Conspiracy Construct Composite

Why have the sinister forces constructed a Firewall? For the purpose of blocking the truth from being freely published, exchanging the truth with lies which enables their agenda only to be heard, on top of this the thought and speech control police attack voices who oppose their ideology and if possible disappear these soldiers of truth and any whistle-blowers.
This refers to worldwide Quantum AI blockchain entanglements, not just one or more related obvious countries, the rest just learn from all of their tricks and introduce it incrementally!!!

Is Capitalism the real enemy?
Why oppose wealth creation?

Families, trades people, skilled workers, professionals and businesses these are the backbone that support our Nation.
Keeping people in jobs, supplying for the family, providing a future for the children.
Putting money back into the community when buying supplies and products as well as living essentials, this makes the economy tick over and provides health for the community.
Wealth circulates and should be a benefit for all who partake in supporting this system.
If you are a university student you study get a qualification then when you graduate you need to find employment, when lots of graduates are leaving university they need a healthy economy to supply jobs and continue the cycle, of input and output, giving and receiving.

Keep planting good seeds, not modified seeds that don't reproduce.
Farmers sow seeds and produce fruitful supplies, which is the food for the nation, we learn from the sowing and reaping principle. As well as putting something into the community, receiving wages or fruit for your labours adds to the equation, also there is nothing wrong with working smarter to create and generate more wealth for productivity.
Undermining and opposing small business in our communities will destroy the futures of the upcoming generations and create lack and poverty for families who need income to survive; in a healthy flowing economy these will produce overflow to feed back into the economy creating a circulation of supply. When you take away something or destroy something good and productive, you have a minus, minuses in this context are negative and are not good for anyone.

Building houses provides work for builders and the construction industry workers, buying products locally or manufactured in your country will provide work and incomes for manufacturers and their employees, this is healthy economics.
Don't pull something that is working down and burn it, instead by all means make improvements, restore, be efficient, protect the environment and health of the occupants, upgrade, build a better future.
Change is good and works well as people see the benefits and incorporate the new and exchange it for the old ways in an operation that sees increase, a plus.

The other side of the coin, if you mean capitalism stands for Billionaires who are like the 1% that own about 99%, here we do have a problem. Why! As these, maybe not all, have an agenda that is about domination and elimination of small business owners who can't compete and are paying excessive costs to survive, put under pressure by the mega rich who are obsessed with total control of the masses.
They want to tattoo an ID on everyone and have all under a surveillance system for mass control.
Watch out who are you working for when you go out on your mission to destroy?
The working man and the business owners who are contributors to society are not the enemy, they are the health of the nation.

Pawns on the chest board.
Chess Men pawns are the expendable.
While the King Rat is hidden, protected and Queen Jezebel wields great power to remove other chess pieces and manoeuvres around the board, plotting and scheming destruction.

Another observation.
Victorians are prisoners now in a Penal Colony.
I guess that is how Australia was established, a bunch of convicts on an island controlled by law enforcement.
A penal colony or exile colony is a settlement used to exile prisoners and separate them from the general population by placing them in a remote location, often an island or distant colonial territory.

Something else that should be observed, notice that there is a C right in the middle of this abbreviation, HCQ? In the middle of this virus, can it be minimised eliminated or isolated? Yes!!!
Don't take my word for it, ask an expert who was right there in the thick of it!
The Expert Virologist from Hong Kong Top Lab, Dr. Li Meng Yan believes it would work and all of the top brass in certain nations know and are taking it.
To be taken following the proper advice, prevention mainly not when you are in hospital on a ventilator.
Disclaimer, I am not an expert or have medical training, follow your own due diligence. Look around there are a lot of experts, doctors, peer reviewed reports recommending it.

The role of Government is to administer and enforce the law, to ensure justice and equity is upheld in the land.
There you have it, this is a right perspective of what the left and the right should be, on the one hand we deliver justice and on the other hand we ensure that it is fair for all.
Equity and Justice, left and right.

This is just how it is, God has established laws, we apply them and create a legal system based on these and it is just and fair, we can rule with the wisdom of Solomon, wisdom from above is peaceable and pure, wisdom from below creates confusion and selfish ambitions.

Government on its own is not our Saviour, but Government run on sound principles brings joy to the people of the land, Government run by fools who oppose sound advice brings corruption, misery and poverty to a nation.

Make a wise choice and things will turn out well for your land.

Observation from history, the left say they are looking after the working people, they promise a utopia and equality for all, but end up creating more unemployment, more dependency on the welfare system, lowering the living standards for families and the working class, elimination of the middle class and struggling businesses with excessive taxes and penalties, but they never touch the elite class who are the mega rich that are running the show and are the ones calling the shots hidden in the slippery shadows.
On the other hand, when we have the shifty Neo Liberalists from the right in charge, then we have a globalist agenda that crushes the profits of businesses who can't compete against slave overseas labour, excessive taxes and penalties, they then get taken over by huge multinational globalist companies; the regular worker can't find jobs due to excessive and non-selective free for all open borders, (nothing wrong with immigration and helping those genuine cases, just not at the expense and detriment of the citizens, especially if what comes in causes destruction in the neighbourhoods). Usually these type of right wingers promise the conservatives that they will uphold proper values and will make changes, but they lie and never do.
Which do you prefer, Neo Liberal takeovers or Leftist Marxist oppression?
Extreme Right and Extreme Left basically operate the same way, exclusion and elimination and control until all must conform to the parties thinking.
Antichrist means an influencing mind control that is opposite to Gods Values.

Conforming to the pattern of this world. Romans 12
Remember the effects of the firewall masking the truth and creation of the propaganda to influence our minds.

Just checked the time, it says 3:33pm, what does that mean, the truth will set you free.

There is a better choice, can you see it?
God's ways are higher than our ways.
There is a right hand and then there is a left hand both have their place and purpose and work together to build the whole.
Equity (fair for all) and Justice, this is the balanced version of left and right.

However, it isn't necessarily about this party or that side, it is more about values.
Those who support the family and Godliness, encourage businesses to be self-sufficient and profitable contributors to the economy, not those who support global domination takeover powers and introduce overwhelming unreasonable profit sucking policies. We need encouragement of individualism, uniqueness and incentive to achieve, not uniformity in the same drab uniforms or the same mob appearance and mindless clamour, contained on the same limited, dumbed down level, while the elite run the whole thing and enjoy the perks.

Guerrillas are hijacking demonstrations and using people as shields to carry out violence and destruction driven by misguided warped ideologies modelled on big brother and history tells us that millions lost their lives to cruel oppressive totalitarian regimes with no regard for human life, the only thing that matters is their own narcissist selfish ambitions.

OK then! We need some levity, a game, since the powers are playing games with us.
Another puzzling message from the Riddler, Batman and Batwoman, work it out!

Conspiracy Construct Composite
Covert contemptible culpable coalition conglomerates
Cagey camouflaged commie chumps caboodle
Crippling crooked cowards cacophony
Cunning conniving creepy constant cursed coots
Conforming convoluted criminals calamity
Caustic chronic clamour catastrophe
Causes collared convicts colony
Come clear converted

This is the thing, Gods perfect nature demands justice and He hates all rebellion and won't tolerate it, rebellion won't stand in His glorious presence, it will be cast out shrinking away in fear and pathetic slithering away. However, we have all fallen short of Gods perfect ways, we are all goons acting out in rebellion until we come to repentance, turn from our foolish ways and accept His grace and mercy. I am in no position to judge anyone as we are all sinners and need to repent, I am just a voice reporting what I see and turning the light on, so you can see the whole picture.
There is Good News for all, God is Love and wants no one to perish. Mercy triumphs over judgement that is Gods will, that none is lost and all would come back to Him as their Heavenly Father who loves us with an eternal love. It doesn't matter which side you are on, yes being destructive is not good for anyone, as long as you make the right choice and get free of your conformity to the perverted thinking of this world and receive His love and mercy the better it is for all.

Something else to consider is that we are deceived and living in a strong delusion when we are under the pattern of this world and its warped ideologies, there are unseen powers over mankind controlling us like puppets, we are sucked in by their cunning devices to believe lies and act out their sick hateful plans to see mankind destroyed.

The answer for the increasing darkness and destruction happening all across the globe is to step into the light, walk in the light, be in the light as He is in the light, Jesus is the light of mankind and without Him we are stumbling around in darkness making fools of ourselves in the eternal picture.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Helen Howarth Lemmel
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus lyrics Warner Chappell Music, Inc

Jesus Is The Answer For The World Today
Above Him There's No Other
Jesus Is The Way
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Sandra Crouch / Andrae' Crouch
Jesus Is the Answer lyrics Bud-john Songs Inc.

Remember Elijah's servant.
Open my eyes Lord.
There are more for us than against us.
We have an array of warrior angels on our side.

Psalms 40
6 Sacrifice and offering You did not desire;
My ears You have opened.
Burnt offering and sin offering You did not require.
7 Then I said, "Behold, I come;
In the scroll of the book it is written of me.
8 I delight to do Your will, O my God,
And Your law is within my heart."

The key of being is in the heart of the matter.
Not just following a set of laws.
In your book written in Heaven is the perfect plan for your life, if we walk in the light of this we will find love, joy and peace, we will have fulfilment on earth as it is in Heaven.
From the heart the mouth speaks.
It is about being with your whole being.

We as believers with delegated Authority need to employ the angels.
Pray and seek the Lord for wisdom, strategies, your part in His army.
Be bold and rise up in the strength of a ruling and reigning, roaring lion, establish justice and righteousness, let the people in the land rejoice for what the Lord has done, marvellous things, miracles as He has routed the enemies of the land.
Declare what you have been given from Heaven and shift the darkness on earth to be as He says it is. Amen

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