DNA Switches

Gradual interference using the delay of time to smooth out the changes.
Shifts our natural switches to alter our expression.

Switches can be changed to stop natural progression or change our DNA.
Food, drugs, enhancements, hormones antibiotics, foreign artificial substances.
Add Traumas and other conditioning alterations to your equation.

Reorders our born identity to create a legacy or something else.
Identity enhancements making Super Soldiers who don't feel a thing like a machine, they are inhumanly efficient.

The Way:

Romans 8:
12 Therefore, brethren, we are debtors-not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh.
13 For if you live according to the flesh you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.
14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.

The Ledger:

We are in debt to God.
We owe God our life.
We need to make a journey entry on the ledger.
Live by the flesh = Dr Death.
Put to death the deeds of the flesh = Cr Life.
Which do you choose? Your turn? Roll the dice!

Be Led by the Spirit
Have life and have peace with no debt.
Debt Free.

Romans 8:
5 For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.
6 For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.
Being led by the Spirit is putting to death the deeds of the flesh and setting your mind on the things of the Spirit is life and peace and this life and this peace leads us into maturity.
We are in agreement with the Mind of the Spirit.
We are conformed to the image of the Son.
Romans 8:
28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.
29 For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.

What is convoluted?
adjective: convoluted.
(especially of an argument, story, or sentence) extremely complex and difficult to follow.
"the film is let down by a convoluted plot in which nothing really happens"
synonyms: complicated, complex, involved, intricate, elaborate, impenetrable, serpentine, labyrinthine, tortuous, tangled, Byzantine, Daedalian, Gordian; More
confused, confusing, bewildering, baffling, puzzling, perplexing;
informalfiddly, plotty;
"an extraordinarily convoluted narrative"
antonyms: simple, straightforward
intricately folded, twisted, or coiled.
"walnuts come in hard and convoluted shells"
Google Dictionary

Heads or Tails
Head stands for justice
Tail represents love that reaches long and touches the earth.

Resurrection and Baptism.
We need both
We don't want a double sided coin flip or a single sided coin that never sees the other side.
Two Face had a scar on one side at least.

Displacement of the bad and the inclusion of the good and the removal of the ugly.
Ever experienced negative chatter from your thoughts?
Amplified so much that you go into a spiral?
Usually raising a negative emotional response!
Resulting in body reactions and chemistry imbalances.
Hormones in an adrenaline overdrive.

Displaced by 'truth voices' and acceptance by our Heavenly Father who created us of the true identity from above.
Made into who we were created to be, restored by what Jesus did for us in newness of life.

Romans 4:
11 And he received the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of the faith which he had while still uncircumcised, that he might be the father of all those who believe, though they are uncircumcised, that righteousness might be imputed to them also,
12 and the father of circumcision to those who not only are of the circumcision, but who also walk in the steps of the faith which our father Abraham had while still uncircumcised.

Circumcision has some value.
Circumcised - performing faith disciplines and actions that clean up and position you for holiness.
But without faith these practices may be useful, but may also be dead works.

Faith is based on obedience to Gods Word for your life following God, like the faith of Abraham, believing God for the impossible, going to lands, places, the great unknown.

Need to put the cart before the horse, not the horse before the cart.
The cart carries the presence of God and is not a burden.

Isaiah 40

The voice of one crying in the wilderness:
"Prepare the way of the LORD;
Make straight in the desert
A highway for our God.
4 Every valley shall be exalted
And every mountain and hill brought low;
The crooked places shall be made straight
And the rough places smooth;
5 The glory of the LORD shall be revealed,
And all flesh shall see it together;
For the mouth of the LORD has spoken."

Write New Tracks for your Life

Negative self talk
Chatter that sends us into a spiral
Is an enemy of our thinking, emotional stability and physical well being.

We can be under attack by forces, which are something like malicious programs that infiltrate our thinking and corrupt our operating system.
The malicious code usually comes in by stealth, embeds into our thinking, appearing to be part of our normal thinking processes and disguising itself to look like our normal system.
Entwined into our thoughts, emotions and memories over time, gradually building up into being integrated into our DNA, this can lead us to believe that is just who we are, it is part of our identity.
Usually the malicious thoughts enter us when we are most vulnerable most often in the time of our youth, this is when our defenses are undeveloped and we are not able to properly discern what is happening, we all go through traumas and shocking experiences, but as a young person these are harder to deal with and resist.

We need to recognize that the negative self talk is at work inside us and we have accepted the adverse chattering in our minds which has influenced our moods, emotions, behaviours that robs our lives of our best potential. Even if we don't know what caused it, or it wasn't our fault, we need to take action to disarm these toxic thoughts and reset our pathway to victory.
Then we must set up a defense system, and replace all negative talk with the truth about who we really are and can be.

There is hope for our future.
Because we are loved and accepted by God our Heavenly Father, Family and Friends.
They know our potential and accept us where and are, encouraging us to take steps to wholeness because nothing is too hard for God.
Our True Identity is who God created us to be, a wonderful unique expression.

True and correct thoughts will eventually rewrite the tracks in our brain, memories and will not trigger the harmful emotions that send us into a downward spiral.
The healing process and thinking reset leads us to good health, physical well being as the bodys defense systems are not overloaded and fighting constantly in the resistance to attack.


Be Thankful.
Be kind to others and yourself seeing the best in them.
Don't be anxious ask God for help and allow Him to take charge.
Philippians 4: 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Think on good things, occupy your mind with uplifting and peaceful thoughts.
Remember the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all past mistakes, failings and removes all shame and guilt.
No one is perfect we all got our stuff to deal with.

Next you need to go to the root cause of each individual toxic thought, which become lies when we accept them or allow them to control our lives.

Try to remember when these thoughts first came and what triggered them?
Ask God the Holy Spirit to lead you and show you each one and the source of it so then you can deal with it.
Renounce it - make a choice, an act of your will, change your mind
Restrain it from having influence on your life - in the Name of Jesus
Be released from the effects of it. - in the Name of Jesus
Remember, God is greater than anything this life throws at us and you will need to trust Him and depend on His power to do this. Grace is ability given from above.
You may need help to identify these from a Counsellor/Minister, who is experienced to deal with this.
Also, some deeply rooted negative influences in our thinking may be very resistant and you will need help to remove these.
Some habit patterns are very ingrained and will take time to completely change, so you need to persist and repeat until you see permanent change.

Things that took years to effect us take time to work through. But you can expect to have some very positive breakthroughs that will transform your life.

Remember the butterfly effect.
Metamorphosis is transformation, takes time for the caterpillar to go to chrysalis and then fight its way out of the cocoon, butterfly DNA completely changed.
All things are possible, only believe.

Write New Tracks for your Life

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