive world.

Do I have all of the answers for each and every case, no way, we are in unprecedented times, we haven't been this way before. One size doesn't fit all.
We all get our own individual paths to follow that fit where we are at and who we are and where we are going and who we will be.
We are created in Christ Jesus for good works, we are His workmanship, He has a plan for each of us to follow.

He knew beforehand what we would be facing and gave each of us a measure of faith, the God kind of faith that moves mountains.
Wait on God, He will renew our strength, we will mount up with wings like eagles and be able to soar above it all.
Submit to God, listen for His leading and instruction, then act accordingly moving forward in faith, one step at a time making sure that we are are still on the right path of peace. God is for us who can be against us.

Apparently viruses have an intelligence that will adapt or mutate to find a work around the immune system.
So in lets say about 100 days it will mutate again to counter our defenses, this is OK if you rely on natural immunity. However augmented immunity only works to the program within it and then it needs a patch.

Now Pfizzer will come up with a new booster shot to counter the new mutant in 100 days, unfortunately the virus has already counter moved that and mutated again so then pfizzer will come up with another booster in another 100 days and so on the cycle goes which is great for profits, but very bad for the users.

You are on a merry go round thats moving faster at 100 clicks, click go the shears boys click, click, click.
Click go the shears, boys — click, click, click,
Wide is his blow and his hands move quick,
The ringer looks around and is beaten by a blow,
And curses the old snagger with the bare-bellied yoe.
100 days boys, click, click, click!

"Click Go the Shears" is a traditional Australian bush ballad - 1891

Omicron Transformer

Omicron sounds like a good name for one of the characters from the transformers.

Does that mean that we are being modified by constant program updates inserted into us to end up trans human and end up absorbed into the meta verse like in the movie Tron where we must face a computer programmed creature variant simile and fight against this armoured spiked monster to the death, what happens to you there will effect your material body real time.
Just like the movies some make it out alive, usually the hero and some other main actors, but the rest are just human fodder casualties that are taken out, just how the script goes the insignificant go and the strong remain, Darwin's evolution with some Eugenics thrown in to make sure the quota is achieved in the Gates of Hell.
In the Titan the character played by Sam Worthington had to undergo DNA modifications to survive the alien planet, human 2.0 upgrades, some made the program others just crashed out, couldn't breathe under water like a fish so they didn't make the grade.
Some almost make the grade but freak out with extra human strength, go ape and either are taken out or explode.
No one told him that they slipped in the alien code and that there was no going back, it was high risk experimental but necessary for the science and our future existence on planet earth.
Trust the science Frankenstein, because we are the science after all and know what's best for you.
We are only making plans for humans 1.0.
The character Sam Worthington played eventually was assimilated into the alien species where he no longer had empathy for his kind and communicated on a different plane with cosmic frequency shrills, don't mess with him anymore no longer human, no longer only human.

Get the feeling that we are history?
History is being erased no longer applicable in our brave new reset world.
Only problem is God knows the beginning from the end, He knows all that has been and all that will come.
One day we will all have to answer to Him face to face in that courtroom where the most arrogant will be shaking in their boots faced with crimes against humanity and with the evil done in the body and what was done to the body which effects others bodies.
Best to make amends with Him on the way to the Courthouse.
That's a judgement where you are no longer above the law and all is laid bare.
Remember God has made a way.
His kindness leads us to repentance.
The choice is ours to make.
Choose life!

Protestors was how the name for the early Protestants came about during the Reformation.
They protested the institution and controlling church which became the state religion governed by mans dogmas and philosophies on how they see the world which was not based on faith in God.
This sort of attitude taken to the extremes is how we get some self promoting demigods saying I am the science, pride comes before a fall! Doctor Fudgie!

Russian Roulette 1 2 or 3
This is the game of Russian Roulette and there are 3 bullets.
One is a blank, Two will hurt you and Three will kill you.
Even the blanks can kill you if someone isn't careful, someone might switch it around for whatever reason and when you thought you were exempt it backfires against you.
Good luck that's how the game is played, some have to go, some are selected as number one, then others will be allowed to remain, they of cause will be a inferior class fit for the purpose of slave to the new world order system control.

Psycho Cytotoxicity the spike = toxic binds ACE2 means you are in the stew.
Darpa Karma post Moderna world bio banana tech pfizzer cocktail skull it!
Gene therapy bi polar hyper tension inflammatory response unauthorised for market we are the target!
It doesn't have to end this way.
Save our children. Save our future.
Decree and declare Gods will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
Speak peace to the storm of chaotic control and destruction.
Take the necessary action to reverse this tyranny before we are sent to the enslavement camps for programming MKUltra style.

There is always Good News.
Where sin abounds grace abounds much more in abundance.
What was meant for our destruction may prove to be the end of a disaster, mild symptoms means natural immunity no need for the jab regime, billions of $ lost billions of people saved fair deal!
When the darkness gets darker the light shines ever brighter.
Jesus is the true light that lights up every one who enters this world.
Grace and Mercy is better than judgement.
For goodness sakes choose Gods offer to embrace you as His child. He created us and knows what is best for us.
God is good. God is love.

Join some scomo dots here blue.
Well you know the constitution says the federal government cant enforce any mandates.
But whoopsie daisy fred! Sorry Ned! Slipididoodah scomo changed the rules to give the Premiers more power to unleash more supremo controlo over the States.
You know when was that again? Oh round about the time when they could enforce lockdowns for this flipping bat flu bug from the lab arrived through our borders, well that worked out like a ripper for them!
Looks like scomos hands are off the flipping wheel for this one and the premiers enforce the mandates anyway on who? Just your average joe and sheila the citizens of the blooming country where scomo is the head huncho or Mr PM to you blue.
Tie me kangaroo down sport, tie me kangaroo down, make my roo blue fred, make em blue.
Play your didgeridoo, Blue
Play your didgeridoo
Ah, like, keep playin' 'til I shoot through, Blue
Play your didgeridoo
Tie me kangaroo down, sport
Tie me kangaroo down
Tie me kangaroo down, sport
Tie me kangaroo down
Tan me hide when I'm dead, Fred
Tan me hide when I'm dead
So we tanned his hide when he died, Clyde
Tie me kangaroo down, sport
Tie me kangaroo down
Tie me kangaroo down, sport
Tie me kangaroo down

Oh phone call, gotta go now fred got this call hi my big bro!
Yeh still on track for the bonus me mate!
We got the figures meeting the targets KPIs whatever you want we got the numbers even the kids it all adds up!
We'll make sure to get those ones on walkabout as well in the territory army up there now chasing em down thanks to the gunner.
All good for Christmas,
On the Sixth day of Christmas,
My good friends brought to me some tinsel booster star shining figures in another shipment of shots thankyou el Premiers,
I salute you heil to the hitchler, don't mention the mandates!
Where are you from?
Well gday mate let's put another shrimp on the barbie!
Let's not!

There is a spanner in the works.
In NZ Government.

The spanner is the one that turns the cogs which put the wheels in motion.
Now the spanner is synchronising in another revolution of a different gearing upwards.
When the spanner crashes into the cogs sparks will fly, breakdown alarms tripped it will attempt to stop the works before too much damage!
What a blow! Cannot be repaired beyond repair enmeshed mish mashed.
The spanner is in the works and crashed it!

Djokovic No 1 tennis player in the world finds himself in a kangaroo court. He will need more than an ace or two to win this one.
(the kangaroo court refers to the Globalist Agenda Courts playing their game in Australia, not the local court in victoria that judge actually was reasonable and fair)

Novak Djokovic he has shown the world he has a lot more than a couple of aces, he has what it takes - true grit fortitude and character and endurance against the odds.
How will big bro react? Either way even if Big Bro crushes the resistance of a Titan they will look more like the big ugly ogre.
The truth will be revealed and lies exposed.

It is funny that when someone who really knows how to play the game also knows the game that is being played by big brother governpharmatechnocraticment system of control and this one is powerful enough not to be played by the system, they will usually come across as defiant and showing contempt.
"Hey stop that you are being too loud, we are lining up here in the trance following our pied piper and you are disturbing us!"
Big brother has the wool over the eyes, but then this rebel comes along and ruffles it all, he shakes the can and all of the worms come falling out for the unsuspecting and the ones being played to see.
"Hush hush dont rock the boat, its all going to plan unless someone has more than an ace or two."

You have got to hand it to Dan, well played, he saw it coming, good old shifty Dan handled this like a smooth glove.
No 1 Tennis player coming to the State of Victoria unvaxxed with exemption that would rarely be accepted.
Just place the middle man organisation out there to deal with it initially as they want No 1 Tennis Player in the competition, think $$$ in the till and good for the game overall.
Hope that the public and media are diverted by the game and not the exemption.
Lots of red tape spun all around it tangle it up like a good mess.
Between a rock and a very hard place.

Then the mastermind manoeuvre - Dan hands responsibility over to Scomo.
Who is going to look like the big ogre on the world and national stage? Not Dan, well not this time, this is a one big hot potatoe you dont want coming back into your lap.
Smooth and experienced political operator Dan, diverted the blame like a true Public Service employee passing the buck, not my department, quote some legislation in the clear, someone elses problem.
If he was playing doubles, he would slip back and allow his partner to face the grand slam shot coming at him at the net.
Well you lost that one big.
Scomo is wearing this one. Thats what a good rally is, passed the ball back over unplayable.
Either way he goes it is a win then loss or just a loss.

On the other hand Scomo might still have an ace up his sleeve and sees this as a politically expedient move.
Big Bro the protective one my subjects, I did it for your health, knock the cocky non conformists out of play.
Which way does it go?
Either way time will tell more of the story.
We all got our manoeuvring motives, some good and some bad and some very ugly.

Remember Gallipoli!
What do you do with the brave?
They threw us under the bus!
Put our troops on the frontline with machine guns and sharp bayonets pointed at us when we are out in the open, like sitting ducks and cant really see what the enemy is planning!
Slaughter house.
Troops are sacrificed for the collective supposed good.
The agenda at all costs where lives are used as fodder and disposed of as inconvenient?
Like lambs to the slaughter in a goats world.
Well now its time for operation awakening.
Dead bones alive and kicking back.
My boomerang will come back.

We pray for the situation in Ukraine to minimise, bring resolve, solutions and justice for the loss of life, harm and displacement on the citizens caught up in this as the big boys play war games and monopoly on the big board involving billions and millions.

Warmongers, Oligarchs, shadow boxing elitist rulers overshadowing puppets playing dice with manipulated data and the dna of souls.
Conspire away, the rats have come out to play and they dont care who gets wiped out on the chess board, while the agenda rolls out on top of people.
Like a rolling stone the millstone will roll back on them as they abused the innocents. Justice is served, time will tell!

The ongoing saga of the puzzling riddle!

what if
the very experienced
double agent now in charge
is double crossed?
there is a double jeopardy!!!
when he realises what they have done
set him up
taking them out

unnatural deselection
pyramid scheme

only those at the top benefit
the pawns are taken out first
then some knights and bishops
we can sacrifice those
next maybe your castles
ok they might miss those a bit
preserve the queen
keep the king afloat
at all costs

You can't trust the Schmob
No honour among thieves
turn for a second knives in the back!

It looks like it is just simple simon and the jester at play.
Look in the right place and you will see it is really a puppet on a string.
The puppet master calls the shots and the fat controller is behind it all.
Look into the shadows and you will find the smooth operator.

elites how to win and influence people
the world is your oyster
pickings the ID steal
carry on up the neo kaizars
darkness kingdom

not considered by pride and evil
higher laws and higher power
justice and right scales
also you underestimated the pawn who made it to the top
now queen bee esther
hangman haman game over
the ball is back in play for mordecai
Kingdom of Light.

Excerpt from upcoming revelation

The Boomerang Code!

20   20
2020 2021 2022
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20 21 22

Please note this page is like a blog....................
It continues like the saga of double speak!
Keep checking the page for updates. Began in NOV 21 still going into Dec 21 - Mar 22.
References : 1984 George Orwell some loose quotes, click go the shears old australian bush ballad,
tie me kangaroo down sport popular aussie song by rolf harris 1957, a remix from 12 days of christmas
where are you from Austria Girl quote from dumb and dumber movie in case you didnt pick it up.

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