Is this a Clown Show or are these Clowns at the Fair?
At the Royal Easter Show at the Show Grounds I remember the clowns.
There was a Side Show Game with Prizes coming from the Clowns.
The clowns that rotated left to right showing their top parts and their heads with their mouth gaping wide open.
They rotated left and right with their necks turning either side with their mouth open wide and with great skill and timing,
your task was to drop the ball at precisely the right time to win the best prizes.

Funfair Clowns have also been described as the Laughing Clown Games.
They bring back keen child hood memories.
Just place the ball in the happy clowns mouth and win a prize.

It takes great skill and timing to place the ball and win the best prize.
Feeding the clowns as much as you can at the right moment for the maximum prize is the end game.

That's what is like!
The guy with the loud speaker at the Fair entices the skilled operators to feed the clowns with open mouths to win the best prize.
Mouth wide open!
Keep feeding them clowns those balls!

Well I just saw a parallel with these clowns.
What if there was a very cunningly devised, targeted campaign, to feed people by highly skilled operators, some very well timed information that achieves the prized outcomes?
Some clowns the big prize, others a good prize, some more a cheap prize and the resistant minority on the fringes, no prize at all!
Its like when you have the smiling and very passive, conforming citizens of the world clown show system, their mouths wide open to be fed whatever is the agenda of the future.

Ephesians 4:14 That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;
Ephesians 2:2 wherein in times past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.
whose unbelieving minds the god of this world hath blinded, lest the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.
2 Corinthians 4:4 whose unbelieving minds the god of this world hath blinded, lest the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

How does Satan blind the inhabitants of the earth? By controlling the airwaves, the mindset, the culture, the philosophy, the religion, the entertainment, he can dictate the messages that will fill peoples minds.
He sends powerful delusions, he sells something as desirable, something you must have, something that gives you gain in this world, in other words it is by enticing or controlling persuasion he makes you an offer that you wont refuse.
He will also control the masses by the powerful emotion of fear, he will setup conditions that create panic, creating the crisis and then offer the solution, hook line and sinker we fall for it one way or another.
He needs his agents who are offered benefits, incentives or they might be blackmailed into complying, those that conform to his thinking and deceptive plans to be his mouthpiece and instruments to deliver his schemes and carry them out to enslave people.
Freedom is Slavery, the ministries of truth that is the lie, he controls what governs people.
His Agencies and Agents are working to keep people subject to the deception as they keep feeding them skilfully at the right time to get the prize.
Trading for the souls of people with the endgame of enslavement into this worldwide system, this feeding program is a global phenomena.
There is nothing new under the sun, these methodologies have been going on for ages, but this is the thing with now, in these end times, the thing is there is new technology, bigger populations, there is Chips, Implants, Transhuman Hybrids, DNA Manipulations, Nano Technology, Advanced Surveillance, Hadron Colliders, Telescopes reaching Orion and the stars, AI, Quantum Computers and through the inter connectivity globally by the internet, as well as all types of media this is far reaching. We have a brave, brave ,brave new world madness on hyperdrive.

What about the pyramids and the monolithic structures as well as the tower of babel, what was happening there and how did they create these wonders?
Alien Technology, Ascended Masters of the Universe?
What if there will be a digital currency controlled by a central one world HQ? Is this for the benefit of all or is there something nefarious?
Well can a machine have a demon? Hal 9000 the robot odyssey! The lost in space robot seemed OK!!!
The machine itself is just an instrument, nuts and bolts and transistors, it is the user and the intent and the source or energy that drives it when that is connected to another dimension.
That's ridiculous it cant be a wicked thing, just a sci fi X file mystery!
Ever heard of a Ouija Board? That's how it works, it is operator controlled connected to a source.

The issue is when Elitist Oligarchs on top of the pyramid are controlling the planet with the help of higher powers from another dimension.
You know man was given dominion over the planet as the Adamic Covenant as declared in Genesis in the beginning of our bill of rights.
Now since we have been given this responsibility to govern the planet and it is our authority to say what goes on here, that means the welfare of the planet is in our hands.
Now of cause we can call upon a higher power for intervention to maintain the planet.
This is how it is meant to operate, a partnership between Man and Woman and God and His Holy Angels sent to assist our exploits to rule and reign here.
Now you would have to understand that when we partner with God, He is Lord of all and this means we submit to Him and His will be done on earth as it is Heaven.
Anything outside of His will is illegitimate and an unauthorised action that bears the just consequences.
Now as you know things got mucked up when Adan and Eve sold out to another party which is Satan and his hordes of wicked devils.
Adam and Eve repented for their actions and came again into a covenant with God, but as we move through time to today there is given to all the power of choice, many do not repent and make a bargain with the devil to rule and reign illegitimately.
We have Nimrod and Tower of Babel through to Hitler and many other world rulers who done that deal, as well as the unelected ones that govern from the murky shadows who do that hand shake and allow Satan's Technology to advance their agendas, in reality they are bowing down with bent knee to Satan and bringing controls on this earth to enslave mankind.

In the Bible the word "pharmakeia" (Rev18:23) is used to describe witchcraft and sorcery used to deceive all of the nations, does it sound familiar? Pharmakeia also involves the use of mind, body, perhaps even DNA altering drugs, pharma, dharma, karma, magik, do you get the drift?
These Masters of the Universe think that everything revolves around them, but the reality is that they are just a speck in the vast universe from the point of view from high above by the God who created it all, He is I AM, the One True God.
These ones attempting to gain control for selfish ambitions using a camouflage of false virtues to deceive, are operating in the delusion that they know what's best for everyone else.
These illegitimate authorities are being influenced by the powers of darkness are self appointed rulers who are wise in their own eyes, blinded by a momentary fame they aspire to be gods, attempting to make a name for themselves like the legends of old.
The nefarious ones at the top of this pyramid have done the big secret handshake with the big fella god.

Trust the science, Quantum Physics manipulations of time, space and matter for gain of function, its not the instrument, it is the operator motivations.
Sure you can create the monster that is human 2.0, but it will be a Frankenstein, you are destroying what God fearfully and wonderfully made, that just cant be any good for anyone.
Go on try to make lead turn into gold, well lead is a dead weight that will pull you down to the pits!
Gold is pure and Silver is refined, you wont fool anyone who can see what's going on and discerns the times and seasons!
Don't swallow every pill that they shove down your throat, no matter how tasty it is, resist the devil and he will flee from you.
God created everything beautiful, until iniquity was found in their hearts and they fell down from their appointed places of royalty into the dust, pride comes before a fall.

This could even mean the nasty weather systems! As in super storm bombs creating havoc and record breaking deluge destruction!! Blame it on global warming or is global manipulations to assist the agendas to control those on the planet?
How could this be, it is just conspiro hype you might say, well Jesus rebuked the storm and told the storm peace, be still and the storm ceased! Jesus wasn't after a bad old freaky nature, mother nature having a bad day, no when He rebuked, He was going after devils usually, or those cooperating with devils.
You do the research and you decide, we all get a choice, but check your sources as be warned there is a strong delusions sent to those who remain blinded to the truth.
Believers discover your Authority, signs and wonders will follow, even the wind and the waves obeyed Jesus and we are His followers.

Life and circumstances and our heritage made up by ancestral traits in our very DNA, opens up the floodgates of hell and the heat is applied to us which brings to the surface the worst of us.
This although is not the will of God that any should fall into sin and troubles will be worked around for the good.
It is when we identify our need for a Saviour and the need for the Grace of God to bring us through from being victims to being victorious in life, despite the relentless battles.
What was meant for evil God brings it around for good in our lives as we yield to Him, every step of the way.
Our dependency is on Him not on our own resources to create our world into a dystopian utopia, headed by satans elitist henchmen.
Rather choose that we are Co Heirs and Co Partners with Him to see Gods will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
We are His Hands and Feet and Voice to demonstrate His Kingdom Come into this dark world by letting His Light Shine in the darkness.

The Self Righteous who are confident in their own works are usually judgmental and self important.
However the Righteousness of God is by faith, we enter into this truth and walk by faith, the just will live by faith.
No one is righteous and all have fallen short of the Glory of God. Christ in us is the hope of Glory.

Saul was part of the problem as he was known before he was transformed by God into his proper identity as Paul the Apostle.
When he was a religious Pharisee and very self righteous and judgmental, he cancelled and killed any opposing belief to what he held as to be the single source of truth.
But then God met him on his way to bring havoc and destruction to the saints of God by knocking him dazzled and square off his horse.
The bright light of God's Glory that knocked some sense into Saul also blinded him temporarily until he was healed and began to see properly with insight from God.
After Paul was converted he began to experience and move in the love of the Father God.

This is not about judging anyone.

What I am saying is this, we were all some sort of clown of this world happily digesting what was dished up to us, while some of us clowns were the skilful operators, feeding the wicked persuasion to others and were sent to make us their prize for the kingdom of darkness.
So don't continue being a Saul, be a Paul, don't continue swallowing their pills, take the red pill and awake to the reality of who you were meant to be in this world. No need to be sucker punched for the system any longer.
This is all about offering the solution to the problem.
The Good News of Jesus Christ our Saviour can turn us around and set us free on the pathways of life, to be partners with God and be part of His answer.
God didn't come to condemn the world, He came to save us.

Do you want to be part of the Counter Strike Revolution?

God does more than we can ask or imagine.
When we are yielding to His purposes then whatever the Greater one has for us is greater than anything the god of this world is throwing down our throats.
We naturally thinking in our own abilities limit what God can do.
In our own thinking and imaginations we can never conceive a plan to counter what the enemy has devised, which believe me is powerful and very deceptive, convincing the people to be blinded by lies. Calling good evil, and sick as being well.
The devils propaganda machine is extremely sophisticated and cunningly devised, having studied the psychology of men and women for eons, he uses cunning devices to manipulate people, using powerful emotions of fear, hate and control to influence the minds of people.
Satan devises powerful delusions and uses his agents to blind and captivate mankind.
Send in the clowns!
We need God to intervene, Gods throne is built on truth, justice and righteousness.
God makes the crooked and twisted things straight.

What can we do?
We come into agreement with the leading of the Holy Spirit and the ways of God which are the higher ways.
We listen to His leading and follow His wisdom to overcome and bring His solutions into the world.
What does Gods solutions look like?
Read the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles.
These signs shall follow those who believe. You and me and He fill in the blanks.
Jesus went about doing good healing those oppressed by the devil, He came to destroy the works of the devil.
The thief came to lie, steal and destroy, Jesus came to bring life and life in abundance.
He multiplied the loaves and the fishes, He gave His servants talents to produce more fruit that will last.
We get to do the greater works, as He is so are we in the world.

The immobolisor disables a vehicle. There is an enemy of our faith called the immobolisor of dreams.
He persuades us that there is just no use, it is inevitable gloom and doom, the black clouds are everywhere and this is the fate of things.
He uses fear to paralyse us, he uses the memories of our past failures and limitations that inhibit us, he uses our health issues and financial, crippling debt and lack to successfully immobilise us into nil action, no go.

Whats the use we are done, what can I do but run for the hills, hide in a cave or whatever gets my mind off the problems!
What if God in His unlimited power flicks the immobilisor, correction reversal switch, so that we become the immobilisor antidote agent on earth? If we allow it and are open to it He will, His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

What do these greater works look like in your mind?
Well a possibility is that this not only means numbers and magnitude, but also refers to diversity.
When we think about God doing more than we can imagine, in our limited thinking we imagine the greater works means this or that for us and others and this belief can restrict what God wants to accomplish through His Multifaceted Diverse Body of Believers of every nation, culture, personality traits and various talents expressed.

What I mean is that we have on earth today great challenges coming from a maniacal enemy and his agents who are world, megalomaniac domination rulers that are bringing great distress to the freedoms of the citizens and also the welfare of the planet.
What if God wants those on earth who are feeling the insanity to be His Solution Agents as a Counter Strike Revolution Initiative?
What does this mean? Well what about the sciences, the arts and media, economics and business innovators, those witty inventors and also there are so many diverse gifts that people have as educators, people motivators and social skills to help people to find their uniqueness in the world and overcome adversities.
There are just so many ways that we can all do our part, every part is special and makes up the whole to be world influencers and do the greater works.

God is unlimited in His creativity and what He can do through each of us, the way we are wired is so unique and fits into such a time as this.
The greater the challenge, the Greater One in us will match whatever we are faced with.
Be the solution to the problem in your own unique diversity.
Faith requires action, we identify the problems and are stirred up into corresponding action using our God given gifts.
Now don't you think that we all need wisdom from above to find solutions to the overwhelming issues we are facing on a global scale?

The Holy Spirit gives liberally gifts that fit the needs and fit the person delivering the gift, with words of wisdom, words of knowledge, discernment, offering healings and solutions, with the gift of faith we can move the mountains of opposition and be a demonstration of the greater works.
Need a miracle? You have come to the right place in time and history, with God all things are possible!
There are so many ways you and God can go about this, ways you never would have dreamed of and suddenly they are reality!
Don't limit God, in Him all things are possible, He has a multifaceted diverse group of peculiar people on earth who are willing on the day of battle.

Whatever God breathes on comes alive.
We may prophesy to the dead bones.
Just like the prophet of old Ezekiel was instructed to do.
Prophesy live what is dead and looking hopeless, lifeless in a state of decay.
Prophesy Gods breath, come alive and be and do.
Prophesy rise up as an army unified arrayed as the gleaming sun of the dawn against the end times doom and gloom enemy.
Willing on the day of battle.

God lives and moves in our beings.

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