The Apple Effect

Gods laws of righteousness, justice and truth will overturn mans laws that are shifting sliding like clouds without rain promising everything delivering slavery and oppression.
What man proposes is like a vapour, a puff of smoke, blown away by the wind. Here one day and gone the next. The Propaganda broadcasting projectors are puppeted spin doctors who are just clanging cymbals and noisy gongs,
when challenged they are experts at diversion, denial and lies and will slip away like snakes.

I heard in a dream the following - Jacinda said "Ï paid big money to keep them imprisoned" - context New Zealand prime minster.
I sensed however that the guards who are holding the people were actually looking after them and kind towards them.
Now I am in a vehicle which is like a bus on a highway when a crazy looking modern machine vehicle came from the opposite direction to pass by - but it somehow entered the bus and I just managed to avoid by moving to the extreme side and it managed to just scrape me without major injury, but just like a graze on me where I was seated on this bus that seemed to just open up allowing this vehicle to come through.
This crazy looking vehicle had lots of steel contraptions that are kind of vintage in appearance but also with modern technology, mechanical and steam little pipes with smoke like that movie "Mortal Engines" with machine vehicle wars in a post-apocalyptic modern medieval world.

I also heard this somehow for a future time, it was reported that 42% of those double jabbed were eligible for the booster shot, but they were still not taking it.

This is another dream from about the same time in NOV 21.
There was a plane a jet airliner in the sky and accompanying the jet was a fighter jet, the airliner falls from the sky suddenly it crashes into a playing field like at a school grounds where you can play sports as well.
A lady gets out wearing a airforce type uniform in white, very smartly dressed, she has very white complexion and looks very sophisticated.
She stumbles from the plane and at first walks with some strength like she is OK but then suddenly collapses on the ground next to the crashed plane, she cant get up and walk now in a state of shock and starts to panic as she realises that the plane may explode.
Me and others rush over there to help as well as the other passengers that are still in the plane.
We can see them on board panicking wanting to get out, but appear to be stuck or trapped in their seats for some reason, they look like medical staff in uniform and they are all young men with a similar pale white complexion to the lady who exited the plane.
It seems that the lady is in charge or is the senior officer and the others on board are the foot soldiers rank in training.

Someone says that it is unusual that a jet accompanied this airliner before it crashed.

The Temple
God is interested in the temple.
this is His place of habitation.

In Romans 8 tells us that we are called justified glorified.
As we go through the process of transformation we are are becoming His glorified vessels fit for His habitation of chosen representatives to deliver demonstrations of His love with signs wonders and miracles following.
We might look peculiar, but we are His chosen treasures in earthen vessels, on the potters wheel at times for balancing and a rework into the planned masterpiece.
We are not the new normal that is contrived and DNA interference, we are new creation realities doing normal on earth in supernatural ways.
Coming from tried and tested workmanship, guaranteed with a deposit of the Holy Spirit we come out of the fires as good as gold.
The real deal, genuine 100% spirit alive, when we are glorified God gets all of the glory.
The man from above is pure, you can imitate, infiltrate and subjugate but you wont pass the test and be found counterfeit.
Jesus is the way the truth and the life, you betta believe it!
The plan is Us in them and they in Us unified, read John 17.

In this world there is only two sides, darkness or light, just like the moon, there is the dark side that is hidden in the shadows with no sun light.
One wants to fill us and possess our temples as a habitation of light, where we reflect the true light like a lamp.
The other wants to possess through corruption and take control and will manipulate our very DNA to make the body more conformable to an evil pattern.

So what would be the sinister plans of the enemy to steal kill and destroy the Holy Temple.
He would put his mark on it!
He would try to purchase it, own it, buy and sell souls.

How does he influence people? We are bombarded in the airwaves by the spirit of the air.
Media, propaganda machine, just something going on in the atmosphere, released into the very air we breathe.
There are invasion strategies using gene therapies under the illusion of being for our health.
King Crispr is after our physical bodies to have a platform of control in the physical world, inserting into the chimeric schizoid beings a false identity and a fateful future!

Did Satan promise King Crispr that he would live 1000 years and reign with him on earth?
Doctor Josef Mengele the angel of death paved the way for the future science gods in Human Genetics leading to Eugenics.

Relying on the science and its science gods rather than God who created the science.
Worship the creation rather than the creator which is the replacement of God with another religion and god.
Don't follow their practices and watch out for mixed messages from the Oracle.

So getting back to the dreams what does it mean and how does it apply to this message?
Briefly I will unfold some of the tokens, you are welcome to receive your own interpretations, we all see in part Holy Spirit come.
The fighter jet gives an impression of protection or is it to take out a threat.
Under the Guise of protection it really is Globalist Governmental Control.
Offering measures of protection to lull us into false securities and passivity.
The lady who fell down out of the crashed airliner represents church leadership subjugated, subjected under this delusion.
Compliance to the agenda that has crept into our psyche, gradually disarming us to be in robotic obedience to the commands of the programme, as if we are plugged into the system and it is able to download into our thoughts conformity.
Leadership who are liberal and compliant have an appearance of being well presented and secure and are easily accepted by what is considered the new normal in society.
Ask no questions and don't rock the boat and everything will be fine.

The young men are in training representing those under this leadership who are on board with where this is going.
The church is meant to be for the health of the individual, healing to the wounded and a hospital to recover from the wars of this world.
These are offering like a medical treatment that is formal, formulated PC an acceptable service.
Pale complexions means anaemic where the life blood is drained out and a stark veneer in uniform and all in a row.
We must reach out to these, as we are all effected to some degree and God is tuning our hearts to the blueprint of Heaven, what the enemy intended for evil God will turn to good, stars for your scars and double for your trouble.
Mercy triumphs judgement, judge no one. Discern and rescue knowing that but for the grace of God we all fall short.

I was on the bus thinking I am on board, we got this and are on the road to somewhere, but the agenda machine appeared in 2020 and drive right through our superficially secured vehicle side swiping me like a near miss of death.
This is an ancient plan, has roots going back to Genesis 6, fallen angels gave technology to the ancients, there were giants, men of renown, the tower of Babel, making a name for themselves and they are still in the end game, post modern madness in a technocratic mad world, nothing new under the sun.
What a wake up call it has been, getting red pilled and shocked almost everyday with new information and events that are eye openers and shattering the illusion of our secure faith and living in the freedoms of our democracy.
Big Money, Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Takeover paid big time to lock us all up for the takeover plan.
However the guards still have a human face, they are not all machines, although some of the riot squad came out looking like storm troopers ready to squash the resistance.
It is like the icy winds are blowing cold and hard, no compassion, no quarter issued from Antarctica HQ.
Puff the Magic Dragon frolics by the misty sea downunder mythed off.
God has the last say and He is speaking through His vessels, His Temple is a place of habitation and where the Spirit is and there is freedom.

Gods laws of righteousness, justice and truth will overturn mans laws.
Gods ways are higher than our ways, so the lower must give way to the higher, because the lower should receive wisdom from the higher to operate in true correctness.
The correct order brings blessings, try to put things upside down and out of proper order will result in curses.
Arrogance and Pride mixed with seared rebellion.
If you throw the apple directly above your head it will come back down and strike you on the head, just how it is, don't try to change laws, times and seasons as they will come back down to bite you.
Gods Glory will cover the earth like a tsunami shock wave, shocking to some and liberating to others.
Be blessed.

Guess what the publishing date is Jan 01 2022

References > Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter Paul and Mary 1960s

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