Body Walks

Think of the body!

It walks!

Left foot and right foot walk together.

Left is left leaning and right is right leaning, each side has its place and walks together to form the whole walk.

If you base things on biblical principles you cant go wrong, you make things right.
You might think these practices are outdated, but they are built on a sure foundation that has the highest level of wisdom in the universe and a proper perspective on how things should work together.
This is all found in Corinthians, and Ephesians, where the Apostle Paul teaches about how the Body works together in harmony each part building up and supporting the rest together as a whole. No part goes off on a tangent trying to be something else other than how God makes things work. Here you have perfect diversity, coming together as a whole to make things flow like intended. Try to change the times and laws of the universe and you are asking for trouble.

Our Heavenly Father has set out like an elaborate tapestry how all these many coloured threads come together, each having their own individual textures, nuance and feel, they all together create a masterpiece creation, that all will stand in awe when it is realised how ingenious this is and it is no accident.

Trust the creator not the created.
Its like a nut and bolt saying to the mechanic, "hey, I belong here on top of the motor where everyone can see me".
Mechanic says, “no you don’t belong there you were made for the bottom of the engine where the sump is and you will hold the oil in to lubricate the engine id you are in the right place. That is very important as if the oil runs out the engine will seize up”.
Get wise people, everything has a purpose under the sun.

Ever seen a jack in the box, keeps popping out on its spring.
Or what about the game where the rodents pop their head up and you have to bash them with the hammer, whack a mole, now don’t worry it doesn’t kill them it is a soft hammer to put the rodent back in its place and it can always come up again when it chooses or when the game allows it.
During question time in the newly formed NZ Government, the ex PM Chris Hopscotch with his company from the opposition parties is like one of these pop up rodents. He keeps popping up with pre written questions to nag and bite the ankles of the newly formed Governments Ministers, with endless taunting questions.
I guess he believes he can wear them down like persistent dripping, very annoying over a long period of time. Fortunately; the Parliament is notorious for all sorts of unruly behaviour and devious tactics to get to the opposition. But I guess if its done in a constructive way, with a bit of light hearted banter, it can be entertaining and the public may even get some meaningful and informative discussions. That doesn’t mean the opposition cant get heated if they are genuinely passionate about a relevant topic.
Well, maybe you don’t agree with the change in Government and what the new Government stands for, like them or lump them its your choice. Thankfully we still have a choice, although that sometimes did look like an illusion in this democracy. They did protest, depends whom they are.

Trust the Science?

Trust the Authorities?

Trust the Lord. Proven!

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