Lets imagine just for a moment if you will, that parallel universes do exist and time travel is possible and inter dimension activity is infiltrating our space time material universe.

We need a reality in our lives that provides stability and allows us to navigate our future into 2020 and beyond. Clear visibility and eagle eye perspectives to take us through the changes rapidly overtaking us, in these strange shape shifting days. How can we discover what is the truth, while all of the wild theories are buzzing the airwaves of our times?

I see more insight coming and revelation as we get to know our Father and our Lord and Saviour more, as His Spirit leads us into more truth and shows us things to come.
Preparation for the times coming and the equipping of the saints is necessary to be an army arising, arrayed for the battle and the coming great harvest of souls. We are like dead bones being raised up in newness of life in the valley of dry bones.
Prophesy grace, grace to it!

What are Parallel Possibilities?
Do Parallel Universes exist in the time space continuum?

This is a concept that is out there and it would mean that there is a whole other you living a parallel life almost like yours, but here is the thing, it is different because of choice.
There maybe one file that has this life and then there is another file with a whole different ball game.
I love the sci fi shows portraying these scenarios, I have watched them, whole seasons, lapped up the entire show, intrigued by the imaginative trips they take us on.
The thing with all of these imaginations, other dimensions and alternative realities, is that they do contain elements of what could be possible in an alternative existence. These theories do have an essence of reality, otherwise we would reject them as a far fetched fantasy that has no connection to our imaginations. But an ounce of truth can also take us down an endless rabbit trail into oblivion, lost in space.
So what is the truth?

Your destiny is recorded before time began in the ether, describing the essence of you which is contained in the heavenly realms on a scroll.
You can choose your destiny or not discover it at all and just accept whatever comes your way good or bad.
Unlike fate where you are dealt the hand of how your life is going to be, faith requires your participation to bring what is recorded about your future possibilities into your reality.
You achieve your destiny by faith, not by passively accepting your fate!
Faith could be one file on you like a prophecy and fate could be the alternate file of how things will be that is imposed on you.
Fate is a bit like the stuff that happens to you and you just got to blooming well accept it. That is your lot! Just how it is and going to be! Or is it?
Faith is what elevates you above what fate has dished out to you.
This is a type of what the parallel universe is; on the one hand we have our destiny written on a scroll that can be fulfilled by faith as we choose this reality above what seems to be how it is.

Are you in the twist of fate?

Like the matrix, it is all around us and we are blinded to the truth.
Jesus came to give us life and life in abundance.
The enemy comes to kill steal and destroy that life and he uses like a fate to fix us into a destination, which is the stuff that happens to us, where we came from, our environment, the influences, the authorities that shape and affect our outcome.
Ephesians 1:11
In Him also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will,

Speaking about a parallel possibility, we are actually are in two places at once.
Our Heavenly position of authority and the place we hold on earth, where we interact in the physical world with all of its dynamics and rules.
When we are stuck in the rut of life, we need to access our alternative possibility.
It may appear initially just as a dream.

Ephesians 2:10
For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

The Coming Third Temple Reformation.
What is it?
Is it a building, a structure, or a construct?
We are not made of concrete and we are not another brick that looks like all of the other bricks, except that we are made of the same stuff and can receive substance that makes us alive and full of purpose and hope, remember we receive power from on high, but are also motivated to works by the Love of God.

In the Book of Revelation which reveals our Lord Jesus Christ, who is our substance of what really makes us to be.
There are letters written by the Apostle John, as he was in Heaven hearing the words of our Lord Jesus Christ for the seven churches of Asia in that time, who were shining like candles in a dark place. The letters are relevant for the Church today and are warnings about what can cause us to lose our light, as we need to remain in Him to be a true light shining in the world.
Let's see if there are any similar things happening today that we need to pay attention to:

The Reformation.
Corresponds to the Temple restoration and rebuilding.
Destruction to the temple of God - could be the Church institutionalised by Man made Government control.
Loss of the Early Church Faith.
We read "Contend for the Faith" in the Book of Jude being a real challenge to hold fast.
Cessationism - the gifts and signs following believers were only for the 12 Apostles, not for the Church, we have the theory we need to live with just that.
Captivity of the church, being like the Israelites taken away into captivity by the Babylonians to a strange land.
Return from Captivity is like the Reformation, where faith is restored, the just shall live by faith and we are saved by grace, not by our own works.

Martin Luther and the voices of the Reformation could be a type of Zerubbabel, who was the Priest of the Lord during the rebuilding of the Temple, spoken about in the Book of Zechariah.
The instruction from the prophet was "Not by might or by power but by My Spirit the mountain will be removed".
We can Speak to the Mountain of opposition to our faith.
Like in Ezekiel's valley of dry bones, we can prophesy to what is dead in our lives and what doesn't line up with what God says about our lives.
There is a lot of shaking and rattling going on until things are established, as in Heaven so it is on earth.

Soul Gaps.
These missing pieces are like stolen treasures from our true image.
We need like a Defragmentation Therapy.
Here is a scenario or a picture of what may be.
What if we are assigned our very own star in the universe.
We shine like a unique dazzling colourful star.

So what if we are given a star as an expression of us.
But if our soul has been hijacked by the thief of our destiny, then perhaps this star has been overlapped by darkness and the ruling and reigning features are stolen.
This star and all of its shining features and now utilised for dark purposes.
Don't let the enemy of your soul rob you of your inheritance and blessings.
Ephesians 1:3
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ,

Isaiah 40:26
Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these things, that bringeth out their host by number: he calleth them all by names by the greatness of his might, for that he is strong in power; not one faileth.

Be encouraged to take your place in life, to be seated above the adversities of life and the voices that tell you that you are not good enough.
Take hold of the hem of the garment of Jesus.
Press through the crowd and don't miss out on your blessings, that will take you to where you belong in Christ Jesus, you are seated with Him in the Heavenly Realms.

Psalm 103:6
The Lord executeth righteousness and judgment for all that are oppressed.

This verse tells us that God is looking out for the oppressed, those who are under it, missing out on life and being dictated to by the cruel systems. God will bring His Judgement on those oppressors that rule over us and keep us bound.
Most of all, it is God who declares us Righteous and accepted by the blood of Jesus and the work of the cross, we can by faith enter into the place of justice, where God is the just judge representing us, Jesus is our advocate and is setting us free, cancelling our debts.
We are blessed so that we can be a blessing to others and tell them the Good News of Hope and a Future.
This is your possible reality.
It is there, it exists, it may not look like it, but it is True.
It is yours by faith, take a hold of it.
Vision of 2020, can you see it now?

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