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I found out that the Jesus is real and His love is real and He is Light, far above my greatest imagination and higher than any expectation that I ever had about God.

I had an experience at about age 13, which convinced me beyond all doubt, at a young age and left me with no doubt to who God is and what Jesus had done for me.

This experience lightened me up and gave me new vibrancy to my character and helped me develop in my abilities.
However, after this visitation I still had my struggles, but deep down I knew that He loved me. Thank God for His mercy and never ending love for a slow to learn and struggling believer.
It took many years and life experiences to learn what I was like without Him and then seeing the possibility with Him working in my life.
So I am still on that journey today, getting closer to the mark, with many bumps and valleys that are quickly erased when I reach the top of a mountain in my walk with God.

Growing up I attended the local Lutheran Church in Shepparton, Victoria - SPC- Campbells Soups (Andy Warhols PopArt) - fruit growing country in OZ. I was going with my family to church, as a young lad typically, I was not very interested in what was preached there on Sunday.
One evening at the youth group we had a guest speaker, this speaker was a bit different than the usual type there, as he spoke about and then said that the Holy Spirit is real and can come now and meet with us. He then asked us to close our eyes in prayer and ask that the Holy Spirit would come. This is not the usual practice and I did not know what to expect and did not believe in God, or that there could be a Holy Spirit, but I deceided that I would see if there was and if this speaker was for real.
Actually I don't remember what I thought exactly, maybe the Holy Spirit got to work and He drew me in by His presence. The most incredible experience I have ever had occurred at this point, God entered my being and filled me up with light, I remember the light incredible, going off inside my being, or was I somewhere else, I don't know and in an instant from being completely a non believer in God, I then knew with a knowledge given to me that Jesus had died for my sins.
So firstly an incredible tangible light filled my being, like a light going off inside which filled my entire person and then the knowledge download came, a knowing that was multi-dimensional, I mean not like we experience as general instruction, but a spiritual dimension far above and expanding to deposit the knowledge that Jesus is Lord and God and He came and died for my sins and now I was forgiven.
Then I experienced His love like nothing else I ever felt, which brought an incredible peace and filled me with great joy and a sense of real acceptance from Heaven.
Why did it happen to me? It was unclear to me, as I was not better than those in my family, maybe worse in behaviour and they would know for sure, all I know is it happened and it changed my life forever.
In the years to come I struggled with youthful troubles and finding my identity, although I noticed after this experience, my personality had come out in vibrancy, but all was not sweet.
Perhaps as a young teenager growing up I went my own way and looked for some kind of life experience and authentication, but deep down there was that anchor from God about His reality and His love.

I later went to art college hoping to develop my creative gift and launch some type of career, but I struggled with lifes issues and was a bit lost for my future, I knew God was real and He forgave me, but it seemed that is all I could hope for, as I did not understand much about spiritual growth and His grace.
I knew about the ten commandments and it seemed that they became very loud and reinforced that I was not capable of living right.
I became quite ill at College and I experienced panic attacks that were very scary, the doctors gave me all of the tests and found nothing wrong with me. I had a terrible fatigue at times and my thinking became very fogged up and I could not function very well, except rarely on particularly good days.
I also had some accidents in my youth that effected my neck and shoulders and later the problems grew worse, so I have joint issues that the doctors cannot resolve.
You could say I was a bit messed up and I was not confident in many other ways that affected my future.
I eventually went to a spirit filled church with a great pastor and leaders and was very blessed by the input and began to gain some confidence.

Fast Forward to the present, I have experienced much life, grown a lot in the Lord and revelations that He gives to me, the times when I really experience His presence are life changing and wonderful times of really getting to know Him.
During the 90's I came across a book Gods Generals this blew my mind and I then pursued His Supernatural Gifts and got hungry for more of Him to bring me to where I am supposed to be.
Next significant event came when I moved to Tulsa USA and came under the gifted guidance of Dave Roberson, receiving teaching and anointing form the ministry for a season in the School of the Spirit, where you seek God:- praying in the spirit, fastings, meditation and worship in seeking seasons to bring His Kingdom by positioning for breakthrough into miracles.
I have experienced some breakthroughs and I have much growing to do and some mountains to overcome, but I know the future is bright and He has much breakthrough plans for my life.
I know for sure that He has delivered me from all destructions and He has sent His word that heals me.
He has forgiven my sins and healed all of my diseases, renewed my youth like the eagles and in His presence there is fullness of joy and pleasures for evermore.
These and so many other promises from His Word He gives to me, as well as many powerful prophetic words about my future.

My God is an awesome God and He is faithful and true and I know that His miraculous power will transform this person to be all that He has for me.

God Bless you and I hope that these articles will help your individual journey of knowing God and learning His ways.

Peter Koren
Now situated in Auckland New Zealand
Friday, December 30, 2011

Almost 2012 when this website was first launched, it was a bit sketchy and needed work, editing, proof reading to bring it up to the writing that describes the content clearly, so now thankfully, it has some tweaking done in 2013.

Are you saved?
Do you know Jesus?
What are your beliefs?
Do you believe that if you live a relatively good life, stay squeakey clean, have a good record and pay your fines, then God will accept your good deeds like a ticket and like Santa, He will give you the biggest Christmas present - Heaven?
Well, saved means that you are rescued out of something, pulled out of the sea when you were drowning and then placed in a safe boat and secure means of transport, unlike the titanic designed to never sink, you need a life jacket to keep you afloat and above the pull downwards into the worst ever sink.
If you needed medical treatment that will save your life, you really want help from qualified people that you can trust; they make sure that your vital signs are working and that you breathe life again.
So, it is a coming out of a distinct downer and then an entering into another place of true security - exit - entry - into a whole new place where you are saved from the old and enter into the new.
We gotta know what we are getting into and what we are getting out of.
Ticket to heaven?
Escape from hell?
Death and darkness is a result of separation from God.
Sin is missing the mark and when we are separated from the source of what is perfect, we just do not have enough inside for hitting the mark and making it.
Separation from God leaves us with self and we know that when we are the centre of our own universe, self rules our life and how we view the world is from our own perspective, which is selfish, as we make our own rules of what is right.
Wrong is when someone disagrees or does not do what we want them to, they dont fit in with our rules and how we consider right should be.
Your self righteousness is just that self righteous - without the righteousness that is by faith in God, we will by default, miss the mark, maybe not so obvious in some ways, but in other points very obvious. Come on! We are all a bit like that in some ways, OK in other ways maybe we are not altogether dark, I am looking at the extremes of our own governed universe within our own agendas.

There is an invitation from the One who has no shadows of darkness and is total brilliant light, to come out of our elements of darkness and allow the light of life to come in.
Please come and let the light flow through your being to make a whole new man that is capable of hitting the mark, due to the sacrifice of Jesus and His free gift to us.
Find the real life and true righteousness that comes from God that makes you fully accepted by His love, this is by faith, not by your brownie points, it comes by what Jesus did for us on the cross and His work alone, by taking our sins and putting them on the cross.

Jesus died on our behalf to purchase our salvation.
When we accept His salvation, we are then qualified to enter into the Kingdom of God, as we are covered by the blood of Jesus.
Our part is to accept that without Him we can never be perfect and need His forgiveness, we just need to change the way we were going and receive His gift of salvation by believing in Jesus.
He is your way, your truth and your life. You cant make it without Him.

How to be saved.
Say to God that you are sorry for your old life.
Next ask for the blood of Jesus to wash away your sins and make you righteous before God.
Now that you received the forgiveness of sins, you are a new person and accepted by God.
Say "I thank you Father that I am now a son or daughter of God" and say "your Kingdom come in my life and your will be done in my life and I choose to follow God from this day onwards."
Now that the Holy Spirit of God has come into your life and made you into a new person, just receive His peace and love right now and ask God to fill you up with His Holy Spirit.
Thank God and say today is the day of salvation for you.
Say "this is the day that God has made I recieve His love, joy and peace and the light is turned on in me to what He has done for me."

Also, go to entry page and The Light page for further explanation and to experience more of Jesus, as He is Light.
You have now been translated from the Kingdom of darkness into His Kingdom of Light.

1 Peter 2:9,10-
9 But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;
10 who once were not a people but are now the people of God, who had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy.

P.S. The experience that I had is unique and I realise that each of our experiences are valid and we individually, in our own way come to know God. I have heard of much more dramatic and Heavenly visions and meeting the Lord in person, however, I have heard of experiences that are not visual but like a knowing in the persons heart is established and each one of these is equally valid. Remember, he important thing is that you know the Lord and your experience will be your very own, unlike mine or anyone else with some of the same characteristics. It is by faith and not by sight that you are saved, you dont need to have the fuzzies or far out experiences, so relax and receive however it comes and whatever He has for you, who knows what will happen? I certainly didnt and that is the best way, just expect the unexpected, who knows what is inside each present when the Holy Spirit comes.

I want to acknowledge all of the encouragement I have received by those sent by God, by prophecy and support and also the inspiration and revelation that has been given to me by ministries, prophets of God, great teachers, guests on Sid Roth Show and many powerful ministries that have imparted truths to me and have helped me to see the light.
In the articles on this site, I have personalised what I have learned and received from others and what the Lord has spoken directly to me by revelation. In writing down what I receive by His Rhema Word and revelations of truth imparted to my spirit, I can see the truths in a new light and a personal way, that lifts me higher into His presence and love, that inspires my faith to see victory over every obstacle.
Then the greatest acknowledgment goes to God, who is My Father in Heaven and His Son my Lord Jesus Christ
and my helper the Mighty Holy Spirit, they are One and are my source for all inspiration for the articles
and the God who is Love that never fails.

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