Seeing beyond 2020 Vision

I can see black and I can see white.
I can see the darkness and I can see the light.
I can see that there is the night and now I can see the daylight arising.

Kingdom of Darkness.
Kingdom of Light.
Gain of Function DNA Altering Invasion.
There is a lot of shenanigans going on!
The Glory of God will fill the earth and displace the darkness.
Calling for the Transformation of Sons and Daughters of God Manifested.

Seeing beyond 2020 Vision

For every negative force there is a reaction by an equal and opposite positive force, naturally works as in Newtons Law.
However The Law of the Spirit of Life has a different outcome!
This law supernaturally works over and above and also works as a higher level law in the natural.
Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world, Satan was expelled from Heaven, he fell like lightning, the Kingdom of Light rules and reigns, believers have been given all authority over the power of Satan and his leagues of devils. We have resurrection power, we are having a supernatural experience on top of a limited natural dimension on earth.
Therefore this supernatural law is interpreted as every negative force is met by an overwhelming far superior positive force that destroys the work of the negative force and eliminates its effect, sends it packing back into the black hole it came from.
It also can be redescribed this way, a force of the kingdom of darkness is met by the greater force from the Kingdom of Light which will obliterate it to kingdom come.
Only believe, take a hold of it, apply it, pray into it, align with it, follow His lead.
When you apply faith into the natural realm, its properties are altered down to the sub atomic levels which changes our very DNA.

Seeing beyond means given insight beyond what is visible and perceived in the natural.
It is when you are given sight from above to see things like God sees things that takes us there, where all things are possible.
When you have 2020 vision that is as good as it gets in the natural, however God takes us beyond the boundaries and He enables us to see beyond the natural, then we are seeing into the all things are possible realms.
They say quantum physics opens up all sorts of possibilities.
Well faith is the substance of things hoped for.
What do we see in the natural happening right now in the world? A lot of disruption, a menacing virus creating economic woes, society in lockdown imprisoned by fear and control, confusion over what is the truth. There is the racial conflicts making a storm, wars between different factions, ideologies warping into riots and destruction of what is proper, speech police, AI algorithms cancelling the free and then we have the socialist engineering dictators, ruthless totalitarian control dragons and menacing old bears, big pharma agendas and topping it all off we have the rumours of wars.
What can we do then?
Yield, take His yoke upon us and learn His ways to be strengthened by the higher laws, fight the good fight and enter into His rest from the burdens.

I see the Light, shining into the darkness, removing the darkness, revealing lies and showing what the truth is. The light also lights us up, causes our whole being to come alive, to be activated to be how it is meant to be.
Is the light within dim and faulty? Be transformed.
I see the Love of God igniting cities, nations, turning people away from conflict and creating people brand new, like waking up into a day that is full of bright sunshine where you have the love life to the max.
I see the Peace of God that passes understanding taking away hopelessness, depression and despair, healing mental illnesses, setting the people alight, now life is good and they know God is good.

Psalm 27.
The Lord is my light and my salvation;
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength of my life;
Of whom shall I be afraid?
One thing I have desired of the Lord,
That will I seek:
That I may dwell in the house of the Lord,
All the days of my life,
To behold the beauty of the Lord,
And to inquire in His temple.
For in the time of trouble,
He shall hide me in His pavilion;
In the secret place of His tabernacle,
He shall hide me;
He shall set me high upon a rock.
And now my head shall be lifted up above my enemies all around me;
Therefore I will offer sacrifices of joy in His tabernacle;
I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to the Lord.

In this Psalm, King David is set alight and saved by the Lord from defeat, King David is elevated above in a position of authority given to kings by a relationship knowing His God is faithful to deliver. King David is in Gods presence which has lifted him into the place of security, in the high places far above the troubles of this world. Yes troubles are still coming, in this world you have troubles, but God delivers us from the fiercest of storms.
King David lives in the light of God.
King David can see beyond 2020 Vision and you can too.

I am reminded of the vision that the Apostle John had when he encountered Jesus as written in the Book of Revelation.
Jesus appeared in His glory and Majesty with a two edged sword coming out of His mouth.
In Hebrews 4 there is mention of the sword that divides spirit, soul, flesh and the motivations of the heart; this sword coming out of His mouth will penetrate our entire beings and lay us bare revealing all that is hidden and does not measure up.
Jesus is the Chief surgeon and healer at work in us to cut away all that isn't of Him and is bad for our overall health, He will prune and cut away which can be painful, but He will also bring healing by removing toxic and infected parts of us that leads us in to unhealthy choices and lifestyles.

One of the biggest threats to our overall health is negative emotions which come from wrong beliefs embedded inside causing us to react badly to situations, like a triggered response sending us into a spiral.
Fear would be the biggest one on the list, as it is opposite to faith, sends us on many wrong choices limiting our true potential.
Fear is a killer and when combined with nasty viruses can be a lethal combination if not treated correctly. Fits of rage and out of control anger is a destructive emotion, we see this happening on the news and people are driven, they are not led by peace, which means they are out of control and that opens the door for evil spirits to come in take control of their actions. Deep debilitating depression and mental health conditions that just bring us down where we just cant function properly, this doesn't mean if we suffer from these we are stigmatised, this is a part of living in an imperfect world.
Also, addictions that usually are a result of negative mindsets and the need for an escape from the constant barrage of oppressive feelings.
Jesus has come to give us life and life in abundance and that includes being set free from all these inner troubles that plague us in our battle for survival. Jesus came so that we don't just survive, we actually live in love, joy and peace, we live the life of promise being more than conquerors.

The sword comes to bring inner healing of wounds that are festering, this is the healing side of the sword and then there is the other side which is more surgical cutting out, removing things, the dealings, probably the things that make us kick and scream, but this is for our own good and must be dealt with.

In the Book of Revelation Jesus is knocking on our doors, He wants us to be overcomers and be effective witnesses of His truth, as well as drawing close to Him and being a true friend, not compromised and also not having idols, other gods and ways that are contrary to His ways. He is Lord of our lives and when we don't yield to Him then our interests are divided, you cant serve two masters, at some point one will be the dominant one, the one we give the most attention to will rule us, God help us all and He does.
That is where our help comes from, when we go to the throne of Grace to get the help we need to become overcomers in this life.
The Throne of Grace is mentioned in Hebrews 4, God provides a place to come to Him with our weaknesses exposed, when He highlights areas in our lives that don't measure up and we have wounds that need His healing touch, we find His mercy reaching out to us, He wants us to come into His loving arms of a Heavenly Father, this is where the exchange happens, our weaknesses for His strength, let the weak say they are strong, we find grace to help us in our needs to grow up into His image, to be more like Him and His ways.
Notice that there are two sides to the sword, which is the Word of God, Jesus is the expression of the Word, the Word of God is powerful, life changing, when it hits the mark we have one side bringing correction and the dealings, which is more about attitudes and wrong thinking and then we have the healing side by the removal of blockages and things that weigh us down and damage us emotionally and physically.
Kind of like two parts to the process, first the spotlight of the Word of God revealing our issues in the heart, if someone doesn't point it out we just carry on in the same mindset driving over the cliff, God is kind and merciful He doesn't want anyone to suffer and then we have the mercy side where we acknowledge our imperfections, get help receive His help which is Grace to be living right, to become mature and better individuals, better futures.
The seven churches weren't perfect in the Book of Revelation, some however were doing pretty well but still needed to endure to the end, while others had issues that needed attention.
There was the False Prophet Jezebel controlling some believers, the Balaam influence of immorality and idols, the Nicolatians Doctrine of a mixture of Christian beliefs with worldly philosophies. Then we have the loss of our first love; the church looking alive but is really dead, the Church of Satan in our midst, then finally the lukewarm church, all of these issues contain dire warnings to repent, sounds a lot like today doesn't it.
What does repent mean? Changing your mind, turning away from things that are no good.

I need to discuss further about what goes on with the sword dividing things, what is happening with this cutting, Jesus just isn't swinging wildly slashing everything like a samurai ninja. Jesus is about precision, His judgement is true hitting the mark with controlled strokes.
When Jesus is dividing, He is about separating targeted things from the whole, getting below the surface, getting to the bottom of things, seeing what is really going on inside, dissecting an argument, a mindset, separating the lie from the truth or uncovering things exposing what is really there.
Jesus sees with pure fire and this is penetrating to the core, a refinement occurs, everything is laid bare nothing is hidden.
Our motivations need to align with the Kingdom of God, not some other agenda or selfish ambition.
Wrong mindsets also include fear, fear that debilitates our faith, enslaving us to something or someone that is not from God, the fear of man, bowing down to the doctrines and the corrupt rule of man.
The enemy of our souls will use money, comforts of life and provision for our basic needs to enslave us into compromise or giving up our rights and principles.
Judgement begins with the house of God, but then it continues to the kingdoms of this world.
Ideologies, wrong beliefs, philosophical arguments sound convincing and these like agendas are sold with marketing techniques to convince people to buy into it. Deception only works if it is convincing, you need a good salesperson to deliver, great PR techniques, a charismatic politician to sell the plan if it is going to work. A smooth operator will use propaganda, media editing and filtered content to give a particular point of view, statistics that agree with the argument or the narrative, get qualified experts that are on board or who have been bought, coerced into agreement with the plan, the usual party tricks.
Hello, we have been lied to! It's happened before in history and it will happen again, nothing new under the sun.
Buyer be aware, use discernment, do your due diligence, settle things in your own mind before you are sucked into the plan.
If the plan is idealistic, utopian better check it out, equality for all yes but at what cost and who will own you.
At the base of all alternative beliefs and philosophies is an attempt to replace the One True God and His values with other gods.
Just to be sure, God the Father, Jesus the Lord of all and the Holy Spirit who is revealing the truth.
You can't replace God, He is I AM, every other entity and person are creations trying to usurp and take illegal authority over others, so if someone is larger than life, where they are worshipped, idolised something is cock eyed, crooked, it's a scam, better run.
Check out the eyes, there is something lurking in there, spinning around, mesmerising like a snake, no good.
The aim is godly values upheld, the making of a good society, then fair systems in place like democracy, freedom for all as long as the rule of law is applied properly, freedom of speech, civil rights of the individual. Government is there to administrate these laws and principles for the people and not for the enslavement of people. We need to pray for all in authority that they rule correctly, like no killing of the innocent unborn.

Let's allow the Sword of the Lord to work in our lives, go to the throne of Grace when things get rough, get help, where the Holy Spirit is our helper, our counsellor to guide us through into being mature Sons and Daughters of God.
Finally after a process of refinement and trimming, the cutting away of the dead and the rotten, we will overcome and be established in strength and righteousness, we will become like the city on the hill, the light to the nations, arise shine, there is a lot of darkness covering the earth and you can see it on the news, His Glory comes, His Light shines, Christ in us is the Hope of Glory. There is Good News and an answer for the world today.

The early and the latter rain, we get to see the miracles and the glory come, do the greater works as Jesus promised and commanded us to do, like casting out demons, healing the sick and uncommon miracles like multiplication of loaves and fishes, supernatural provisions, manna from above, endurance during impossible odds, what about deal with nasty viruses, you name it, He can do more than we can imagine or ask.

The master programmer is God the Father, Jesus is the Master Physician and the Holy Spirit executes the commands. The sword will divide down to our very DNA, this is where we will be reprogrammed and restored to the original design, we will take on the image of Christ. An image replicated creates a clean version, if the image created is then corrupted, then we need to go back to the master version, who is Jesus and rewrite the DNA code.
Corruption comes from wrong programs like viruses, pieces of rogue RNA interfering with the true expression and character, when this occurs we need a clean up and restoration and this is what the sword of the Lord does, cuts out and removes corruption of the pure code. We are a New Creation in Him, purified from the invasion of corrupted malicious codes.

Be encouraged this is not a strange thing that is happening to us, we are all going through the stuff, weeping does endure for the night, the dark night of the soul, feels oppressive like we are so far away and lost touch with Him, the light at the end of the tunnel is there though it seems like a distant spot out of reach, we need faith and hope to drive us on, Holy Spirit fire takes us beyond the physical barriers, the vision will come, we must tarry for it, keep on believing, hanging on, yielding our lives and growing up in Him can be a challenging process, but in the end it yields a harvest of righteousness.
Now we can see that there is a coming great end time harvest and we are invited to be part of it, but also remember to be at work where we are at, one soul a time, line upon line, development of our character, like no one notices anything about us, but it all leads somewhere, upward to the break of day, the morning star arises in our hearts.
Joy comes in the morning.

God is interested in all souls being saved and the straying ones who have wandered off due to the challenges and temptations of life.

Matthew 18:12-13
New King James Version
12 "What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them goes astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine and go to the mountains to seek the one that is straying?
13 And if he should find it, assuredly, I say to you, he rejoices more over that sheep than over the ninety-nine that did not go astray.

This is how God feels about the lost, we can be part of His heart and feel with Him. When we see a straying one, we can have His heart towards them, pray for them, comfort them, encourage them, you haven't been in their shoes, show compassion and do whatever it is in your influence towards them to reach out and lend a hand.
If you are the lost sheep, know that He hasn't forgotten you, you are utmost on His mind and He is pursuing you to bring you back into the fold.

Look into the vision. Three WW2 ace airplanes, Spitfires flew overhead and passed triumphantly three times in Auckland July 2020.
What a vision to behold.
Sense of youth and exuberance and something from an older generation coming back to life.
We are resurrection life into victory no matter how young or old we are, we can soar, fly like eagles with precision and skill, we are overcomers in this life.

To be or not to be that was the question!
To be is the call.
To be is our response to the call.
To not to be is being robbed of the call.
To see is our response to the call and no longer be blind, to not to be is remaining blind.
Beyond 2020, we will respond to the call.

Seeing beyond 2020 Vision.
Things are looking very bright.

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